Virgin Coconut Oil Restores Hair Loss

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Serafina Silaitoga
Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Mereseini and Lasarusa Lesi show how VCO helped him grow hair back on his bald head.

LASARUSA Lesi is a testament of how virgin coconut oil can help bald men grow new hair.

The 60-year-old native of Cicia in Lau, who has lived at Salialevu Estate on Taveuni for more than a decade, told this newspaper that after using VCO for a month, he had noticed hair growing again on his bald head.

virgin coconut oil grew hair back
virgin coconut oil grew hair back

“I used to have no hair in the centre of my head from the front to the back. Hair just grew along the side and that was it for me knowing that having a bald head is part of life,” he said.

“I used to hear a lot about the good things VCO does, so after my wife made the oil at home, I used it to oil my bald head every morning and afternoon and I have seen the difference.

“Hair is starting to grow again and it has amazed me because I had no hair at all on my bald head for the past six years and only a month of using VCO, hair is growing again.

“Even the farmers here come home to ask me if they can check my head.

“When I go to the farm, as soon as people see me, they will only ask to do one thing and that is to check my bald head,” he giggled, as he explained people’s reaction.

Estate manager Gabiriele Josua said he remembered meeting Mr Lesi three years ago with a partly bald head.

“When I saw him again in the farm last week, I had to look at him again because there was just something different about his head,” he said.

“I then noticed that hair had started growing again on his bald head and he even came closer for me to have a better look.

“But that can only be done with the VCO from Salialevu Estate,” Mr Josua joked.

Mr Lesi’s wife Mereseini was a student who attended the government’s Wholenut Processing Centre on the island to learn more about making products from coconuts.

“I returned last month after the graduation and made our own VCO at home. I gave it to my husband and told him to use it on his bald head because we were told about how this oil could help regrow hair,” she said.

“And it has worked for us. Even I am shocked but VCO does work well and I am encouraging our women to also use it as a medication.”

According to Google search engine, studies have shown that virgin coconut oil can help stimulate hair growth because of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients present in the oil.

“Massaging these nutrients into the scalp can help stimulate hair follicles to produce more hair,” the studies showed.  from


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