Pride blocks truth

I have been pondering a simple question.  I am wondering why we sometimes just cannot see the truth no matter how much evidence is presented to us.  I especially think about some of the conversations I have had with friends and family members  these last few months.

This morning  I was asking the Lord what is it that prevents us or continues to block us from seeing or hearing…..and  what I am perceiving is that it is Pride.  Pride fills us with darkness and Truth fills us with light.  Jesus did say He was the light and the Truth.  Truth is light.

Furthermore, when you think about it, the definition of Humility is being in the Truth.  A person who is complimented on his/her talents and then, out of false humility, waves it away is not humble.  Whereas the person who acknowledges the truth of their talents and gives God the glory for those talents is humble.

I was thinking about that too.  You know I do appreciate and respect Charlie Johnston very much.  He is from “The Next Right Step” blog.  He will sometimes mention how smart he is. I think, wow, that is kind of boastful isn’t it?  But, the way he says it really isn’t boasting.  He is acknowledging the gifts that God gave him.  He also acknowledges that he is ready to accept whatever humiliations God may allow to happen to him;  if he is in error, he will accept that;  and if he interpreted things wrong, he will accept that as well.  That is humility.  He is the type of person who is going to take responsibility for his actions and his words.  That is humility.  He won’t be blaming others for his errors.

So back to Pride.   The reason why I feel a need to write about this topic is because of what is coming upon us.  If we are to fumble through this time with our Faith intact, we will need to be humble so that we can always be in the light.  If per chance we become deceived and God puts someone in our path to show us the way, we would need to acknowledge our errors.  If we do not acknowledge our errors we will continue to walk down the wrong path and cause much harm to ourselves and quite possibly to those who are following our lead.

It is absolutely essential that we are able to admit our errors.  To seek truth for truth itself, and not for glorifying ourselves….thinking we have all the answers – we are right and everyone else is wrong.  Sometimes we have an agenda and no matter what, we won’t allow anything to stop us from fulfilling that agenda.  No one likes to be wrong, but, inevitably, all of us are wrong at one time or another.  The more pride we have, the more stubborn we become in holding on to our position.

Charlie mentioned that the Lord informed him that things will be so dark we will only see one step in front of us and we will need to rely totally on God….not on ourselves,  our opinions, our ideas, and our plans.  Do we know how to do this.

If someone tells you that your plan is probably not going to work and perhaps you should do something different….do you dig your heels in and become more stubborn or are you open to their suggestions.  Pride would be digging in and humility would be considering the suggestion.  If someone presents evidence to you in regard to a teaching – do you believe it or are you open to it?  Do you make excuses as to why you don’t need to believe that and then continue doing or believing something contrary to that truth?

I will tell you this:  If we do not believe a dogma taught by the Church we are in Heresy —  However, this is only if you deliberately will not believe it without actively searching for the truth.  If you are one of those people who does not believe in a particular article of Faith, I would really encourage you to seriously sit down and have a talk with God about that situation.  The more you really want to know truth instead of just embracing your own ideas, out of a sense of justifying your behavior, God will have mercy on you and show you truth.

We just came out of the year of Mercy.  Jesus told St. Faustina that if we do not come to Him during this time of Mercy, we will have to go through His Justice.  Yikes.  I don’t think you want that.   I know I certainly don’t… I personally  am trying to examen my own soul at this time with the hope of becoming more humble, especially in how I react to others who are filled with anger, discouragement, unbelief, etc.   These people are tough for me and really drain me.    I know that the Lord is asking me to be that bridge of hope and love for them.  He is asking that of all of us.  We will need to be patient and understanding.  The level of patience we show is in direct correlation to our humility by the way.

I guess I am trying to say we would do well to start repenting of our Pride and ask God’s forgiveness so that we can be in the light when things come upon us …and continue to stay in God’s grace so we will be able to cooperate with God’s plan every step of the way, leaning on Him and not ourselves.

God Bless

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