All that is in darkness shall be brought into the light

For there is not any thing secret that shall not be made manifest, nor hidden, that shall not be known and come abroad.  (luke 8:17)

I know its been awhile since I have written, but I have been super busy with all the gardens….however, this verse from Luke has been on my heart to write about for at least two or three weeks now.   So, finally, I decided I best do it.

What struck me while reading this Gospel passage a few weeks back was how God, in His perfect timing, is bringing so much evil into the light.   satan has had his way for eons now and I am guessing his time must be short because all of a sudden things are being revealed such as Harvey Weinstein and others, Hillary Clintons escapades, the real Russian Collusion story, the Uranium One deal, Mueller and his crony, former FBI Director, Mr. Comey and so much more that is going on in our Government.

These individuals, as well as the media, were pretty smug when they were trying to pin all of the evils upon President Trump, but now, I think they are running and a little nervous.

Isn’t it cool how God works.  I guess He meant what He said.  Those who are far from God and filled with pride felt as though they had nothing to worry about…..they were controlling everything and had everything under control…..until God started unraveling and revealing all the lies and deceptions as only God can do.

But, remember, this applies to all of us as well.   He did tell us that what we do not confess to Him will also be brought into the light so if you need to confess your deep dark secrets, and repent, now would be the time to do it.  Once we repent and confess those areas of sin, God forgets about them and acts as though they never happened.  satan cannot accuse you of those sins anymore (especially at your judgment).

I think that most everyone would agree that God is definitely up to something.  You look at all of the horrific storms and tragedies happening worldwide ( I am sure this is our purification) and now revealing all of the evil deeds that have been done in secret by people in power.

Nothing happens without God allowing it to happen.  He is trying to get our attention and I do believe we are very close to the time when we will see our souls and know there is a God. (mini judgment).   We will know the good and bad things we have done in our lives and be given another chance to rectify things.

However, there is something else we must do which is coming to my mind at this very second.  This is something that I really need to work harder at…..LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR.   Sometimes it can be so darn difficult to love those who are trying to make your life miserable or who just have a tough time being nice.  There won’t be any excuses that we can give to God so we all need to ask for that special grace to love those who seem so difficult for us to love.

Have you also noticed how the Catholic Church is going through a huge purification process.  Can it get any worse?????   Pope Francis is in for a terrible fall.  He  seems to be speeding things up to change Church Teaching.  I actually feel sorry for all of the Priests, Bishops, and Cardinals who are feeling so giddy right now and following Pope Francis down the slippery road of Heresy.  The Lord did say that to whom much has been given, much will be expected.    I do pray for them but I really do need to feel a bit more compassion for them and pray with more fervor.  Thats my lack of “love of neighbor” rearing its ugly head within me.

I keep seeing Jesus’s eyes, which were filled with compassion and love  when He looked at Judas, who betrayed Him, and I feel horrible that I can’t be that compassionate towards those who are out to destroy our Church and our beautiful Country and World.

I’ve got my work cut out for me.  I am sure the Lord is showing  you as well what you need to improve upon.  If not, you might want to ask Him because we are all sinners, and this is not the time to be judging others rather than yourself.

We need to work hard to stay close to God, pray, fast, repent, love and do our very best each and every day….as though each day is our last day.

Blessings to everyone




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