Blessed (Exorcism) Salt


Fr. John Hampsch wrote a wonderful explanation of Blessed Salt…how to use it, why, and the Biblical references for how it came to be so important.

In the ancient world salt was a precious commodity and Roman soldiers were often paid (partially) with packets of salt. “this was the origin of our word “salary” and of the phrase, “worth his salt”.   Because salt was costly it was considered an appropriate offering to God and was used in sacrifices by the Israelites (Ezekiel 3:24), and for the sacrificial meal (Genesis 31:54). (Fr. John Hampsch)

Salt has healing and preservative properties.  “The Blessing promised by God on food and water as well as the prevention of miscarriages and agricultural catastrophes (Exodus 23:35-36) was extended by God through Elisha (2 Kings 2:20-21), when he was inspired to put salt into contaminated water.  Adding salt to already brackish water to purify it, made the miracle more impressive.   This miracle is the primary Scriptural basis for the sacramental use of Blessed Salt today.

These sacramentals sanctify us by the power flowing from the redemptive act of Jesus, elicited by the Church’s intercession to be directed through those external signs and elements.  Hence Sacramentals like blessed salt, holy water, medals are not to be used superstitiously as having power, but as a “focus point” funneling one’s eyes toward Jesus.

Blessed salt used non-superstitiously, can be used in ones home to prevent burglaries, cars for safety, etc.  A few grains in drinking water and in our food as seasoning often bring astonishing spiritual and physical benefits, as I have personally witnessed (Fr. John Hampsch).  This faith must be in Jesus, just as was the faith of the blind man in Johns Gospel.  He had faith in Jesus, not in the mud and spittle used by Jesus to heal him.

Excorcism salt is intended to be an instrument of grace to preserve one from the corruption of evil occurring as sin sickness, demonic influence, etc. 

I purchase the morton salt boxes and bring them to the Priest for the blessing.  You can use any kind of salt.  I myself have been instructed to sprinkle the blessed salt around the perimeter of our property and inside our home.  This is something you may wish to do for the protection of your home during these times.

I have a non-catholic friend, whom I gave some of this blessed salt to one day.  She didn’t have a clue what to do with it or how to use it.  I gave her a bit of info. and left it at that.  Last summer, her and her husband were in Texas camping when a horrific storm was coming upon them.  She said her husband didn’t want to go into town and so she remembered my little “spiritual” packet I gave her.  She went and sprinkled the salt on their camper, vehicle and around the campsite.  The storm was headed straight for them, and this was a major storm.

The next morning they got up and everything was intact.  Nothing had hit them.  Her husband went into the town of waco a couple of miles away, and it was devastated.  The storm had veered away from them.  They were totally untouched.  She now believes.  Praise God.



Prayers for Priests to bless sacramentals
(Taken from old Roman Ritual prayer books, unless otherwise noted)

(Priest vests in surplice and purple stole)
P: Our help is in the Name of the Lord. R: Who made heaven and earth.

EXORCISM OF SALT (necessary for Exorcism of Water)
P: O salt, creature of God, I exorcise you by the living (+) God, by the true (+) God, by the holy (+) God, by the God who ordered you to be poured into the water by Elisha the prophet, so that its life-giving powers might be restored. I exorcise you so that you may become a means of salvation for believers, that you may bring health of soul and body to all who make use of you, and that you may put to flight and drive away from the places where you are sprinkled; every apparition, villainy, turn of devilish deceit, and every unclean spirit; adjured by him who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire.
R: Amen.

P: Let us pray. Almighty and everlasting God, we humbly implore You, in Your immeasurable kindness and love, to bless (+) this salt which You created and gave to the use of mankind, so that it may become a source of health for the minds and bodies of all who make use of it. May it rid whatever it touches or sprinkles of all uncleanness, and protect it from every assault of evil spirits. Through Christ our Lord.
R: Amen.

P: O water, creature of God, I exorcise you in the Name of God the Father (+) Almighty, and in the Name of Jesus (+) Christ His Son, our Lord, and in the power of the Holy (+) Spirit. I exorcise you so that you may put to flight all the power of the enemy, and be able to root out and supplant that enemy with his apostate angels, through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. R: Amen.

P: Let us pray. O God, for the salvation of mankind, You built Your greatest mysteries on this substance, water. In Your kindness, hear our prayers and pour down the power of Your blessing (+) into this element, made ready for many kinds of purifications. May this, your creature, become an agent of divine grace in the service of Your mysteries, to drive away evil spirits and dispel sickness, so that everything in the homes and other buildings of the faithful that is sprinkled with this water, may be rid of all uncleanness and freed from every harm. Let no breath of infection and no disease-bearing air remain in these places. May the wiles of the lurking enemy prove of no avail. Let whatever might menace the safety and peace of those who live here be put to flight by the sprinkling of this water, so that the health obtained by calling upon Your Holy Name, may be made secure against all attack. Through Christ our Lord. R: Amen.
(Priest pours exorcised salt into the water, in the form of a cross.)

P: May a mixture of salt and water now be made, in the Name of the Father, and of the (+) Son, and of the Holy Spirit. R: Amen.
P: The Lord be with you. R: And with your spirit.

P: Let us pray. O God, Creator unconquerable, invincible King, Victor ever-glorious, You hold in check the forces bent on dominating us. You overcome the cruelty of the raging enemy, and in Your power You beat down the wicked foe. Humbly and fearfully do we pray to You, O Lord, and we ask You to look with favor on this salt and water which You created. Shine on it with the light of Your kindness. Sanctify it by the dew of Your love, so that, through the invocation of Your Holy Name, wherever this water and salt is sprinkled, it may turn aside every attack of the unclean spirit, and dispel the terrors of the poisonous serpent. And wherever we may be, make the Holy Spirit present to us, who now implore Your mercy. Through Christ our Lord. R: Amen.

EXORCISM BLESSING FOR OIL (Use regular, 100% pure olive oil)
(Priest vests in surplice and purple stole)
P: Our help is in the Name of the Lord. R: Who made heaven and earth.

P: O oil, creature of God, I exorcise you by God the Father (+) almighty, who made heaven and earth and sea, and all that they contain. Let the adversary’s power, the devil’s legions, and all of Satan’s attacks and machinations be dispelled and driven far from this creature, oil. Let it bring health in body and mind to all who use it, in the name of God (+) the Father almighty, and of our Lord Jesus (+) Christ, His Son, and of the Holy (+) Spirit, as well as in the love of the same Jesus Christ our Lord, who is coming to judge both the living and the dead and the world by fire. R: Amen.
P: O Lord hear my prayer. R: And let my cry come unto thee.
P: May the Lord be with you. R: And with your spirit.

P: Let us pray. Lord God almighty, before whom the hosts of angels stand in awe, and whose heavenly service we acknowledge; may it please You to regard favorably and to bless (+) and hallow (+) this creature, oil, which by Your power has been pressed from the juice of olives. You have ordained it for anointing the sick, so that, when they are made well, they may give thanks to You, the living and true God. Grant we pray, that those who will use this oil, which we are blessing (+) in Your Name, may be protected from every attack of the unclean spirit, and be delivered from all suffering, all infirmity, and all wiles of the enemy. Let it be a means of averting any kind of adversity from man, redeemed by the Precious Blood of Your Son, so that he may never again suffer the sting of the ancient serpent. Through Christ our Lord. R: Amen. (Priest sprinkles the oil with holy water)


P: Our help is in the Name of the Lord. Who made heaven and earth. The Lord be with you.

R: And also with you.

P: Let us pray. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, bless these candles at our lowly request. Endow them, Lord, by the power of the holy + cross, with a blessing from on high, You who gave them to mankind in order to dispel darkness. Let the blessing that they receive from the sign of the holy + cross be so effectual that, wherever they are lighted or placed, the princes of darkness may depart in trembling from all these places, and flee in fear, along with all their legions, and never more dare to disturb or molest those who serve You.”


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