Weighing in on Charlie Johnstons Prophecy


For those of you who have been following Charlie I would like to put forth my own thoughts here.  If you have not read his last posting you can read it here.  You can also see his final interview with “Focus TV” here.

He claimed that there would not be a peaceful transfer of power between President Obama and President elect Trump.  None of us have any idea what exactly transpired between God and Charlie, but apparently from his last posting, where he said he was wrong, according to his standards, would suggest that God never gave him explicit detailed information in regard to this situation.

Being a Prophet is tough business.  Although Charlie suggests that he interpreted things wrong – who can argue the fact that even though Trump was sworn in without incident, it certainly was not a  peaceful transfer of power.  So, this could be taken in a number of ways.   I am not sure what Charlie was thinking…..but, I personally do not see him as being wrong.  I see him as being wrong in the sense that he stated Obama would not finish out his term.  That was clearly wrong.

From the very beginning, after Trumps win, we have had nothing but chaos in the form of protests and riots with property being destroyed, people hurt and people jailed.  Hollywood democrats televising ads begging electors to not cast their electoral votes for Trump and then when that didn’t work out, they begged congress not to allow Trump to take office.  Individuals have been beaten because they voted for Trump,  slanderous articles and lies have been circulating about Trump from day one along with his supporters.  Then you have the Russian theory gaining traction and suggesting that he is an illegitimate President.  One third of the House Democrats boycotted the inauguration.

On the day of the Inauguration, 88 groups obtained permits to protest.  Some of them ended up being very violent.  Ironically, the car they set on fire was the limo of a Muslim immigrant who had one employee.  He didn’t have insurance to cover the car.

This has been anything but peaceful.  Obama himself suggested that if he could run for office again he would beat Trump.  Obama never told the people to stop rioting or trying to quiet them down.   In fact, their behavior was being encouraged.  By the way, George Soros’s financed many of the protests along with the Womens March in Washington D.C.

I guess, I would be very careful about condemning Charlie because he did warn us that it would not be peaceful and that our next President would not come from the Political System, which came to pass.    It is very difficult to interpret God’s messages no matter who you are.  Like he said, it could be that God is just allowing him to be humbled even more.  I would also suggest that perhaps the Lord is not wanting us to be dependent upon Charlie or anyone else,  but rather upon Him alone.  With Charlie out of the picture we have to learn to listen to God ourselves.

Prophets throughout the history of mankind have always been tested and humbled.  Charlie is being very humble and obedient.  These are signs from God.  He is also totally in line with the Magisterium of the Church and has three Spiritual Directors guiding him.  He is not out there doing his own thing.

I don’t think things will be getting any better.  There is a real hatred out there – which really can only be fueled by satan.  Look at the women’s March.  It was vulgar.  An article written on this can be found here.

So where do we go from here.  I think we all need Wisdom.  In fact, I read an excellent article written by Fr. Mike Schmitz on Wisdom.  He states that Wisdom comes from Truth.

“wisdom has been seen as the result of acquiring two things:  truth and experience.  We ignore the past when we don’t stop to evaluate and appreciate what we have experienced. When we fail to  recognize the way our decisions have impacted our lives and the lives of those around us and when we fail to acknowledge the ways other peoples decisions have impacted our lives, we are short-circuiting one of the essential ingredients for becoming wise.  To ignore one’s past can be absolutely devastating to a good life.  We can see this in our own experience, or in the experience of the people around us.  We all know the person who consistently dates one jerk after another.  Rather than learning from their past, this person not only continues to date jerks but the same kind of jerk.  To these people I like to reference the quote:  “Everything happens for a reason.  Sometimes that reason is you are foolish and make bad decisions.”  That might be harsh (although of course it is merely meant as a lighthearted way of pointing out our tendency to make unwise choices), but it is also often true of those who refuse to acknowledge the past.  If wisdom comes as a result of combining truth with experience, then in order to become wise, one must look at one’s past and assess it.  This is one of the incredible benefits from the practice of regularly  examining  ones conscience……it is only when we look at our past, assess our past, learn from our past and make corrections (aka repent) that we have the potential to become better and wiser”  (Fr. Mike Schmitz, – How Should We think about our past life?, Northern Cross) 

Ok, that being said, I think we all need to take time to ponder our current situation and stay awake.  Do not take anything for granted.  God is in this and He will lead us through this horrible mess.  Be not afraid is something Jesus continually spoke to us through Scripture.

Now, I have been busy trying out many, many recipes for my grain-free lifestyle.  For those of you who have to be grain-free I have experimented with lots of recipes.  I will send you some links below.

Aussie Bites (thestayathomechef.com)

Wraps (lotsalittlelambs.com)

For this recipe I substituted 2 tbsp coconut flour for the Oat Fiber and it was fabulous.  The best recipe I have found so far for wraps.

Low Carb Fudgy Avocado Brownies   These are great.  best I have found so far.

Paleo Cranberry Walnut Scones  For this recipe, I made a few changes.

for the flour, Instead of using 2 cups almond flour I used 1/4 cup quinoa flour, 1 cup almond flour and 1/4 cup coconut flour, plus added an extra egg.  Instead of the orange zest, I subbed in 1 tbsp maple flavoring and they came out really good.  they were dense, not light and fluffy like most scones made without whole wheat flour.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Football Truffles – grainfree

I have more, but try these for now and see what you think.  hope you like them.

God Bless.


  1. i am no longer certain Mr. Johnston was incorrect in his prophecy. Certainly Pres. trump came from outside and as the past few months have unfolded it is clear that BO has not in fact transferred real power to him Daily litany of how a shadow government seeking to maintain control. It is a mysterious outcome but clearly conforms to what he predicted.

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