A Hermits Prophecy about Donald J. Trump…(that came true)

Hello again – Unfortunately I have been under the weather for the past month – lots of sick people around here this time of year.  Hope all of you are faring better, and if not, hope you will be out of the woods soon.  I think I am on my way out.

A friend of mine sent me a really interesting link to a Priests story about this hermit who prophesized in the early 80’s about Donald J. Trump.  I think you will find this interesting and also a confirmation that God is using him in a very special way.  No wonder all of hell is going crazy and wreaking so much havoc in our Beautiful U.S.A.  But not to worry, God is in control here.

You can find it here – Hermit of Loreto 1980’s Premonition

Another thing that I found most interesting is what Thomas Aquinas had to say about a Nation without walls.  We need that wall and it is biblical.  Do you wonder why there is so much anger against a wall that everyone wanted a few years back?  Just par for the course – satan is working everyone up and making up all kinds of false stories…but, again, this was President Trumps vow to the people and he is making good on it.  God, for sure is leading him.  Did you notice that Melania opened up the rally in Florida with a Prayer – the Our Father, and some of those same leftwingers went crazy…..

Why Saint Thomas Aquinas Opposed Open Borders  (Reprinted from Catholic Family News)

by THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D., Breitbart

Every nation has the right to distinguish, by country of origin, who can migrate to it and apply appropriate immigration policies, according to the great medieval scholar and saint Thomas Aquinas.

In a surprisingly contemporary passage of his Summa Theologica, Aquinas noted that the Jewish people of Old Testament times did not admit visitors from all nations equally, since those peoples closer to them were more quickly integrated into the population than those who were not as close.

Some antagonistic peoples were not admitted at all into Israel due to their hostility toward the Jewish people.

The Law “prescribed in respect of certain nations that had close relations with the Jews,” the scholar noted, such as the Egyptians and the Idumeans, “that they should be admitted to the fellowship of the people after the third generation.”

Citizens of other nations “with whom their relations had been hostile,” such as the Ammonites and Moabites, “were never to be admitted to citizenship.”

“The Amalekites, who were yet more hostile to them, and had no fellowship of kindred with them, were to be held as foes in perpetuity,” Aquinas observed.

For the scholar, it seemed sensible to treat nations differently, depending on the affinity of their cultures with that of Israel as well as their historic relations with the Jewish people.

In his remarkably nuanced commentary, Aquinas also distinguished among three types of immigrants in the Israel of the Old Testament.

First were “the foreigners who passed through their land as travelers,” much like modern day visitors with a travel visa.

Second were those who “came to dwell in their land as newcomers,” seemingly corresponding to resident aliens, perhaps with a green card, living in the land but not with the full benefits of citizenship.

A third case involved those foreigners who wished “to be admitted entirely to their fellowship and mode of worship.” Even here, dealing with those who wished to integrate fully into the life and worship of Israel required a certain order, Aquinas observed. “For they were not at once admitted to citizenship: just as it was law with some nations that no one was deemed a citizen except after two or three generations.”

“The reason for this was that if foreigners were allowed to meddle with the affairs of a nation as soon as they settled down in its midst,” Aquinas logically reasoned, “many dangers might occur, since the foreigners not yet having the common good firmly at heart might attempt something hurtful to the people.”

In other words, Aquinas taught that total integration of immigrants into the life, language, customs and culture (including worship, in this case) was necessary for full citizenship.

It requires time for someone to learn which issues affect the nation and to make them their own, Aquinas argued. Those who know the history of their nation and have lived in it, working for the common good, are best suited to participate in decision-making about its future.

It would be dangerous and unjust to place the future of a nation in the hands of recent arrivals who do not fully understand the needs and concerns of their adoptive home.

When facing contemporary problems, modern policy makers can often benefit from the wisdom of the great saints and scholars who have dealt with versions of the same issues in ages past.

Aquinas’ reflections reveal that similar problems have existed for centuries—indeed, millennia—and that distinguishing prudently between nations and cultures doesn’t automatically imply prejudice or unfair discrimination.

Sometimes, it’s just the right thing to do.

Now isn’t that cool.  Sounds like the same type of problem they had back then and we are just acting with justice and prudence.

There is so much prayer and fasting going on for our Country,  our President and his cabinet right now.  I have never seen the likes of it.  Truly this is God’s design and His Will.  Who would have thought that God specifically chose Donald Trump – a little rough around the edges, but one very strong man.  The cabinet he chose is awesome – better than I ever could have hoped.  President Trump is definitely being humbled to the nth degree.   Once the Lord is done with him, I am sure he will be quite a bit more humble.  The Lord’s ways are definitely not our ways and He is doing what He said He would do – confound those who think they are wise.

This gives me a real sense of hope and I hope it gives you the same.  God is leading and has been leading so we need not be frightened or worried.   God  truly has come to save His people from destruction.

God Bless

The Promise of Jesus

This has truly been on my heart in a huge way these past few days…..to write about Jesus King of all Nations and His Promise to us.

The reason being is that since Fathers Day our area has been hit with some pretty big, devastating storms.  In fact it was on Fathers Day when the tornado warning sirens went off.  We all headed to the basement, but 15 minutes later, when we walked outside, you would not have known that anything even close to a storm just blew in  – we had a few pieces of hail land in our front lawn, but other than that – nothing.  Others around the area got nailed.

Last week, another big storm blew in and the sirens went off, around 3 am.  I didn’t hear it, but my husband did.   Friends of mine had horrible damage – lots of big, beautiful trees uprooted, trees on their homes, boats tipped upside down….  In fact three of my friends had this type of damage.  In our yard, I noticed a chair tipped over and some of the plants looking a little ragged from all the rain, but nothing else.

The other day, a storm was headed right towards us.  I was looking at the radar and it was a big blob of red….I waited for it to come and it never did.  We received a few sprinkles.  No wind, nothing.  And this blob of red was outside our door, it was that close.  Apparently a town north of us got hit instead with some pretty severe winds, hail and rain.

Today, another great big blob was coming towards us, and in fact, when I looked at the radar, we were in the red.  I couldn’t understand it….all we were getting was a gentle rain.

When speaking to my neighbor about the storm I was expecting a few days ago, the one that was on top of us, he told me that this whole area has been so blessed and protected.  That what we were supposed to get, someone else did.  Thats when I thought wow, what is going on here.  Why are we being so protected.  It was then that I began to reread the promises of Jesus King of All Nations and here is what He has to say:

Jesus said, “My daughter, It is My Most Holy Will and desire that there be a medal struck according to the likeness of Me you have seen. I promise tooffer the precious grace of final perseverance to every soul who will faithfully embrace this devotion.” (Journal 75). Jesus also gave us the great gift of His medal for our protection.

Jesus showed His Secretary the medal. On the front was the image of Jesus King of All Nations. He desired that the prayer on the front read, “O Jesus, King of All Nations, May Your Reign Be Recognized on Earth.” (Journal 192).
Jesus told His Secretary, “My child, you have been wondering whether or not the promise I once made to you for the praying of the prayers to Me as ‘Jesus, King of All Nations’ (that of My protection from severe storms and all forms of My Justice,) is also to be granted to those who faithfully wear My medal. My child, I tell you, that I do extend this promise of Mine to the devotional wearing of My medal. I promise to the souls who will faithfully wear My medal, the grace of protection from harm from all forms of My Justice. This will especially be true of danger coming from natural disasters.” (Journal 188,189). (Dan Lynch Apostolate)  For more info. go here. 

I then remembered that I had been wearing this medal for maybe 2-3 weeks now, but have had His image of the “Jesus King of All Nations” in my prayer area for the past year.

I had to give you this information so you can order yourselves up some medals and information on this devotion which is for these times.  The link I gave above is the place to go.

God Bless

Born Again??? Links should be included this time.

An article, which you can read below, speaks about being Born Again.  This article jumped out at me simply because I and other Catholics are bombarded with this statement – “Are you born again”.

At first, I couldn’t understand what they were talking about – what does that mean?   I checked Scripture and there is a Scripture Passage that talks about being born again–but I don’t understand how they are interpreting this passage to what they are saying.  They say if you are born again you have accepted Christ.  I have to admit, this really kind of irks the heck out of me when they ask this.  It just seems so demeaning,  irresponsible and judgmental to assume that even though we love God and follow Him they still think we haven’t accepted Christ into our lives.  What do you have to do to accept Christ I wonder?  They tell me,” just ask Him, Then you will be saved.”  Now, this too is overly simplified and erroneous.

It seems to me three very important themes throughout Scripture are being forgotten. One- Repentance of one’s sins; second- Loving one another;  and third – doing the will of God.  Anyone can say, Lord, I love you,  I accept you into my life, then turn around and commit sinful deeds without ever repenting.   The good thief who died on the cross repented at the last moment, and that is what got him into heaven.. And, “Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand”, were the words of John the Baptist, a very important Prophet who was preparing the way for Jesus.   If I love God, pray,  obey His commandments, try my very best to work on being Christ-like, and repent daily of my sinful ways I would say I have accepted Christ into my life—wouldn’t you?

All Christians must stop judging each other.  We must treat each other with love and respect and stop this nonsense.  I am not going to give up my faith for anyone or anything.  I have great respect and love for my non-catholic friends and I believe, for the most part, they respect me and my beliefs as well.  But, there are far too many out there who simply do not have any respect for other peoples beliefs – They are like the Pharisees who have no love in their hearts.

Without love we will not get into heaven.  A heathen would stand a greater chance of entering heaven than a self-righteous Christian who has no love in his heart.

Did the Lord not say:

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven,* but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven.
Many will say to me on that day,o ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name? Did we not drive out demons in your name? Did we not do mighty deeds in your name?’
Then I will declare to them solemnly, ‘I never knew you.* Depart from me, you evildoers.’ (Matthew 7:21-23)

The True Meaning of ‘Born Again’ Isn’t What You Think

Most of us have heard the phrase ‘born again Christian.’ It is usually employed by evangelical Christians to refer to those who are viewed as authentically Christian—usually defined as involved as making some sort of personal commitment to Christ.

This definition isn’t actually too far off the mark. But ‘born again’ actually has meaning both a more specific and also deeper meaning than this when considered in its context. In case you didn’t know, the phrase comes from John 3, where it is sometimes also translated as ‘from above’ instead of ‘again.’ Here is some of the important context:

Now there was a Pharisee named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. He came to Jesus at night and said to him, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God, for no one can do these signs that you are doing unless God is with him.” Jesus answered and said to him, “Amen, amen, I say to you, no one can see the kingdom of God without being born from above.” Nicodemus said to him, “How can a person once grown old be born again? Surely he cannot reenter his mother’s womb and be born again, can he?” Jesus answered, “Amen, amen, I say to you, no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and Spirit. What is born of flesh is flesh and what is born of spirit is spirit (John 3:1-6; NABRE). Read rest of article here.

I also want to share  a special testimony – life after death experienced by an African Priest.

Father Jose’s Life After Death Experience

On Sunday April 14, 1985, the Feast of the Divine Mercy, I was going to celebrate Mass at a mission church in the north part of Kerala, and I had a fatal accident. I was riding a motorcycle when I was hit head-on by a jeep driven by a man who was intoxicated after a Hindu festival. I was rushed to a hospital about 35 miles away. On the way my soul came out from my body and I experienced death. Immediately I met my Guardian angel. I saw my body and the people who were carrying me to the hospital. I heard them crying and praying for me. At this time my angel told me: “I am going to take you to Heaven, the Lord wants to meet you and talk with you.” He also said that on the way he wanted to show me hell and purgatory. Entire article here. 

Will we have a Miracle????

I spoke to you a few times about my brother, Dan, who has throat cancer.  I also told you that he had decided to try the “natural” route to healing.  I said I would get back to you and let you know if it worked.  Well, today as I was driving I was convicted that I needed to be bold and let people know what I was really thinking about my brother – that in spite of the fact that Medical Science can do no more, I am still hopeful for a miracle.  Just saying that is scary for me, because I don’t want to give him false hope and I guess I am putting myself out there and on the line for my convictions.

Well, nothing has worked so far.  He had tried naturals for 6 months and the tumor only got bigger.  He never did make it down to Florida to one of those places that claim healings for cancer.  Now, its not that I don’t believe in “naturals”, but after seeing my father die after using the traditional methods of chemo and radiation, and seeing my brother not fare well with the Naturals, I am convinced that dog poop would heal cancer if God willed that person to live.

From the first moment my brother told me had cancer I was convicted of one thought and one thought only.  God could use him as a powerful witness.  He could have a miracle if he changed his life and came back to God and would witness to the Truth of God and His Mercy and Love.  He could bring many souls back to God.

My brother has been away from the Church and God for more than half his life.  But, soon thereafter, he did start coming back, little by little, to God.

He spent most of his time searching for “cures”, which wasn’t the best thing to do when you have little time left and when really the only way he was going to be cured was through God’s intervention.   He was sorely disappointed when he didn’t get the healing in Medjugorje….but, as the visionary said, there was a block to his healing.  This told me that God, indeed, wanted to heal him.  I told Dan, get back to confession and forgive the one person you have not been able to forgive for the majority of your life.  He did.   Lack of forgiveness on our part is the one thing that will block healings.

Last month, his tumor began to grow quite vigorously and he could barely breathe and could no longer eat anything.   He ended up at the VA where they put in a tracheotomy  (sic)and a feeding tube.  The Dr’s could not believe he was still alive.  He had only 10 percent of space left for breathing.  He was getting terribly thin for lack of food and nutrition.  He has been in stage  4 since he found out in early December.  They gave him a couple of months back then.image

My husband and I drove down to see him ( 9 hour drive) and he was looking pretty good.  I was still convinced he could have a miracle if he would just give himself totally to God, but he really wasn’t quite there yet.  I watched him pour liquids down his feeding tube and he was in pretty decent spirits.  He was feeling hopeful and so were we, although the Dr’s told him he would never work again and that there was nothing that could be done for him.  The tumor had already wound its way around major arteries and the brain stem with only a sliver of space left for breathing.  They didn’t think they would even have room to get the breathing tube in, but they did.  They could not believe he was still alive and they kept telling him this.

So, My husband and I just get back home and a few days later he ends up in the hospital with horrific pain and a feeding tube that is leaking.  That same day I receive a call from the Nurse telling me that Dan has only a few hours to a few days left to live.  That he is “actively dying”.  I couldn’t believe my ears.  I thought this can’t be true.  I had way too much peace within me, even though I was crying and thinking I must be nuts for believing he is going to be healed.     A number of family members drove down to be with him and rallying him.    My sister calls me the next day and says the nurse is again saying that he had declined over the night and it is only a matter of hours.  So, I decided I needed to go down once again and be with him and say my goodbyes.  My sorrow was great, yet I still had peace within me.  I told myself I am either in real deep denial or God is giving me a peace about this whole thing.  A peace I couldn’t understand, and still don’t understand.

I drive down the next morning and when I get to the hospital, my brother is wide awake and looking quite well.  Apparently, he came out of his non-responsive state and was now alert.  But, they said he is dying and they are treating him as though he is dying.  They will only give comfort to him which means lots of meds to ease his pain.  No more food.  The feeding tube isn’t working and if he regurgitates anything it would block his tracheotomy which would mean he would die of suffocation.   He is  too weak  to have surgery to fix the feeding tube.   While there we had lots of laughs and gave him new hope.   All of us have this belief that he is ripe for a miracle.  He was even  hooking up his computer to the T.V.  that day.   This is a guy who had only hours to live.

Dan has been without food for 12 days now.  He is getting weaker and in the last few days has been sleeping quite a bit more.  However, when I was there this past thursday I saw something that really gave me even more hope and conviction.  My brother and his friend prayed with Dan and they asked if he was ready to give himself totally to the Lord.  Dan opened the door by jubilantly raising his fist in the air, mouthing yes, yes yes.  Next, in comes the janitor, who happens to be Reverand  Kevin Smith.  He told one of us in the hallway that God can heal and miracles do happen.  He wanted to know if he could pray with Dan.  We all were yes, of course, please do.  He is convicted that God is going to heal Dan.  Even today, when Dan is getting worse and worse, he walks in and talks to Dan and begins praying with him.  Then, Fr. Mike, the Priest that Dan really likes, walks in and he starts praying over Dan.  All these individuals, different denominations, coming in and praying over Dan for a healing and all three of them are convinced that God would heal Dan if Dan would work for God and His Church.

Then yesterday, Some woman from the Church came to give Dan the Eucharist.  She told Dan that God wants to heal.  She gave him a prayer to say for inner healing and then she told him to speak to God and ask for a healing and tell God what He would do for him in exchange.  I was like wow, people off the street who don’t even know Dan or love Dan are all acting and thinking like He is going to receive a miracle.  They are all praying for a miracle for Him.  They all say that Dan could be a great witness for God.  So,  Here again, someone in the hospital coming by and praying with him and letting him know that God wants to heal and that He can be used to witness for God.  Just when everyone was beginning to think, oh I don’t think we are going to get our miracle after all.

I spoke with someone who is with Dan today and they told me that everyone on that floor is praying for Dan and they keep wondering if there is going to be a miracle happening.  The Dr’s have been unbelievably patient and gracious to us, the nursing staff is phenomenal and so so so kind.  Doing everything possible to make Dan and us comfortable.  They even found rooms for a few of us, bringing food for everyone, etc.  This is the VA by the way.

I was exhausted and had only about 5-6 hours sleep in the past 48 hours and I was not feeling particularly happy this morning with all the problems going on.  I decided to take a nap and when I awoke a few minutes to 3 pm, I felt refreshed and light as air.  I felt like all was good with the world again and my hope was gaining momentum once again.

It was at this point that I felt the Lord telling me I needed to express my beliefs.  Not hide them for fear of being ridiculed for thinking he will receive a miracle.  When I spoke with the Dr’s about his condition on tuesday they said that yes, only a miracle will save his life.  He is receiving nothing more than meds and some fluids.  Today, after a few quiet days, he woke up and opened his eyes when Kevin (the pastor) walked into the room;  Dan smiled and motioned for him to come over and talk to him.  Apparently this has been the first response from Dan in a few days.  He has been unresponsive for the past 3 days.  Then, in comes Angie, who gave Him Holy Communion once again and she too is reiterating to Dan that God wants to heal.   I have no fear of him dying from starvation for the Eucharist will sustain Him if that be God’s Holy Will.  Many Saints have lived on just the Eucharist for years.

Time will tell, but I will be sure to let you know the outcome of this situation.  I may be in tears of sorrow or joy….I don’t know which at this point, but I still believe with my heart that something beautiful is going on here.  Something out of the ordinary for sure.  We don’t know God’s ways and that is an understatement.  But, now God can work.  No one can say that Dans healing was because of Medical Science.  God is stretching all of us and is really asking us to Trust in HIM.  This is more difficult than we think.  Right before our eyes we are seeing one thing, but God is asking us to believe something else that we do not see. Hope, is after all, something that we cannot know or see.  I mean, when you think about it, can you imagine yourself going into someone’s room, someone you don’t know and telling them you believe God wants to heal them — even though the Dr’s say they are only hours away from dying???  It seems to me God is trying to rally us on and encourage us to keep on trusting and hoping in Him.  So we are.

God is also asking our family to come together united.  To repent.  This isn’t just about Dan repenting.  There is so much division because half the family has left the Faith and they do not like Catholicism one little bit.  They think we are basically from the devil himself.  lots of tension because of this.  They really dislike the Virgin Mary and so I told Dan…you have got to choose Dan.  Will you believe as they believe or will you witness to the truth of Catholicism, the Blessed Mother and the Eucharist if you are healed.  You can not ride the fence on this one.  I said it is the Blessed Mother who will be interceding for you and so you can be sure, if you are healed, you will need to witness to her intercession.  God knows what you will do or say so make your choice now.

Yet, the beautiful part is that I am seeing the Protestants and Catholics coming together because of  Dan.  Both praying for him, praying over him, believing in His Miracle.  We have one God.  we pray to one God.  We must all love and respect each other.  Will we have a Miracle….I don’t know for sure, but the VA hospital staff sure seems to think so and my heart tells me yes, but, I surrendered it all to God.  He gets to decide.  He knows what is best.  We will know soon.

I do believe that because of the times we are living in right now, God can use all the witnesses He can muster up.  Plus, we are all being challenged in a huge way to trust God like never before.  When things get really rough, that is all we will have….Trust in God when things look like evil has won.  This situation, I believe, is part of our training ground for what is to come.  Perhaps you are going through the same thing.  If so, lets all hang in there and not give up.  Trust in God is the only thing that will protect and sustain us.


Blessings to all





More Miracles

Its nice to know God is still about His business – miracles are a reality even though many do not really believe that God does work that way – but, He doesn’t perform miracles just for our pleasure, it is for a reason.  I came across a video the other day where a woman in Fresno, California has a statue of the Blessed Mother crying tears.  You can actually see it on this video.  ABC News did a story on it here.  It has been occurring for the past 1 1/2 years.  Some news outlets are suggesting that it is because of the Synod on the Family which began 1 1/2 years ago.  I don’t know, but she is crying for a serious reason, I am sure.

As long as we are on this subject, I am happy to report a few other miracles that occurred in Medjugorje with my family.  They were there over Divine Mercy Sunday.  There is a statue of Jesus – the Risen Christ about 30 feet high.  This statue has been exuding a liquid of either water, oil or blood for approx 15 years now.  It flows from His knees and many miracles have been reported when this liquid is applied to the persons area of infirmity.

It just so happens that both my mother and sister applied this substance on themselves imageand they both had a miraculous healing.   Many blessings have come from their trip and one such blessing was the fact that one of the women, who sees the Blessed Mother, and is friends with the Visionarys, saw our Dad, who passed away a few months ago, with the Blessed Mother walking up Cross Mountain with them.  Apparently, he was there the whole time that they were there.  While in the Visionarys home praying,  dad and the Blessed Mother walked in and gave mom a kiss.  She said she didn’t feel anything, but each time she wanted to cry.  So, she then asked if she could at least “feel him” next time.  At Mass, she felt someone put their hand on her shoulder and their fingers kind of like messaged her neck area.  She turned around to see who would be doing that to her, and there was no one.  She then realized, it was most likely Dad.

Upon returning home she went to Target to get her pictures taken off her digital camera.  On the screen, showing all the pictures, their appeared a huge image in the center of all of the other pictures.  This image was the Blessed Mother with her arms outstretched, dressed in blue with 12 stars around her head.  The clerk turned and looked at mom like “what the heck”.  They were both stunned.  This image was not on moms camera.   Another image, the first picture that was developed was another image not taken by mom.  This was of the Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus covering our brother, Dan, who has the cancer.  imageThis was the exact image that was seen by the tour guide, who sees the Blessed Mother, when she was praying for Dan.  My mother was in the visionary’s home taking pictures (you see those pictures on the wall), but that picture never came through.  This did instead.

We, of course, are still fasting and praying for Dan with hopes that God will heal him.  Of Course, we never know God’s plan and we just accept His will in this matter.   Its probably a miracle that he is still alive.  Some people have said this is a reflection.  But that is impossible.  Dan was in the room with my mother taking pictures and never sat down.  There also was not a candle in the room.  and the bench he is sitting on here is outside, not in the home.  We have great peace knowing that Jesus and Mary are taking care of Dan.

If you ever get a chance to go to Medjugorje you should go.  No one ever leaves empty handed.  They all receive graces.  It is a beautiful, peaceful sanctuary where everyone is so kind and loving.

God Bless all of you

Eucharistic Miracle in Poland


Eucharistic Miracles also reveal that the Price or Cost to merit the Eucharist for us, WAS THE MOST BLOODY AND TERRIBLE SUFFERING OF OUR LORD IN HIS SACRED PASSION, a suffering which HE HAD TO UNDERGO out of Divine Justice on account of the Mortal Sins of mankind. For even if only 1 of us had committed 1 mortal sin, Our Lord in justice would have had to suffer the Passion and die, to make atonement for it! Thus, how horrible it is, when a Pope de facto authorizes the concession of Communion to those in mortal sin to the scandal of the whole world. Note that this miracle took place just before Pope Francis allowed Cardinal Kasper, in a Consistory of Cardinals, to propose his vile heresy, that claims the Eucharist can be given to those living in adultery. Read article here.


A Voice of Reason – Finally


The divine Sixth Commandment which prohibits every sexual act outside of a valid marriage, would no longer be universally valid if exceptions were to be admitted. In our case: the divorced would be able to practice the sexual act and they are even encouraged to it for the purpose of conserving reciprocal “fidelity”, cf. AL, 298. One would be able, therefore, to exchange “fidelity”, in a style of life directly contrary to the expressed will of God. Moreover, to encourage and legitimize acts which are in themselves (in se) and always contrary to the will of God, would be to contradict Divine Revelation. (Bishop Schneider)

I am very excited to reblog a posting from ArchBishop Schneider on the Exhortation of Pope Francis.  This posting is reblogged from (fromrome.wordpress.com)

I am excited because I feel vindicated and confirmed that I have not spread anything false about our Pope or Faith.  ArchBishop Schneider very succinctly explains this exhortation and the teachings of our Catholic Faith, which come from the Word of God.  The sixth Commandment, to be exact.

Bishop Schneider speaks on “Amoris Laetitia”

The recently published Apostolic Exhortation « Amoris Laetitia » (hereafter abbreviated AL), which contains a great spiritual treasure for Christian life in matrimony and family for our age, has unfortunately in short order provoked contradictory interpretations even among the episcopate.

There are bishops and priests who have publicly and openly declared that AL has furnished an manifest opening to Communion for the divorced who have remarried, without asking them to live in continence. Under this aspect of sacramental practice, which according to them would now be significantly changed, would truly consist the revolutionary character of « Amoris Laetitia ». Interpreting AL in reference to irregular couples, one President of an Episcopal Conference has declared in a text published on the very website of that Conference: « One treats of a measure of mercy, of an opening of heart, reason and spirit for which no law is necessary, nor is there need to wait for any directive or directions. One may and one ought to put it immediately into practice ».

Such a view was further confirmed by the recent declarations made by Fr. Antonio Spadaro, S. J., who after the Synod of Bishops in 2015 had written that the Synod had laid down « a foundation » for the access to Communion by the divorced who have remarried, « by opening a door », which was left closed in the preceding Synod in 2014. Now, Father Spadaro in his own commentary on AL, says that his predication has been confirmed. The same Fr. Spadaro is said to have been a member of the group which redacted « Amoris Laetitia »-

A way open to abusive interpretations seems to have been indicated by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn himself, who, during the official presentation of « Amoris Laetitia » at Rome, had said in regard to the proposal of irregular unions: « The great joy that this document gives me rests in the fact that it overcomes in a concrete way the artificial clear external division of “regular” and “irregular”. » Such an affirmation suggest the idea that there is no clear difference between a valid and sacramental marriage and an irregular union, between venial sin and mortal sin.  Read entire article here.

Some quick excerpts from article:

In admitting, even in only exceptional cases, the ‘divorced and remarried’ to Holy Communion without asking them to cease to practice the acts contrary to the Sixth Commandment of God, by declaring presumptuously, moreover, that their acts are not grave sin, one chooses the easy road, one avoids the scandal of the Cross. Such a pastoral practice for the ‘divorced and remarried’ is an ephemeral and deceitful pastoral practice. To all who pedal such an easy path at a cheep price to the ‘divorced and remarried’, Jesus turns, even today, with these words: “Get behind Me, Satan! You are a scandal to me, because you think not according to God, but according to men! Then Jesus said to His disciples: « If any wills to follow Me, let him renounce himself, take up his cross and follow Me. » (Mt. 16:23-25),

The servile and politically correct are causing a pernicious evil in the life of the Church. The famous bishop and theologian of the Council of Trent, Melchior Cano, O.P., pronounced this memorable phrase: “Peter has not need of our lies and adulations. Those who, with closed eyes and in an indiscriminate manner defend every decision of the Supreme Pontiff, are those who compromise most of all the authority of the Holy See. These are destroying Her foundations rather than strengthening them.”

Our Lord taught us, without ambiguity, by explaining in what consists true love and the true joy of love: “He who keeps My commandments and observes them, he is the one who loves Me” (John 14:21). In giving men the Sixth Commandment and the observance of the indissolubility of Matrimony, God has given them to all without exception and not only to an elite. Already in the Old Testament, God declared: This commandment which I prescribe to thee today is surely not above your strengths, nor beyond your doing” (Deuteronomy 30:11) and “If you want to, you will observe the Commandments; being faithful will depend upon your goodwill (Sirach 15:15). And Jesus said to all: “If you want to enter into life, observe the Commandments.

Praise God for His faithfulness.  When we pray and ask God for confirmation that we are doing His will, and not leading others astray, He hears our prayers.  I received this article today and now I am 100 percent confident in my assessment of Pope Francis.  Jesus always said “Be not afraid”.  lets spread this far and wide and get the truth out there.  Truth must be revealed in its entirety and that is what we laypeople can do for our world.  We need to suffocate all the falsehoods that are coming at us so rapidly that we barely have time to think.    This is evangelization and you who spread the truth of the Word of God shall be protected – so do not worry about “following the crowd”.  Following the crowd is the wide and easy road to perdition.  Thats not for us.

That reminds me of another article I just read on The Amazing Power of Gratitude.  Read here.  Enjoy and God Bless.

The Sight of Hell


imageLast night I read an article by a Priest who related what some of the saints saw when they were shown what Hell was really like.  It blew me away so much that I went to bed thinking about it, woke up thinking about it, and thought about it all day today.  In fact, I think I will print it out and keep it by me the next time I am tempted to commit sin.

It is Good Friday today and it really struck me because what we celebrate today is the fact that Jesus died a horrendous death so that we would be saved from going to Hell.   His sufferings were so intensely great, which I shudder when I think about, but after reading about Hell, I shudder all the more.

III. How Far is it to Hell?image
We know how far it is to the middle of the earth. It is just four thousand miles. So if hell is in the middle of the earth, it is four thousand miles to the horrible prison of hell.
It is time now to do what St. Augustine bids us. He says: “Let us go down to hell while we live, that we may not have to go down to hell when we die.” If we go and look at that terrible prison, where those who commit mortal sin are punished, we shall be afraid to commit mortal sin. If we do not commit mortal sin, we shall not go to hell.

I am so amazed at how truly blinded we have become and rather immune to what Jesus did for us and what He saved us from, if we want to be saved.

Reading this article, I can assure you, all of those people who are now in Hell, who maybe didn’t believe in Hell or didn’t really think they would go to Hell, or perhaps because they hated God that much,  can and would tell you how truly horrific it is and the worst part, to me anyway, is that it is forever and ever and ever.  Never does the torture stop.  Never.  Why would we want that…..

No One Can Say There is No Hell
Let the sinner know that he will be tortured throughout all eternity, in those senses which he made use of to sin. I am writing this at the command of God, so that no soul may find an excuse by saying there is no hell, or that nobody has ever been there, and so no one can say what it is like…how terribly souls suffer there! Consequently, I pray even more fervently for the conversion of sinners. I incessantly plead God’s mercy upon them. O My Jesus, I would rather be in agony until the end of the world, amidst the greatest sufferings, than offend you by the least sin.” (Diary 741)

We have been so blinded by satan, just like Adam and Eve.  We are being told we won’t go to hell, that we are good enough, etc.  We don’t have to follow the commandments because God is merciful and He will understand.  Wow..  I know, I believed it once myself.  However, reading about this, it all came flooding back to me how by the pure Mercy of God I was saved one day.  I knew I had one foot in Hell and if I didn’t radically change my life, that would be my eternal place and its not a resting place to be sure.

I don’t know why Hell has to be so so  bad and why it has to be for forever, but it is.  God is Merciful but also Just.  He begs us day after day after day to come back to Him and He will forgive us if we would only humble ourselves and merely ask for His forgiveness and be given another chance.   Truly, once you read it, you will agree with me that no sin, no matter how small or how big is ever worth even one lousy minute in hell.  Never!

I fear for the souls of all those who have turned their backs on God or who do not believe in God.  I fear for those who walk around in mortal sin but yet think they love God and are ok. Oh my, satan has pulled the wool over our eyes to the extent that we are trading Heaven for Hell just because we want to do our own thing and not be in union with God.

When you read this and then think how Jesus took the cross upon himself for us and was brutally beat and killed, just to save us from ourselves, we can see how much He must really love us and will do anything to save us.image

I, for one, really need to Thank God every single day for saving my soul from going down into the pit and I think you will too, once you see what would have been your destiny as well,  had Jesus not come to take our sins upon Himself.  However, that is not enough.  We have to do our part and obey His LAW, not our law or what we think we can do to be saved. Truly I can’t beg people enough to ask for His light so that the blinders can be removed.

V. The First Look Into Hell
When the gates of hell had been opened, St. Francis, with her angel, went forward. She stood on the edge of the abyss. She saw a sight so terrible that it cannot be told. She saw that the size of hell was immense. Neither in height, nor in depth, nor in length, nor in breadth, could she see any end of it. Is. xxxiv. None shall ever pass through it. She saw that hell was divided into three immense places. These three places were at a great distance from one another. There was an upper hell, and a middle hell, and a lower hell. Wisd. 17. “Night came upon them from the lowest and deepest hell.” She saw that in the upper hell, the torments were very grevious. In the middle hell they were still more terrible. In the lowest hell the torments were above all understanding. When she had looked into this terrible place, her blood was frozen with fright!
VI. Fire
Now look into hell and see what she saw. Look at the floor of hell. It is red hot like red hot iron. Streams of burning pitch and sulfur run through it. Is. xxxiv The floor blazes up to the roof. Look at the walls, the enormous stones are red hot; sparks of fire are always falling down from them. Lift up your eyes to the roof of hell; it is like a sheet of blazing fire. Sometimes when you get up on a winter’s morning, you see the country filled with a great thick fog. Hell is filled with a fog of fire. In some parts of the world torrents of rain come down which sweep away trees and houses. In hell, torrents, not of rain, but of fire and brimstone, are rained down. Ps. x. “The Lord shall rain down on sinners fire and brimstone.” Storms of hail stones come down on the earth and break the windows in pieces. But in hell the hail stones are thunder bolts, red hot balls of fire. Job xli. God shall send thunder bolts against him. See that great whirlwind of fire sweeping across hell. Storms of wind shall be the portion of their cup. Ps. X. Look how floods of fire roll themselves through hell like the waves of the sea. The wicked are sunk down and buried in the fiery sea of destruction and perdition. I Tim. vi. You may have seen a house on fire. But you never saw a house made of fire. Hell is a house made of fire. The fire of hell burns the devils who are spirits, for it was prepared for them. Matt. xxv. So it will burn the soul as well as the body. Take a spark out of the kitchen fire, throw it into the sea, and it will go out. Take a little spark out of hell, less than a pin-head, throw it into the ocean, it will not go out. In one moment it would dry up all the waters of the ocean, and set the whole world ablaze. Wisd. xvi. The fire, above its power, burnt in the midst of water. Set a house or town on fire. Perhaps the fire may burn for a week, or a month, but it will go out at last. But the fire of hell will never go out; it will burn forever. It is unquenchable fire. Mat. iv. St. Teresa says that the fire on the earth is only a picture of the fire of hell. Fire on earth gives light. But it is not so in hell. In hell the fire is dark.

XIII. What the Devil does in Hell
1. Temptation.
Job.xli. He beholdeth every high thing, he is king over all the children of pride.
As the devil is king of hell, he does two things. First, he gives his orders to the other devils about tempting people in the world. Without his leave, no one in hell can stir hand or foot. Millions and millions of devils are always round him, waiting for his orders. Every day he sends wicked spirits, whose numbers cannot be counted, into Europe, Asia, Africa, America, into every country, and town, and village, and house, and to every human creature. He sends them for temptation and the ruin of souls. He tells each devil whom he must tempt, what he must do, and when he must come back. St. Francis saw that when these devils came back, if they had not made people commit sin, they were cruelly beaten. When a child is tempted, how little it thinks that the temptation has been got ready in hell, that there is a devil at its side who has brought the temptation, and this devil is breathing the temptation into its heart, and trying to make it do what the bad company wants it to do.
XIV. 2 — Judgment
As the devil is king of hell, he is also judge. When a soul comes into hell, condemned by the judgment of God, he executes the judgment. He fixes whereabouts in hell the soul is to be, how it is to be tormented, and what devils are to torment it. In a moment you will see his judgment on a soul.
XV. A Soul Coming into Hell
St. Francis saw souls coming into hell after they had been condemned by the judgment of God. They came with letters of fire written on their foreheads. Apoc.xii. He shall make all, both little and great, have a character on their forehead. On their foreheads were written the names of the sins for which they had been condemned in hell. Blaspheming, or impurity, or stealing, or drunkenness, or not hearing Mass on Sundays, or not going to the Sacraments. As soon as any of the souls came to the gates of hell, the devils went and seized hold of it. Job xx. The terrible ones shall go and come down upon him. But what sort of devils took hold of these souls? The prophet Daniel saw one of them. He says, chapter vii.”I beheld, in a vision by night, a beast, terrible and wonderful, and exceeding strong. It had great iron teeth, eating and breaking in pieces, and treading down the rest with its teeth. How do the devils take hold of these souls? As the lions in Babylon took hold of those who were thrown into their den.
When the people were thrown over the wall into the den, the lions opened their mouths and roared, and caught the people in their mouths and crushed them, even before they had fallen to the ground. So is a soul received by the devils when it comes to hell.

Jez. xxiii. In the latter days you shall understand these things.
Now look at those little doors all round the walls of hell. They are little rooms or dungeons where sinners are shut up. We will go and look at some of them.
XXIV. The Dungeons of Hell
The First Dungeon – A Dress of Fire
Job xxxvii. Are not thy garments hot? Come into this room. You see it is very small. But see, in the midst of it there is a girl, perhaps about eighteen years old. What a terrible dress she has on — her dress is made of fire. On her head she wears a bonnet of fire. It is pressed down close all over her head; it burns her head; it burns into the skin; it scorches the bone of the skull and makes it smoke. The red hot fiery heat goes into the brain and melts it. Ezech. xxii. I will burn you in the fire of my wrath; you shall be melted in the midst thereof as silver is melted in the fire. You do not, perhaps, like a headache. Think what a headache that girl must have. But see more. She is wrapped up in flames, for her frock is fire. If she were on earth she would be burnt to a cinder in a moment. But she is in hell, where fire burns everything, but burns nothing away. There she stands burning and scorched; there she will stand for ever burning and scorched! She counts with her fingers the moments as they pass away slowly, for each moment seems to her like a hundred years. As she counts the moments she remembers that she will have to count them for ever and ever.
When that girl was alive she never thought about God or her soul. She cared only for one thing; and that was dress! Instead of going to Mass on Sundays, she went about the town and the parks to show off her dress. She disobeyed her father and mother by going to dancing-houses and all kinds of bad places to show off her dress. And now her dress is her punishment. For by what things a man sinneth, by the same also is he tormented. Wisd. xi.
XXV. The Second Dungeon
The Deep Pit

Luke xvi. It came to pass that the rich man also died, and he was buried in the fire of hell. Think of a coffin, not made of wood, but of fire, solid fire! And now come into this other room. You see a pit, a deep almost bottomless pit. Look down it and you will see something red hot and burning. It is a coffin, a red hot coffin of fire. A certain man is lying, fastened in the inside of that coffin of fire. You might burst open a coffin made of iron; but that coffin made of solid fire never can be burst open. There that man lies and will lie for ever in the firey coffin. It burns him from beneath. The sides of it scorch him. The heavy burning lid on the top presses down close upon him. The horrible heat in the inside chokes him; he pants for breath; he cannot breathe; he cannot bear it; he gets furious. He gathers up his knees and pushes out his hands against the top of the coffin to burst it open. His knees and hands are fearfully burnt by the red hot lid. No matter, to be choked is worse. He tries with all his strength to burst open the coffin. He cannot do it. He has no strength remaining. He gives it up and sinks down again. Again the horrible choking. Again he tries; again he sinks down; so he will go on for ever and ever! This man was very rich. Instead of worshiping God, he worshipped his money. Morning, noon and night, he thought about nothing but his money. He was clothed in purple and fine linen. He feasted sumptuously every day. He was hard-hearted to the poor. He let a poor man die at his door, and would not even give him the crumbs that fell from his table. When he came into hell the devil mocked him, saying: What did pride profit you, or what advantage did the boasting of riches bring you; all those things have passed away like a shadow. Then the devil’s sentence was that since he was so rich in the world, he should be very poor in hell, and have nothing but a narrow, burning coffin.

Read the entire article here.  and then please pass it on.  we don’t want a single soul to have to perish.  This truly terrifies me.

We need to pray for our family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, the world.  What a horrible end to man.  One day we see them having great fun in the world, then they die and their judgment is for all eternity – Heaven or Hell.

Remember Mercy Sunday is next Sunday.  By going to confession within 8 days of next imageSunday, doing works of mercy and receiving communion you will then be white as snow, as though you were just baptized.  All sin is removed from your soul as well as all punishment due to those sins.  The greatest act of Mercy.  Can you imagine if you have years worth of mortal sins on your soul – the amount of atonement (suffering) that is necessary to atone for each of those.  ALOT.  Take Advantage of God’s Mercy before His day of Justice comes.  We don’t know the hour that we shall pass from this earth.

When did Jesus make this promise and how does one get it? Jesus left all the details in a diary that He commanded Saint Faustina to write in the 1930s. It was her job to record everything that He wanted mankind to know about His mercy before He returns to judge the world. To get this great promise one has to go to Confession and then receive Holy Communion on that Feast of Divine Mercy, which has now been called Divine Mercy Sunday throughout the whole Church. Jesus said, whomever approaches the Fountain of Life on this day will be granted complete forgiveness of sins and punishment. (Diary, 300) To receive Communion worthily one should be in the state of grace and without serious sin.

How many today receive Holy Communion with souls stained with mortal sins? When a person receives the true Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus in Holy Communion without first going to Confession to cleanse their souls, that soul is going even deeper into sin. Many have not confessed their sins in a long time so this special promise of a complete pardon is an incentive to come to Jesus, with trust, before He returns again to judge the world.

In Saint Faustina’s diary, she recorded that Jesus also indicated that He Himself is right there in the confessional. Jesus told her, “When you approach the confessional, know this, that I Myself am waiting there for you. I am only hidden by the priest, but I Myself act in your soul. Here the misery of the soul meets the God of mercy. Tell souls that from this fount of mercy souls draw graces solely with the vessel of trust. If their trust is great, there is no limit to My generosity.” (1602)  More here.

Sr. Faustina’s vision of Hell here.

Have a Blessed Easter!

The Flame of Love

I forgot to post this important devotion because of all that has been going on as of late….

We definitely need this for our times….

I need to write something but I am now off to stay with my father-in-law who has had a stroke, therefore I thought I would post this and perhaps write while I am staying with him this weekend.

This has been taken from “theflameoflove.org site.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

There is not any doubt that we live an era of a very important spiritual combat which is taking place between the invisible forces of good and evil. The souls are the object and the theatre of this important combat. The ferocity of this combat is completely obvious, but it is much more for the children of the Light, this multitude of those who fight, sometimes in a heroic way, in order to persevere and to progress on the narrow way, that of holiness.

The forces of evil, guided by Satan, are fiercely and relentlessly unleashing against the children of God. By all the means at their disposal, they are bursting out by deceitfully perverting and by undermining at their bases all the foundations which, for two thousand years, have constituted the edifice of our faith and Christian morals established by Christ, and thereafter by His Church under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

As we can see, a new system promoting values contrary to those taught by Christ is set up. And the examples are numerous!

In the light of what precedes, should we deduct that evil progresses much faster than good? Saint Paul tells us that where sin abounds, grace abounds even more. And this is precisely where the Flame of Love intervenes in this combat.

For the Flame of Love is an admirable grace that Heaven puts at our disposal, particularly in those times we live in. It is certainly not by chance that this grace was revealed to Elizabeth Kindelmann right at the beginning of the Sixties of the last century. This period saw the beginning of the great spiritual rout of a large number of countries. Whatever the reasons, the result was identical everywhere: the start of a revolt against the two thousand year old values of these civilizations based on Christianity. From these years onwards, the offensive of the forces of darkness took such an important scale that the result is felt cruelly in the new generations, deprived of the knowledge of the Gospel of Salvation. The Flame of Love is truly the invaluable armour with which, certain of its power, we can with confidence face evil in all its forms. The peculiarity of the Flame of Love is to blind Satan by removing his harmful power. Elizabeth Kindelmann relates the following in her Spiritual Diary: “In the evening, it is in vain that I retired to bed. I could not find rest and sleep did not close my eyes. An enormous buzz invaded my head and, after a few moments, I heard a sound similar to that of an ominous siren. A terrifying smoke started to spiral up in which unrecognizable figures were moaning, jostling and staggering, terrorizing each other. Amid the smoke rising up in spiral appeared an enormous figure that I could not see because of the grayish smoke, but I could feel it was Satan. With a frightening howl, he shouted for help: he did not know what to do. His resistance was weakening, all his tricks failed and all his attempts proved to be vain. It lasted only a few minutes. Then, the grace of God strengthened in me the conscience that the Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin must ignite, for it will shake the powers of hell.” (The Spiritual Diary, February 1, 1963)

This is what the grace of the Flame of Love produces because Heaven wanted to confer to it this particular power. Are we conscious of this force which is conferred to us? Do we use it? If we do not make use of it now, when will we do it?

If you are aware of the power of the Flame of Love but do not make use of it, why not begin today with a greater determination to set to work its power in order to save souls, so dear to the Lord Jesus.

The Lord Jesus said to Elizabeth Kindelmann in her Spiritual Diary: “My dear soul, wish Me many souls! This is My only prayer: souls! Oh, souls! How I languish for them!” (August 15, 1964)

Many are the means which we can use to implement the power of the Flame of Love:

Wherever we are and no matter what we do, we can take part in the blindness of the Evil One and save souls by reciting a Rosary (or simply one or more Hail Mary) and inserting in it the petition taught to Elizabeth Kindelmann: “Spread the effect of grace of your Flame of Love over all of humanity.”

By praying the prayer Christ taught to Elizabeth, and He invited her to propagate it since He considers it to be a powerful means to blind Satan.

When we take part in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, if we are in a state of grace, the Evil one is blinded and the plenitude of the graces is transmitted to the soul for which we offer the Holy Mass. The Blessed Virgin: “If you attend a Holy Mass which is not an obligation for you, and if you are in a state of grace before God, I will spread the Flame of Love of My Heart and I will blind Satan during this time. My graces will run out abundantly on the souls for which you offer this Holy Mass. The participation in the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass increases to the highest degree the blindness of Satan.” (November 22, 1962)

In the accomplishment of our duties, by offering to the Lord our daily work wherever we are called to: at the office, in the factory, the hospital, the school or in the voluntary help that we accomplish. If we are in a state of grace, this offering will increase the blindness of Satan. “Throughout the day also, offer your labour for the Glory of God! This offering, made in a state of grace, also helps to blind Satan. Live in conformity with My graces so that the blindness of Satan extends more and more and grows increasingly larger. If you make good use of the abundant graces that I bestow upon you, they will make better a multitude of souls.” (November 30, 1962)

“My little one, you must consider Thursdays and Fridays as two great days of special grace. These days, those who offer atonement to My Divine Son will receive a great grace. During the hours of atonement, the ability of Satan weakens insofar as the atoning souls beg for the sinners…” (September 29, 1962)

“When someone does Adoration in a spirit of atonement or pays a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, as long as it lasts, Satan loses his power on the parish souls. Blinded, he ceases to reign on souls.” (November 6 – 7, 1962)

“The one who fasts on bread and water on Mondays releases each time the soul of a priest from the place of suffering. He who practices that will receive also the grace to be released from the place of sorrows less than eight days after his death.” (Agenda of Monday)

“The priests who observe the fasting on Mondays release during each Holy Mass they celebrate during that week, at the moment of Consecration, innumerable souls from Purgatory. The religious and the laity, who observe absolute fasting on Monday, will deliver during that week, every time they receive Communion and at the time they receive the Sacred Body of the Lord, a host of souls from Purgatory.” (August 15, 1980)

“If at anytime, you recite in My honor three Ave Maria by calling upon My Flame of Love, each time a soul will be released from Purgatory. The suffering souls must also feel the effect of grace of the Flame of Love of My Motherly Heart.” (October 13, 1962)

“… with the help of your prayer during your night vigil, the terrible fight of the dying against Satan will end, and under the serene beam of My Flame of Love, even the most hardened sinner is converted.”

The pain of the memory of our sins fertilizes also the souls (August 15, 1964). Even the desire of the salvation of souls contributes to blind Satan (November 30, 1962), because the will of the soul is already love (September 15, 1962).

“Satan is sweeping over souls in a vertiginous way. Why not try to do all you can to prevent that?” (May 14, 1962)

The Flame of Love Movement

P.S.: The quotations are taken from the Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann.