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Awhile back when I was doing tons of research on how to lower my blood sugar levels which were climbing, and alleviate my IBS problems,  I happened upon some interesting articles.  One of them was about Cinnamon.  Time and again, I have found that all the research I was reading in regards to Cinnamon was very positive.  Not only for those with blood sugar problems but other health issues as well.  This is one of those Superfoods.  I have been taking cinnamon daily in a special tea I make with Coconut Oil and blueberry Tea.  In the evening I take another dose of Cinnamon.  My IBS issues are no more and my blood sugar levels are back in the normal range.


We find the evidence backed with hard research on why Cinnamon may be the solution for blood sugar control, weight loss, alertness, creating natural disinfectants, cancer prevention, IBS and much more. Take a closer look at the evidence. Cinnamon benefits are compelling.  More here.

Another very good article can be found below:


Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices known. It was mentioned in the Bible and was used in ancient Egypt not only as a beverage flavoring and medicine, but also as an embalming agent. It was so highly treasured that it was considered more precious than gold. Around this time, cinnamon also received much attention in China, which is reflected in its mention in one of the earliest books on Chinese botanical medicine, dated around 2,700 B.C.

Cinnamon’s popularity continued throughout history. It became one of the most relied upon spices in Medieval Europe. Due to its demand, cinnamon became one of the first commodities traded regularly between the Near East and Europe. Ceylon cinnamon is produced in Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Brazil and the Caribbean, while cassia is mainly produced in China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

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  1. A little bit of cinnamon goes a long way, and its antioxidant abilities are what makes it especially beneficial to include in your diet. As little as 1/2 of one teaspoon of cinnamon daily can have positive effects on blood sugar levels, digestion, immunity, and more. However, stronger doses are also extremely beneficial for improving heart disease risk and cutting risk your for diabetes, cancer, and neuro-degenerative diseases. for more:

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