Interesting Testimony – Daughter of Lesbians

Powerful Testimony 

I listened to the testimony of this young woman and I felt so sad for her.  I really think this should go viral.  It may help a lot of other young men and women who are going through the same ordeal and also, to help all of us understand the consequences of our actions on those we love.

Daughter of lesbians explains the emotional impact of growing up without a dad


This post will probably be a myriad of articles which I would really like to share.  Articles which I believe will be very helpful and interesting.  Another topic is about St. Joseph.  The Saint for these times.  I remember reading many years ago that St. Theresa said  the Lord was saving St. Joseph for the last days.  He would be of great importance to us.

Major Apparitions of St. Joseph Are Approved
Bishop Supported Major Apparitions of St. Joseph Along with Mary and Jesus in Brazil
 A great link for more information about St. Joseph can be found here.
 Purgatory Souls
Here is an excellent article speaking about what Purgatory is really like.  Can be found here.
New Information for IBS Sufferers.  
I have had to deal with IBS for over 25 years, but the last 4 have probably been the most challenging.  Just when I think I am on a roll and doing great, it hits me hard once again.  Fortunately my daughter sent me an article of research into this very topic which I found extremely helpful.  “Gluten-sensitive? It may actually be a carb making you ill”
I realized that this was the missing piece I needed and began to follow it and I am once again on the mend.  The bottom line is that foods which have more fructose than glucose are the culprits and our systems can’t digest the extra fructose.  Bummer.  To read the article go  here
Finally, I want to share a few photos that were taken from the gardens this summer by a dear friend and my neighbors daughter.  This is just to share God’s beauty. Hope you enjoy them.  God Bless.



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