What we can expect For the next two years


I think you may find this to be an interesting two hour talk on what we can expect in the next two years.

If you have  time, this is a reprinted version of an overview of the next two years taken from Charlie Johnstons  visitations over the years.  Spells it out in a more concise fashion.  Lots to take in, but something you can review from time to time.

Prepare your hearts, expect the worst and hope for the best.  We are all in this together and whether you believe it or not, it might be best to err on the side of it happening so that you are not caught off guard.   Its coming.

Overview Of “The Great Storm”

“The Great Storm” And The Coming “New Era”

There are many Christians worldwide who believe that we are standing on the threshold of a new day.

We’ve heard countless prophecies that there is a new era coming for humankind when God’s will prevails on earth more so than now, so that people enjoy a new chance to live as was always intended — with a true and aware faith in his Creator, and with charity for each of his fellow brothers and sisters on earth.

In the prophesied new era, humans will still exercise free will, and it won’t be Heaven, but there is said to be coming a greater and deeper indwelling of Christ, our Savior, within us, as humans continue to live out their life tests on earth, and a closer communion with Him in the Holy Eucharist.

It is to be a period of a spiritual reign of Christ, not a physical reign — that comes later, at the end of the world, and that is not what we are facing now.

We are told that those who live to see that blessed day will be graced with a new beginning, one without the sad baggage that has accumulated over the past twenty centuries, since Jesus Christ first came and set us on the path to Him, as the Way to eternal salvation, the Truth of God, and the Life to be enjoyed forever in God’s kingdom.

A rain of messages has described this prophecy to us — messages allegedly from Heaven — but those messages must be discerned with much care; there is controversy, and not all agree on everything. Only time will tell, but it is certain that all should look at their relationship with God soberly, and as immediately as possible, whatever your faith or non-faith background; only begin with sincerely-intentioned prayer from wherever you are.
Darkness Before The Dawn

Before such a prophesied day arrives — for it to come to pass — all that is of ruin in our day must be changed: all that is impure must be purified, and all that is violent must be broken; idols that have taken the place of our holy God must be plowed under, and the worship from our hearts rightfully returned to Him; deceptions must be brought into light, revealing the truth — no more lies that hold us in bondage, no more slavery to evil.

We understand that, while the transformation is going to be necessarily chaotic — literally earthshaking — and temporal hope will be stretched thin, this is not the end of the world. Rather, it will be a new beginning. “From the ashes we will build another day,” but with God, not just on our own. As things have been, God our Father, and Savior Jesus Christ, have been increasingly set aside, nearly forgotten, in a practically-atheistic society that no longer has its bearings, that has blurred the recognition of rights and wrongs. The world has fallen deeply into peril, and our loving God is being routinely offended past tolerance.

It is believed that the twentieth century was a special time of human testing, a time — according to a prophetic papal vision — when Satan was allowed to wield more power in order to try to destroy God’s people and His Holy Church (a similar story was prefigured in the biblical story of Job), and now that we are at the end of that century of trial, God the Father is enacting His plan to “reclaim” us.

We will face a sifting experience, and life will never be the same again. You must choose whom you will serve — that’s the Plan, and you will not escape it.

It will be a rough transformation and deliverance, this birthing of a new era.
In A Nutshell

We are told by many “alleged” visionaries and locutionists the world over, that we are living the very last days of that appointed century (we can see that it made for a unique century of all time), and Satan will be bombarding us with greater intensity than ever before in human history.

And as our society has said that we do not want God interfering in our lives, He will withdraw His protective hand. As Hell is an actual place or state of being without God’s goodness, an eternal state of unfathomable suffering, He plans to show us a hint of what that will be like — what evil we are naturally choosing if we reject Him.

Therefore, we are told that we will suffer troubles and hardship as has never been experienced by a world-wide humanity before, such that, by the end of the period — which will be the end of our present “era” — all people will feel a loss of at least temporal hope.

All will face the truth of who they are in the sight of God, receiving a personal revelation of their own spiritual state: a worldwide “Warning”, “Illumination of Conscience”, or a “Miniature Judgement” is frequently prophesied. An unprecedented grace given for conversion, it is expected to feel devastating to experience.

We have been warned by various visionaries and locutionists of global economic collapse (and everything that that entails), collapse of governments, natural disasters on a large scale, destruction, persecution, terror, war (including nuclear), and an increased presence of diabolical spirits who had been restrained for centuries until now. If you didn’t believe in them before, you will.

We are being told to hold on to hope; to remember that, along with these warnings, our Father God has also been sending us messages of His deep love for us, telling us how precious we are, and how much He wants us back close to Him.

This will be a time through which we will all prove ourselves. Hearts will be revealed.

The 100th anniversary of the great public miracle at Fatima (it was October of 1917, when some think the century of Satan’s time of increased power probably began) will come soon, and there is indication that our “rescue” may coincide with that anniversary, or at least be somehow brought about by way of it. Timing for the end of this Tribulation period is controversial, with some expecting it to be over by the very end of 2017, while others expecting it to go on until sometime in the 2020’s. Whichever, the Storm is here.
Fatima and Medjugorje

Our Blessed Mother Mary — the Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ — called all people to conversion at Fatima in 1917, offering a plan that would have avoided the evil we have since suffered (which plea was largely ignored by the world), and has continued to call us ever since. It is widely believed by many millions, that the ongoing (alleged) supernatural events in Medjugorje are the present day continuation of Fatima.

She tells us that without faith, we will not be able to endure what is coming upon us. Those who have seen visions of coming events, consider them very grave.

The Medjugorje messages have been given since June of 1981 and continue to this day. In them, the Virgin Mary has reportedly appeared frequently to six visionaries — then children, now adults — and said that she was coming to call all people to her Son, Jesus, and to His ways, for the last time.

The primary focus of the Medjugorje messages is conversion and prayer, including the Rosary; prayer to receive the Holy Spirit; attendance at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, reception of the Holy Eucharist, where we truly receive Christ; the Sacrament of Confession; renunciation of sin; fasting; penitence; and Bible reading. She warns of events to come, and the reality of Purgatory and Hell.

At Fatima she said that, at death, the greatest number of souls go to Purgatory, the next greatest number go to Hell, and that very few souls go directly to Heaven. She also said that sins of the flesh account for the most souls going to Hell. What a sobering thought for today’s presumptuous society.

In Medjugorje, it is said that the culmination of the warnings there will materialize within the visionaries’ lifetimes, and they are now middle-aged. Many prophets say that the time of fulfillment has arrived.
Our Troubled Society

For America, it is said that the number one reason for our societal destruction will come because of our acceptance of abortion: that the blood of all the innocents is calling for Justice. But that’s not just in America, it is practiced worldwide.

Other society-wide moral issues also weigh heavily, especially including the recent Supreme Court decision to accept same-sex marriage, which blatantly defies the Holy Will of God, and the fall-out, in various ways, will affect us all. No one should be fooled: nothing is victimless, when it battles Almighty God.

Social acceptance of many other “modern choices” that are offensive to God also call for turnaround. He tells us this — we do not serve a silent God.

We will not go on, as we are currently going, not without mass repentance, and the necessary corrections will be thorough and painful.
The Messages

We can not yet know for certain which “warning messages” that visionaries and locutionists receive are true. They are offered so that you can know what is being said, and prayerfully consider.

What we do know, is that similar messages are being received all over the world, and while such warnings of the future have been received for many years, they have recently stepped up in urgency as never before. We’re no longer being told that the time is “soon”, but “now”.

Some “alleged” seers and hearers are coming out into the public for the very first time, having been told to wait until now to speak up, like Charlie Johnston.

Many of the messages we find are probably really from Heaven, while some will not be. Anything that Heaven sends for real, can be copied as a deceptive imitation intended to fool, misguide, or discredit — we’ve seen that — so prayerful discernment is always the rule of the day.

It will be wise to learn what the real Catholic faith teaches, the Mother Church of all Christians on earth. There are countless misconceptions out there as to what the Catholic faith actually believes, and why it believes what it does, and no one should dismiss the ancient Christian Church on false claims and misunderstandings, nor, unfortunately, over some poor examples who give the faith a false image or bad name. Christ’s Church will be renewed, when this is all over.
New Era Of Peace: It’s Not The “New Age”

Understand that this “new era” should not be confused with the “New Age” movement, which contains a spirit and message opposed to historical Christianity. There should be no mistake: to follow New Age thought, channeled Avatars, and other related New Age practices — or socially-popular moral liberalism — is neither “progressive”, nor “enlightenment”.

To go that way will be to fall into the very deception that is bent on attempting to destroy Christianity, Christians themselves, and aiming to hurt God. Christian persecution is part of the underlying satanic plan, and the acceptance of such will occur through social acceptance of anti-Christian lies. Read: Antichrist. New Age, and forms of rebellious Liberalism, were not given innocently, they were presented to sidetrack you, to destroy your soul, and they are not compatible with the faith of Jesus Christ. Know what you are accepting before you choose: some choices look attractive, and feel good, but are actually subversive, and dangerous.

Charlie Johnston

Charlie Johnston is a former newspaper editor, radio talk show host and political consultant. He has received prophetic visitations all of his life, which he has vetted through a trio of priests over the last 20 years, and about which he now speaks publicly. The alleged Heavenly visitations inform his work, but are not the focus of it. He lives in the Archdiocese of Denver in the United States.

The following is an important message that Charlie published; it serves, on its own, as a profound overview as to what is going on.
Message From The Father

July 5, 2014

Thus says the Father:

“My children, I have not withdrawn the hand of My mercy from you, despite the depth and breadth of your rebellion against Me. I gave you a land, a nation formed in My image, to be a light to the nations. For all your foolishness, you began well. Like My Church, it was a nation to which anyone who accepted the principles it espoused could belong fully, not as a guest or a stranger, but as an heir. In your struggling way you lived the principles of fruitfulness, dignity, charity, fortitude and courage. You even lived a great civil war to extend those virtues to all my children, recognizing both your reliance on me and that there are no children of a lesser god. And so I blessed you, that My light might shine through you with brilliant clarity as a sign of hope for all the nations for what I intend for My children.

“But with prosperity and pre-eminence, your love grew cold. You say, ‘Look what we have wrought,’ rather than ‘Look what God has wrought.’ So for the last few decades, I have restrained My hand of mercy that you might, indeed, see what you have wrought. Your hearts have only grown harder and more defiant. Now I stay My hand for a time that you may know the bitter fruit of the evil harvest you have sown. It is only for a short season, but the terror and despair will be like none you have ever known before.

“I send to you my most favored daughter, Mary, the woman cloaked with the sun, to guide and defend you during the terrible pains of birth of the new world I shall give you once more. She spends her entire heaven praying on your behalf, acting as true mother to all of you as she is to the Incarnation of My Divine and Holy Son, yet many of you who call on Me treat her with loathing and contempt. I will no longer hear you if you do not honor my most favored daughter in your heart. Ask her to pray to me for you and I will forgive you.

“Now, even the leaders of your rebellion against Me are shaken – not so much as to acknowledge me, but enough to wonder if their plans are perhaps not as elegant and well-crafted as they thought. This is the beginning of wisdom for those who will accept it. You must know that I love each of you with a true Father’s heart. Which of you, having a rebellious, self-destructive child, wishes for your child’s destruction? You wish, with passionate sorrow, for their reclamation because you love your child. Your love for your child is merely a pale reflection of My love for you. Remember, then, the tale of the prodigal son and welcome those who return with fullness, gratitude and celebration rather than resentment. I rejoice when any of My children are restored to the life I intend for them. So shall you.

“Know that you will be held to account for every soul that you could have given effective witness to but did not because of anger, resentment or fear. Know also that you will be held to account for every servant of the evil one that you did not defend my people against out of a false sense of compassion or indulgence. I know this is impossible to you. You are well told to acknowledge Me in all things, then take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around you. If you do that, I will draw fruit even from your errors and you may walk in humble confidence of my mercy.

“Do not think that any of you can exempt yourself from the bitter fruit of the harvest you have sown. Do you pride yourself on your intellect? It is not even a grain of sand in the ocean of My universe. Your wealth? Mere paper and paste that is passing away. Your position? Not as substantial as a puff of smoke on a windy day. I am your only source of security and hope. Defend My honor with the resolve of My Holy and Divine Son at the temple and I will send My most favored daughter to begin the re-conversion of the world. Minister to your brothers and sisters even from the midst of your sorrow and want and, at the moment you think all is lost, I will send My most favored daughter to rescue you once more.

“Know this, though. I allow your disorder to strike with terrible, prolonged fury so that you will remember the consequences of relying on yourselves without acknowledging me or seeking My blessing and guidance. After you are rescued this time, when you fall away again, the only respite you will have is the respite of the grave. I sent my Archangel Gabriel to my servant, Charlie, 13 years ago with instructions that he must ‘…tell you true and you must choose or perish.’ Though he, too, is a vain and foolish child, he has been faithful in this and has told you true. Now the time of harvest has arrived and you must choose or perish.”

Synopsis Of Charlie Johnston’s “Great Storm” Messages

The following overview is compiled from individual quotes contained in the features of Charlie’s blog, “The Next Right Step” — https://charliej373.wordpress.com
Charlie’s Role

I do not write it to give you prophecy, theology, or reports of visitations, though all are incorporated into the purpose. It is to give people heart – to see that God is there, that He is close at hand to YOU, and that He asks only the simple things from you that you can do – and will reveal Himself to you as you live that with fidelity.

I am sent to be a sort of sherpa, a guide through treacherous times, to help encourage and rally people to endure – to trust that rescue will come.

Defend the faith… hearten the faithful… defend the faithful.

Gabriel came to instruct me on certain matters. He said: “You must tell them true — and they must choose or perish.”

There will be a time when I spend much time visiting and offering hope to many refugees who have been forced to flee their homes and are homeless.

How We Came To The Necessity Of This Storm

Our prosperity has dimmed our love and so, once again, we must tread the way of the Cross.

We have made a world where millions of children must die so others might not be inconvenienced – and called it a right.

We have made a world where the young and helpless, the old and infirm, the handicapped and suffering, are considered intolerable burdens rather than treasures and resources.

Now we have so many things, but we have lost sight of God. Soon, we will have very few things, but will have an abundance of God again.

The destruction of our understanding of marriage, of family, of covenant will kill untold millions and leave us incapable of stopping the destruction…

The devil has accomplished an amazing thing…convinced us to destroy ourselves, anesthetizing ourselves all the way with soothing nostrums… I tell you that this destruction of the very concept of marriage, of gender, of family, has more destructive power than all the nuclear weapons ever built combined.

I suspect most do not quite realize how serious this homosexual “marriage” really is… proclaiming homosexuality to be right in the sight of God is a dangerous act of defiance; demanding homosexual “marriage” is the banner for a full-scale attack on God and all that is holy. It is, literally, to set the abomination which makes desolate to stand in the place that is holy. It is a declaration of war by man against God.

Has it never occurred to you that the dynamic tension of the natural forces that sustain life are normally more volatile and violent than we recognize? In normal times, God is constantly staying the brunt of these things.

Now we dismiss Him from the classroom, dismiss Him from assemblies, dismiss Him from the public square – and so He obliges. That means His hand is not there to stay the rougher edges of natural events. It is not He who chooses to subject us to these things, but we who have sullenly demanded out from under His thumb – and now we dare to complain of what happens when we expose ourselves?

It [must come to pass] because we will not be suited to populate the world as He intends it until all vestiges of vanity and self-will are crushed.
God’s Plan In The Storm

Be not afraid: God calls all men to salvation.

This is the New Advent, a penitential season. In the first Advent, we looked forward to Christ. In the New Advent, we travel back to him. And now the contractions grow ever closer, as Christ is being reborn in the heart of the world. As with the first Advent, He comes to us through His Mother.

Go to Mary and take refuge under her mantle. There you will find bread for the Storm alongside the Bread of Eternal Life and Paradise.

God orders all things – and I literally mean everything – to call us to salvation.

God warns us away from sin because, by its very nature, it wounds us. He loves us and wants to protect us from harm and spiritual death.

I was shown some natural disasters – and the incredible grace that God sends when they come. For a time, people behave as God intends us to, working together to help each other without regard for the things that normally divide us. Incredible graces are extended during these times and many souls that were lost are reclaimed to eternity. People see each other as God intends – as true brothers and sisters who are all in it together.

Just after the turn of the millennium I was warned to expect a noticeable increase in the number of untimely deaths leading up to the Storm. It was explained to me that this was a mercy, not a punishment. Some are not strong enough to weather the storm with their soul intact, so among these God was waiting for them to enter what would be their last state of grace, then plucking them so they would not be lost to eternity.

The Storm will teach us that He is both our only reliable source of security and He is always close at hand for us.
It Begins

The storm began in May of 2009, when North Korea ran another round of nuclear tests… N. Korea had not just tested nuclear weapons; it had invited observers from rogue Middle Eastern regimes to witness the test, in a bid to act as nuclear arms merchant and technical consultants to those regimes.

I believe that I know, through interpretation, the day we will all have our own ‘invasion of Poland’ moment, the moment when collapse is obvious to all. But once I realized it, I was sternly ordered not to tell anyone, even my priests.

The various components, when final crash comes, will fall with striking speed. You will have people in the news media and in government on a Monday assuring us that all is well and getting dramatically better – and sitting in figurative ashes on Friday wondering what happened – or fleeing in terror.
Order Of The Storm

The Final Crash

When final crash comes, there will be a period of utter chaos for, I believe, about four to six months…. catastrophic collapse of everything and global cultural civil war.

This will be a very dangerous period. But the truth is, after the initial convulsions and during the state of disorientation, the greatest killer will be panic.

The final crash is NOT the end of the Storm: it is the beginning of the most desperate and furious part of the Storm.

Once that crash comes, the old order dies…a new interim situation must emerge. We have to first restore a sense of confidence in people that we can endure this.
Restoring Order

Once order rises again, there will be a period of transition. There may be several upheavals in leadership before we finally reach some form of stability. This could last a month; it could last a year – or a little more.

Once some vestigial stability is reached, the first order of business will be to raise a shattered nation, a shattered civilization, off its knees. Restore some confidence by putting it back to real, productive work. Get it going so it can be prepared for the civilizational challenges ahead.

Once that has been done, Islam must be confronted and defeated. The surprise there will be how quickly it falls once it is taken seriously and confronted. Helping will be Our Lady of Tepeyac, the Mother of Conversion. There will be a mass conversion in Islam, largely driven by its women, that will eclipse the conversion of the Aztec Indians when she first came. But it will not begin to happen until we take it seriously and confront it directly.

But the west must take care to wage war against Islam, while recognizing the longing of most Muslims for God. If, in the battle, the west alienates Muslims, their culture may well fall to the Chinese side of the equation for the duration of the Storm. It is only after the defeat of Islam that the desperate confrontation with China will become apparent and be joined.

After the defeat and conversion of Islam, we will busily congratulate ourselves on our triumph…that we have endured and prevailed. That will be a false dawn.

Even as we celebrate, the great challenge which is China will rise before us, revealing Islam to have been merely a cub of a challenge. That is when things get really rough.

While we are celebrating the victory over Islam, the real threat will rise into view, like an enraged Mama Bear over her fallen cub. And then we will know what desperate battle is, for China, the land of the dragon, is truly the dragon’s agent on earth.

The battle with China is where Christianity will functionally be re-unified and people will get a firm idea of how small we are and how hopeless everything is without reliance on God.

At some point, Russia and America will become steadfast allies in the fight against China. That will ultimately contribute dramatically to the reunification of Christianity.

The global war will get more and more desperate…stalemated to a certain extent, like the trench warfare of WWI. The struggle will become so desperate that all will lose hope that peace, order and stability can ever be restored to the world.

The battle is unwinnable. At every juncture, new terrors will be unveiled. And at every new terror, new graces will be poured forth if we keep to our post with steadfast resolve.
Throughout the Storm, satan’s agents will be felt in political and religious spheres. He would destroy the whole thing from within were it possible. But it is not.

While we are busy congratulating ourselves on the victory [against Islam], we will see how powerful and determined to take world control China has become. That is the final battle of this period. We will not win it. Rather, we must fight with fortitude and endure.

Together, we will endure…but it will look as if we have completely lost. Then will come the Rescue, Our Lady being visibly sent to miraculously rescue us.

At the darkest moment, Our Lord will send Our Lady to rescue us, visibly and miraculously – and the Storm, while not completely over, will have lost its power and force.
Prominent Cultures In The Struggle

There are three very important cultures that will be prominent in the struggle ahead – and one other that has an important late role that I know little detail about.

First there is western culture. It will, in fact, be largely led from America (when I say America now, unless I specify, I mean both Canada and the United States. If they are not cultural brothers, they are at least first cousins raised in the same neighborhood among the same kith and kin).

Europe is an enfeebled outpost. Australia is a more robust outpost that can call itself to arms with vigor and resolve. The salient feature in the coming battle is the resurgence of traditional western Christian faith. Some of the oppression of Christians from modern progressives has been a blessing, for it has diminished the divisions in functional Christianity. A united front will be crucial for survival. As badly degraded as Christian faith has become in America, the situation is much more dire in Europe.

Next there is Chinese culture. China is the primary instrument of the antichrist in the battle to come. The dragon is its most appropriate symbol. Most of the non-aligned cultures will be dominated by China or will ultimately join the west. China is already much stronger militarily than almost anyone outside of it knows, except perhaps for Russia. It has been slowly and quietly gathering its forces, using proxies to soften up the west and Russia. China seeks to dominate the barbarians – which is what they consider every culture but their own – and impose their will on the whole world, which will kneel in fealty or bow in tribute. China is patient.

Russia is the great fulcrum. It has lived a 1,000-year identity crisis. The crisis became acute in the late 17th Century when Peter the Great determinedly shifted it towards the west. Ever since, Russia has tried to figure out whether it is a Western Power or a Eurasian Orthodox Power. Russia has historically been the center of Orthodox Christian Civilization, despite the aberration of atheist communism. Though it is not obvious to Americans, the Orthodox churches have historically been subordinate to the state, sort of a junior partner, especially in Russia. In that and some other senses, the schism between the eastern and western branches of Christianity in 1052 was a greater catastrophe for unity than the Reformation 500 years ago. If Russia fully casts its lot with the west, then we will endure the battle with China until rescue comes from heaven.

Until Russia unites with the west, things will get dicier and dicier once China throws off its mask. But Russia will not fully cast its lot with the west until Catholicism and Orthodoxy reunify. A functional reunification is sufficient during the Storm, even if formal reunification must await the aftermath.

Latin America will play a critical and positive role in the battle near the end. I do not know what that role is, but I know it is vital – and may even prove decisive in fortifying us all with the courage to endure until the rescue.
What To Expect

It will come like a thief in the night.

Things are NOT going to get better in a temporal way.

If you have lost your money, you are not going to get it back for any length of time – you have only beaten the rush before all money is worthless.

If your doctor or medicines have been taken from you because of changes in health care, it is NOT going to get better.

The destruction of national borders is NOT going to resolve itself, war will NOT be avoided and vast civil strife can NOT be averted.

Do not be alarmed or frightened – be focused and understand that some of the heroes of the storm will be called from among those who are now enemies of the faith – and some who are now regarded as examples of piety will quickly become betrayers of their neighbor. There are many surprises ahead as Our Lord separates the sheep from the goats.

About the best anyone seems able to imagine is that we are in for some intense, but scattered disorders, kind of like World War II. It is much worse than that and you will need your strength, your unshakeable faith, and the steadiest of resolve.

There will be suffering, hunger, cold, misery and death.

Some heroes will die on the field while some villains survive to the end.

You will know the Cross in this life. Many given to satan will not know it until the next, when eternity will be their Cross. You must pass through your passion in this life to find life in the next.

Some ask me how to oil their guns just right so they will be impervious to shrapnel. There is no way.

Others try to erect a small shack of sure safety, little shacks that will be swept away with the first wave of battle.

There is no place of safety except in God as the darkness surrounds us – and that does not guarantee temporal safety, only spiritual safety. 

…do not think your faith, however abundant, will provide you with a get-out-of-jail free card from the temporal suffering that has begun and will soon be mortal.

The rain from this Storm comes and, as it is written, falls on the just and the unjust alike.

…this will truly be worldwide, there will be no place of safety, and no family will be left untouched by the Storm.

It is the sustained, unrelenting terror that is the hallmark of this crisis, not the death toll.

There is no place of safety except to give yourself entirely over to God, which means dedicating yourself to being a sign of hope to those around you – and the guarantee of safety is for your immortal soul, not for your temporal safety. All those who count on themselves and their own cleverness will perish, body and soul.

Many will be swept away by it. All will suffer, many will die. No family will be left untouched by the Storm – NO family. Everyone who gets their primary sense of security from anything other than God will have it taken from them.

If you are certain your faith is so strong, your character so unyielding that when people are butchered around you and you haven’t eaten in a week and bombs are falling everywhere you won’t waver a moment, well then God bless you.

When Christ was crucified, every one of His disciples lost hope and were in panic. The Lord allowed it, for that made their joy over the resurrection all the greater – and fortified their resolve to be faithful UNTO DEATH.

There will be great upheaval – and perhaps two or three transitional “leaders” as various governments fall here and we are reduced to the stability of a banana republic.

I know what the entry to the fullness of the Storm looks like and I know what it looks like when we start to pull free from the wreckage, but I am only given a few details of the period of transition from collapse to the beginning of renewal.

For everyone who is not strong enough to endure the Storm but can be brought into a state of grace, God will bring them there and pluck them from this earth, thus rescuing their immortal soul.

…when I say there are not going to be mass executions, that is not the same thing as saying there will be none.

There are a lot more camps than most people realize… but there are also tons of facilities that can be turned into makeshift facilities – stadiums, industrial warehouses. There is more than enough.

Pres. Obama’s first press secretary, inadvertently confirmed in a briefing in the spring of 2009 that such large scale camps existed and they were aggressively building more, most in remote areas.
Results Of The Economic Crash

What we are about to lose are the stable currency, market and international currency relationships we have relied on for nearly a century.

People’s focus will get much more narrowed, but they will keep making stuff, even if it is only crops for their family and wood to build cabins. The productive instinct will not vanish, just the traditional means of translating it into immediately usable value.

Those who have spent a lifetime just going to the mailbox to get a government check are going to be devastated, for the government which promised everything will soon be unable to deliver much of anything.

The paper trails are such a tangled snarl that there will be no way to trace it back to the pre-crash era with any consistency.

People will know everything has been upended. What they have to know is that it is being re-established in a just, objective manner and they will be able to accept it and move forward with their lives.

Possession really will become, in most cases, 9/10 of the law. It is a lot more complex than that, but that is the bedrock of the most basic cases.
Government During The Storm

I gave the impression that everyone who currently holds seats in the Congress or Courts will be toppled. They may or may not. If they continue to hold office, it will be merely ceremonial and for show. Well, they might actually do a few small things.

What I really wanted to get across was that the whole SYSTEM is going to be toppled. After the period of initial chaos, in which we may have a different formal “leader” every few weeks or so, things will eventually settle out after a few months – at least three, maybe six or seven.

…the government – all of it – is going to fall. I understood people getting confused when I say the nation will survive. But I would think it would be clear that when I say that the government will fall, that means the head of that government will not finish his term – as well as most other federal officials. It will be up to others to rally us to weather the Storm.

EVERYTHING is going to be upended. EVERYTHING.

This is not by direct revelation, but by surmise based on what IS by direct revelation.
A Leader

I am led to believe the ultimate dictator, while exercising unreviewable executive, legislative and judicial power in America, will consider himself the “Regent of Democracy.”

There will be a leader who will rally us, restore our confidence, and rouse us to fight for the traditional Judeo-Christian culture and freedoms that made Western Civilization the great blessing to the world it has been. This leader will be able to direct diplomatic efforts with other nations, for he will lead a coalition finally to defeat radical Islam. He will ally with Russia when the threat from China becomes overt. But he will likely try to keep many of the old forms on life support until the Rescue, so that what is good can be restored.
Preparing For The Storm

People ask how to prepare. Faith, family, a defensible shelter and food are the only real assets you can bring to bear. For a short time, it will be primarily a barter economy – and if your handshake and your word are not good, you will perish.

I always tell them to use the resources they have while they still have value for things that will continue to have value after money does not. BUT, I am emphatic that this must be done in a manner that allows you to meet your obligations honorably if everything settles out. If you try to use an over-sly cleverness to trick God…well, it would go poorly for you. That is what I mean by prudence.

Use what is perishing while it still has value, but do it with honor.

I encourage people NOT to act as survivalists or doomsday preppers, but I surely think it is one of the most important ways of being a sign of hope to those around you. I tell people to prepare to form little communities – and to make welcome any who sincerely ask for help.

I expect currency to be almost completely worthless before too terribly long.

Thus, you should use it while it means something to do those things which will be useful when your money is worthless. I tell friends to pay the minimums on their bills. When crash comes, the bills will be irrelevant. Use that money now to get supplies – or to do exactly what you did – help a family member with things that will be useful to them.

But I also know they may have to flee unexpectedly – and then the bulk of their supplies will be meaningless (to them anyway; they may help others, so it is good).

People are worrying about tanks moving up their street – and the simple truth is if they wait until they see that, they will have missed their opportunity to flee.

Whatever you have the means to do, you should do…and whatever you don’t, you should not worry about. God knows what you need, and you will have what you need to do what He wants you to, when you need it. … You should not foment dissension in your household in order to prepare.
Religion And Unity Through The Storm

The Lord has told me that as the darkness falls, I am to treat all faithful Catholics, Protestants and Jews as equal partners in the work before us. There are no junior partners there. God, Himself, will see to the unity – and one of the fruits of the Storm will be unity.

What I concern myself with is someone’s heart. If they care for those around them, try to reach out to others, do what they can to help, I figure God will show them what they need to know in His way and….His Time.

I believe that the Catholic Church is the mother ship that will carry us safely through these violently troubled waters. But it makes perfect sense to me that God would have very good people in all walks of life – and in all belief systems.
Your Job

Narrow your focus to what is right in front of you, acknowledging God, taking the next right step and being a sign of hope.

Trust God.

Take the next, right step. Be a sign of hope to those around you. That is your shelter, your sword and your shield.

Just acknowledge God and do the most right thing you can think of. Act. You will screw up a lot, but so long as you acknowledge God, He will draw fruit even from your errors. When you cease to acknowledge Him, even your seeming triumphs will turn to ashes.

Hold fast to Christ.

The time has come for you to make certain preparations so that you may stand with your family.

You may need to hunker down, you may need to flee. But be deliberate in what you choose. You won’t be able to drive events, but don’t let them drive you. Your goal during this time is to endure.

Devote yourself to helping those around you then. It is not just for their good: it will protect you from panic and may save your life. Know that after a time, order will rise again. It will be different from the way things have been, but it will be real order. 

If you press forward relentlessly, even as enemy fire seeks you out, if you bind up the wounded, care for the survivors, leave no one behind and commit yourself to follow Christ even on the way of the Cross out of love for your fellows, we will be friends in the next life regardless of what happens in this.

If you attack with violence when diplomacy would have resolved the strife, you will be held to account. If you allow people to be violated when you could have stopped it with vigorous force, you will be held to account.

How can you be not afraid when the greatest period of violence and terror in history is engulfing you? You will be swept away if you trust to yourself and your mighty strength. The ONLY way is to hold fast to God. It is a call to a radical reliance on God.

The second portion is routinely violated by most of the most pious people. They think God calls all people “like them” to salvation – or that they are to teach people to be “like them” in order to attain salvation. Before this Storm is over, almost everyone is going to be broken down and rebuked – taught that we all have been tried and found seriously wanting.

Battle manfully and with resolve, but do not be miserly in sharing the mercy the Lord has given you in abundance. If you are, you will not conquer your opponent; you will give yourself over to the lion who wants to devour you.
Spiritual Action

First, we must cloak ourselves with humility.

Obedience: Christ set up a structure to govern the Church He formed. He was emphatic about our duty to His apostles, telling them, “He who hears you hears Me, and he who rejects you rejects Me, and he who rejects Me rejects Him who sent Me.” – Luke 10:16.

The Lord made it clear that we are not to be a loose coalition of free agents, deciding for ourselves. That said, the teaching we are obliged to obey is the Magisterial teaching on faith and morals.

Fidelity: We are to live and convey the fundamentals of the faith truthfully and with courage.

Love: Christianity is an evangelical faith in a completely radical sense. We are to proclaim the Good News with our words, but even more emphatically by our actions – to feed the Master’s lambs. We are not just to love those who agree with us and are converted, but even those who actively oppose us.

“What you desire most is most effective against you. Desire God and all shall be added.”

I have said gently, but firmly, before that you need to keep to your post faithfully. I will tell you bluntly now that if you cannot help yourself from primarily correcting the errors of others and meddling in business that is not within your purview, you will probably not physically survive the Storm. That is not to say your soul will be lost. Rather, where possible, God will work to put you in a final state of grace and then pluck you to save you for eternity. I say this not to scare you, but as a simple truth. Things are going to be perilous enough without angry or hysterical people bringing others down.

As you know, I have been an advocate for refuges, for people preparing to help others, to live simple solidarity, one with another. But I see religious people acting as if they think that these are going to be enclaves completely secluded from the Storm in which Jesus will be our maitre d’ and the angels and archangels will serve as our waiters and cocktail waitresses. The refuges are not places we will go to be treated like visiting satraps by the heavenly host. They are an opportunity for us to serve and live solidarity with each other as we weather the Storm.

In the refuges, you will work hard, have many trials, and will know hunger, though not starvation. Live it well and you will be startled at what joy you find in the midst of such hardship.

The old order is almost completely dead, then there is darkness and despair for a time, then the miraculous sprouting of something new, a glorious rebirth of society as God intends it, reborn by His command. But like the resurrected Jesus, even those closest to Him will not, at first, recognize it for a continuation of what was.

Before it is over, all will lose hope – including me (when that happens I will pretend to have hope – for faith is an act of will).

We must endure…and after all have lost hope, Our Lord will send Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception, to rescue us. Our deliverance will be miraculous and visibly from her hands.

…then He will manifest that most rarity of rarities, a visible, undeniable miracle visible to all – the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and our rescue.

Many of those we love will survive to build a world where such battles are not necessary.

God will reveal Himself in small groups that are cooperating simply with each other under His guidance, He will seem to have forsaken the larger world for most of the Storm.

Put your hope in resurrection knowing, as I have told you many times, this is NOT the end. Rather, it is prelude to resurrection.

Resurrection is not the last-minute escape from death to return to the way things were. The prelude to resurrection IS death. And from the seeds of what was, God raises up something new and true.

And those who live will live to see their children and grandchildren live in a world of peace and prosperity and godliness that we could only imagine.

Keep faith and I tell you, your children and your children’s children will call you blessed down to the 10th generation. But after this rescue, the next time there is a mass falling away, it will be the end.

Satan’s objective is to separate as many from Christ as he possibly can – to maximize the number who will be lost to eternity with him.

He assaults every single person at their weakest point, ever flattering their vanity, shaking their confidence, inflaming their anger – all for the same end: to get them to let loose of Christ. If they are weak-minded enough, he prefers that they give him homage, depending on spirits and gods (which are actually demons) as a source of power. In this category are those taken with the New Age, which is a polyglot mix of paganism, pantheism and barren mysticism that centers on the self.

The devil is nothing but vanity and malice. Contrary to romanticized popular fiction, he will end up with no kingdom, no henchman, no power. In the end, he will be as alone, isolated and desolate as everyone else who chose hell. He knows this, yet the illusion that he is a dark competitor with the Lord of Hosts serves his only purpose – to disfigure, mutilate and destroy man.

His brilliance gives him tactical superiority over all men, with thousands of types of attack, each precisely calibrated to the weakness of each man. Man has only one defense – to hold fast to Christ, as the satan uses every gambit to bully, seduce, cajole, flatter or terrify him into letting go. A moment is all that is needed for him to inflict terrible damage. 

The dullest man who humbly holds fast to Christ is invulnerable to the satan; the cleverest man who engages with the devil is lost before he begins.
Enemies And The Antichrist

…there are sinister forces in high seats of power that are bent on triggering an internal conflict.

The Constitution, feeble as it has become, is a serious impediment to long-term control. Severe crisis is the only way to topple it entirely. But the darker forces also need to be seen as responding to crisis rather than provoking it, in order to freeze the great mass of people long enough to secure the new order. And so, violent internal conflict will come to America, not because it is inevitable, but because some dark advocates of the supremacy of the state who hold transient power are bent on it.

I was told way back in March of 1993 that the Spirit of antichrist was released into the world with the Russian Revolution in 1917, which is the institutionalization of the belief that good can only be done without reference to God. It was introduced through Russia and has infected the world.

Menses is a man I saw in the late 90s in a vision. He does a very good job of playing completely orthodox – and is in fact, a hero to many who are orthodox in their faith. But he is entirely satan’s man. At the time I was first shown him, he was not known at all, except where he lived. He has risen to a low level of prominence – and is counted a hero by many.
This Is Armageddon

The events referred to in Revelations speak of intensely dramatic events leading up to a chaining of satan, his being thrown down for 1,000 years which will be an era of relative peace for the world.

As I understand it now, Armageddon is the decisive battle between good and evil that leads up to that event. The Apocalypse is the end, which happens after satan is loosed from his chains at the end of that 1,000 years.

So I have largely come to agree with my priests that this is Armageddon.

It is Armageddon, the decisive battle between good and evil that comes before an extended period of peace, which will follow our Rescue.
The Global Toll

Most of us will not die. In fact, more of us will wish we could at times than will actually die during the Storm. But many of us will. It is a hard thing. It is why I am so persistent about abandonment.

But most of those who die will not suffer eternal damnation like it has been over the last century.

I only expect that 26 million will die through it all told.

…others are speaking of the actual final tribulation – which is not coming now. What is coming now is the cleansing before Rescue.

I did not mean that 26 million total would die during the duration of the Storm, but that 26 million would die as a direct result of the Storm.

Yes, that is global.

Most of those who die will be those who are martyred.

The Rescue

…what he had actually told me was that the Rescue would come very late in 2017.

The great power of the Storm will have been broken by 2017, but it will have been recent enough that we might not have a full-fledged cultural wide Christmas celebration until 2018.

I am told that all will see it and it will be undeniably miraculous. And since Our Lady’s coming will result in our rescue from what all think is imminent certain destruction, it will reach fertile ground.

The desperation of the war with the Chinese government, is what leads up to the Rescue.

After the Rescue, remember, comes an extended era of peace, prosperity and true Christian brotherhood.

In the visitation of March, 1993 what I call the First Great Vision, after being told that [Pope] John Paul knew what was coming, I was shown him working with furious intensity at his desk and told he was preparing the Church for the Storm. That as a grace to him, the Storm would be forestalled until he had passed to heaven, where he would intercede on our behalf until we had safely gotten through it.

St. John Paul IS the Pope of Fatima…and Popes John Paul, Benedict, and Francis are the Popes of the Storm. This will be told in just a few decades as an epic tale, a great saga of good versus evil…and the triumph of faith.
Song For The Time Of Rescue

I saw and heard it in a vision of the time of Rescue…A multitude of people and saints were coming up to the big house in the mountains…In the vanguard, leading them, was Our Lady, suffused with joy and triumph.

Song Of Thanksgiving

“And the people of the kingdom,
 And the people of heaven,
 Shall rise together,
 Shall rise forever,
 And God shall rule.”

Prayer Of Miraculous Trust

In “The Prayer of Miraculous Trust” post, I specifically relate that Gabriel told me that that prayer would be particularly needed when everything was taken away from people…their jobs, their money, their medicines, their homes…and that it will open up a new age of miracles. 

The instruction is NOT that you must cease praying for the particular intention after saying this prayer, but that you must not say this prayer more than once for a specific intention. 

Why? Because there is a great ill in our times that restlessly seeks our own will without taking time to consider God’s will…that we say the words but don’t really believe. 

This specific prayer is designed to steadily increase actual trust and abandonment to God’s will. Once is enough…and then truly trust.
The Prayer

A prayer to abandon yourself to trust in God; to bind yourself to His will with trust rather than trying to bind Him to yours. Pope Francis called Our Lady of Guadalupe the “Virgin of Tepeyac” at her last feast day. Tepeyac Hill is where she appeared, not Guadalupe, hence the title Our Lady of Tepeyac, Mother of Conversion. At its deepest level, this is a prayer that we all convert ourselves to God’s Holy Will.

PRAYER OF MIRACULOUS TRUST: This prayer is to help you turn things over to God, trusting that once you have done so, whatever He then allows is for your eternal good and that of those you love. It lets you ask what you want of God, then closes by abandoning yourself to what God wants of you. Do not say it more than once for any particular intention, as this is an abandonment to trust.

Begin by asking for the help of Our Lady of Tepeyac, then cross yourself and say:

By the power of Our Lord, Jesus Christ; to the honor of Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception; in service to her Immaculate Heart; I ask you Lord (state intention here and ask for the intercession of the saint of your choice). I thank you for hearing my prayer. Thy will be done. Amen.

Cross yourself again, and give it over to God entirely with trust.

reprinted from (blessed hope.yuku.com)


  1. can you tell me why there will not be an election in 2016 as much as you are allowedto also where can i send my prayer petitons God Bless You and your mission

    1. Hello Nancy and thank you for your comment:
      First, I guess I am not sure if there will be an election or. Not, but Charlie, who has been approved by his Bishop, has stated that none of those running for election this year will be President and that President Obama will not finish out his term, simply because of the chaos that will ensue, so I am guessing that before Election Day we will be in too much chaos for an election to be held. I guess we will have to wait and see. I am not quite sure what you mean by where to send your prayer intentions, so forgive me if I am not understanding. I am re-copying the Miraculous Prayer of Trust. This prayer is going to help us get through the storm. Just recite this prayer and this prayer is really an abandonment to God in all things for all things that we are in need of. It is through the intercession of our Lady of Tepyac (Guadalupe). If I did not answer your question, please let me know. Thanks and God Bless
      In “The Prayer of Miraculous Trust” post, I specifically relate that Gabriel told me that that prayer would be particularly needed when everything was taken away from people…their jobs, their money, their medicines, their homes…and that it will open up a new age of miracles. 

The instruction is NOT that you must cease praying for the particular intention after saying this prayer, but that you must not say this prayer more than once for a specific intention. 

Why? Because there is a great ill in our times that restlessly seeks our own will without taking time to consider God’s will…that we say the words but don’t really believe. 

This specific prayer is designed to steadily increase actual trust and abandonment to God’s will. Once is enough…and then truly trust.
      The Prayer

      A prayer to abandon yourself to trust in God; to bind yourself to His will with trust rather than trying to bind Him to yours. Pope Francis called Our Lady of Guadalupe the “Virgin of Tepeyac” at her last feast day. Tepeyac Hill is where she appeared, not Guadalupe, hence the title Our Lady of Tepeyac, Mother of Conversion. At its deepest level, this is a prayer that we all convert ourselves to God’s Holy Will.

      PRAYER OF MIRACULOUS TRUST: This prayer is to help you turn things over to God, trusting that once you have done so, whatever He then allows is for your eternal good and that of those you love. It lets you ask what you want of God, then closes by abandoning yourself to what God wants of you. Do not say it more than once for any particular intention, as this is an abandonment to trust.

      Begin by asking for the help of Our Lady of Tepeyac, then cross yourself and say:

      By the power of Our Lord, Jesus Christ; to the honor of Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception; in service to her Immaculate Heart; I ask you Lord (state intention here and ask for the intercession of the saint of your choice). I thank you for hearing my prayer. Thy will be done. Amen.

      Cross yourself again, and give it over to God entirely with trust.

  2. Thanks so much for these eternally impacting insights. I am fully invested in learning being ready to represent Jesus Christ as a beacon of hope to others as best I can. Two questions:
    1) If you were to briefly summarize how a family should “physically” prepare for the storm, what would you recommend?
    2) How do you recommend we share what we now understand with fellow protestants who will likely consider this to be radical false teachings?
    God Bless…

    1. Hello Wayne: Lately as I have been pondering all of this I realized that the most important aspect of preparing is spiritually. The reason being is that if we are in Gods grace (go to confession) and faithfully follow God we have nothing to worry about. We could have one can of soup in our cupboards and not starve because God would always provide. Just like the poor widow whose jar of flour and oil stayed full the entire time during the famine, and she fed Elisha the entire time as well. So, physically, I would have to say do what God is leading you to do. A friend of mine has been told that she needed to make sure she had a couple of things: light source(for when power was out), heat source, water source and food. If you have all of this, plus your spiritual self in order, I wouldn’t worry. Sounds to me like God is leading you to be a beacon of hope for others, so Praise God. If we over prepare we are going to be sorely surprised how things work out. Because really, I don’t think God wants that. He wants us to depend totally and solely on Him, after all, that’s why we are even going through this purification…because we have become reliant upon ourselves and not God. Second, I myself have tried to speak to my Protestant friends about this and they are very open to it. In fact, they seem to accept this much more than my Catholic friends. However, the one thing that they do not accept is that the Mother of God will be the one who will miraculously save us and bring us into the new era of Peace. So that is the stickiest point. I just pray for them in this regard because if they don’t love or even like Mary, the Mother of God, they will tune you out and not listen. You can tell them what you believe but leave it at that unless they are open to hearing you out in regards to the Blessed Mother. God Bless

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