Jesus Icon shedding tears of oil

I Received this in my email this morning.  I was a little shocked as I too have this image hanging in a few rooms of my home.  Wanted to share this beautiful picture as well as the miracle taking place with the Icon shedding tears of oil.

THE SIGN (and how you can get some of this healing oil!):

This is what I had put on my personal FaceBook page, yesterday afternoon:
I share this with you as I’m praying someone can fill me in. I get a lot of”regular” mail and received a package that contained cotton balls that were soaked in tears (oil) from a weeping icon or something. The note is no longer with the package. I had set it aside and it got buried under journals and other paperworimagek. Yes, I know..horrible. I never know who is legit or trying to pull my leg or who sniffed too much glue when it comes to this type of thing. Anyhoo…I was cleaning my desk (I just heard an audible gasp in cyber space) and I noticed that the bag is now FULL OF OIL and the cotton balls are SOAKED. When I first received them (several months ago) they were just cotton balls with a light bit of oil. I have searched all over for that note! I swear I remember this lady telling me that the miraculous healing oil from this icon (I think it was an icon..ugh!) multiplies the more that there is prayer. Well, we pray at least twice a day as a family….and I pray throughout the day at different intervals. I’m just blown away. A BAG OF OIL when there was just a slightly dampened bunch of cotton balls?! Does anyone know anything about something of this nature? I showed Walt and even he was taken aback. He saw the original package and remembers it as I did…just some slightly damp cotton balls!

Then I found the story after finding the envelope and contacting the sender:
Here is the story behind it. Our friends, the author Michael Brown his lovely wife Lisa, operate SpiritDaily (just as a

little background). Everything is tying together almost web like. No coincidences with God.

Reported at on April 1, 2012 – When we were in Austin, one of the (many)
good holy souls we met gave us the photos you see here. These
were reputedly weeping statues in her home (she lives in
Houston), and she gave us a typed version of their story, which
“The Ayoub family consists of the father, Tharwat Ayoub, the mother,
Nahed Ayoub, and their two children, Nermen and Isaac Ayoub.
On Sunday, November 10, 1991, Nahed went to Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox church
where she and her family worship. Nahed met with the priest
Father Ishak Soliman to explain to him how depressed she and
her family were over their son Isaac’s continuing battle with
leukemia. Isaac is 12 years old and has been receiving
treatment for almost three years. However, his response to treatment
has been very poor and the physicians at Texas Children’s
Hospital told them that Isaac had, at the most, three more
months to live. Nahed was crying and begging God for mercy.
She wrote a note to God telling Him that the only hope she had
left for Isaac to be cured was a miracle from Heaven. She
asked Father Ishak to place her note in the alter under the chalice.
Monday, November 11, 1991, Isaac became very sick. While lying in
his parent’s bed, about 2:30 p.m., mumbling some prayers and
looking to a portrait of Jesus Christ hanging on the Eastern
wall of the bedroom, he saw the eyes of Jesus in the picture
moving and the figure of Jesus protruding out. He screamed,
calling for his mother. Nahed came running and examined the
picture. There was an oily liquid shedding like tears from the
eyes of Jesus. Father Ishak was called to verify this unusual
occurrence. What Father Ishak saw was no different than what the Ayoub
family had seen. They all thought that this was a sign of a
miracle that could have been happening to Isaac.
Tuesday, November 12, 1991, Isaac was checked by Dr. Atef
Rizkalah, a family physician at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital in
Baytown and was diagnosed as having no signs of leukemia.
weeks later, Isaac was checked by his doctor at Texas Children’s
Hospital in Houston (this was a previously set date for
on-a-regular-basis check up) and again was diagnosed as having no
sign of leukemia.”
November 11, the icon has been shedding oily tears and
sweat continuously. Soon this was known all over Houston. The
media announced it on television and in the daily newspaper.
Thousands of pilgrims from all over Houston, Texas and many other
states have visited the Ayoub’s home to see the miracle, pray and
repent, receive the blessing and anointment from the Holy Oil.”
it a shame how many folks doubt such things (consider them “out
there”) — and thus live trapped in the small confines of a
material, mechanistic world (including so many practicing
If Jesus was about anything, He was about the existence of the supernatural (and love).

As mentioned….my baq has filled with oil. I know, it sounds crazy. I can’t believe it myself. I KNOW it might sound crazy to some. I even…seriously… this for real. I weighed the bag on our postage scale (if you’re on my personal page, you know the whole story) and it weighed 1.8 ounces. Later that night, it weighed over 2 ounces (due to the oil multiplying).

Yes..the oil is INCREASING!

If you are in need of a healing or know someone who is you can do one of two things:
1) Ask me in the comment section to send you a piece of cotton ball soaked in this healing oil if you happen to order, today
2) Send a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) to us and we will send you some.    Information by


    1. Hello Sherrie…The oil can be received from the site that I listed at the bottom of the article. I have listed it here. I hope you get the oil you need and your mother receives the healing she needs. Blessings to you

      By Phone:
      We check messages and will get back to you ASAP!

      Mailing Address:
      Cukierski Family
      PO Box 250
      Munnsville, NY 13409

  1. I sent a self addressed envelope and a check for $25.00. I only received some cards, necklace and a paper telling about the oil. There’s no oil. I hoped for some healing. I have melanoma in the last stages.

  2. Hello there. The sister of my boyfriend was diagnosed to have stage 3 ovarian cancer few days ago and was told that she only have 6mos to live. I hope that there’s more available oil for her. Where can i send the request?

    Thanks and God bless

    1. Hello, please go to this site,, and you will find an address/phone number under contacts.
      also, I think that once you order your oil, another important option is to please pray the miracle prayer which you can find here. and the miraculous Icon Prayers found here.
      if you go to the category of scripture, click on that and then the drop down bar contains two items: scripture/comments and prayers. please click on prayers. you will find these two very important prayers. God Bless

    1. Hello, please go to this site,, and you will find an address/phone number under contacts.
      also, I think that once you order your oil, another important option is to please pray the miracle prayer which you can find here. and the miraculous Icon Prayers found here.
      if you go to the category of scripture, click on that and then the drop down bar contains two items: scripture/comments and prayers. please click on prayers. you will find these two very important prayers. God Bless

  3. Is this the oil from the house in Houston? My mom has cancer could you send please.
    Do you know where the house is?
    Thank you!

  4. This story of Holy faith saved my life in 1995 ,I had been hurt in a accident at work 9 disc damaged in my back ,I was in bad pain and not getting any medical help ,I was about to commit sucide the day the Lord turn liquar into water to keep me from getting drunk and shooting my self ,i thought there was no hope ,I was wrong ! The Lord ask me thourgh several ways to go to Houston I lived in VA , when i realized he was trying to help me and save my life i broke down and agreed to go, i was barely able to walk ,i drove 1150 miles to Texas , I got SAVED on the way there ,a radio preacher channel bleed over on my rock station ,i started to change channel and the preacher said “wait a minute” I did and he explained how only Jesus can Saved your life , I accepted Jesus Salvation it was and is wonderful , i got to Isaac Ayoobs Church the Prest came said the Lord told him to meet a man at the church he gave me 3 bags of the holy oil in cotton ,latter there were 4 bags and i went to the Ayoobs house met Isaac and saw the weep Soleman picture of Jesus and other sealed in plastic weeping under the plastic , i was healed about a year later we ask by my Mom was it worth it , i told her it was the worst thing to ever happen to my body but the best thing for my Soul ,I would do it again if I had to , within the next 10 minutes i could tell my back just felt strong again i went back to work as a welder , praise God and Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior !

        1. The house phone number the Prest of that church gave me ,I was exhausted and bearly found it , I dont have the address but the mans name is Isaac Ayoob his family owned a bqq resturant in houston tx , he said all faiths came there on different days ,its the real deal ! Healing Faith in the Lord is the power !

  5. I would love some of the Holymoil for my sister with leukemia as well as for healing other illnesses with my other sisters as well as myself.
    Please tell me how to get some of the oil by mail.
    Thanks so much,

    1. Dear Martha:
      Thanks for your comment. I had someone comment that for those who wish to know where the place is in Texas they should get in touch with the Coptic church of Egypt on Mulberry Road in Houston, Texas. You can also go to the site She apparently has oil that she is sending to others if you send a self-addressed stamped envelope. But please contact them and ask them if they would please send you some oil. God Bless

  6. My husband was just diagnosed with lukimia, i have a four year old son and am 4 months pregnet i would like some since of hope and faith i would like to visit could i please have the address so i can visit a Wednesday please

    1. Hello Sendy: One of the comments I had received on the Holy Oil is that you should Get intouch with the coptic church of eygpt on mulberry road houston texas. Blessings to you.

  7. Please, I need the address to the house Ayoub Familily.
    I went to the house once and received healing, but I have not the address . I live in Houston and I am sick. Is urgent. Thanks.

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