A Vote for God

I think of the results of this election as a “Vote for God”.

We voted for “Right to Life” issues which is really by far the greatest issue we have.  We have also voted for religious freedom which is being taken away from us.  Have you noticed how in the past year or two Christians have and are being persecuted on a daily basis if they do not agree with the liberals agenda.

We spoke out against corruption of the elite.  The government which has been whittling away our rights little by little.

There have been so many people of this great Nation who have prayed, fasted, and sacrificed for this election.  We can see how God’s hand truly was in this.  Everyone is shocked, most especially, the liberals.  They are stunned and can’t figure it out.  But, we all know, that when we come together in prayer and fasting, God can do anything.

More importantly,  we have put our Trust in God and did His Will by coming against the “Culture of Death”.    That is the first step.  Now, we must all look interiorly at ourselves.  Do we need to make changes in our lives that will conform to God’s commandments…if so, now is the time to do it.

Perhaps  if we all repent of our own individual sinfulness, God will mitigate the events to come.  We will have to go through a purification.  That is a  given.  However, these events can always be lessened in its severity, depending on the sincerity of our repentance.

So, again, lets go forth without fear, but rather with a determination to do the right thing by God.  Lets cleanse ourselves first….because believe me, we will be cleansed…..  However, if we do it first with our own free will, with sincerity, it will be much easier on us, than if we stubbornly held onto our sinful ways and God has to do it for us.

We have so  much hope for the future.  So much joy waiting for us.  Families will become whole again, love will reign in all hearts.  Can you just imagine that.  Its surreal for sure.

I read something the other day from the 101 foundation.  They are betting that we will be seeing our souls this spring sometime.  Then the miracle would happen shortly after that .  It makes sense, because if Charlie is correct, we will be done with this by the end of 2017.   That means we only have a few months left before we will all go through our mini judgment before the seat of God and see where our place, for all eternity, would have been had we died at that point in time.    So, start making those changes now the best that you can, with the help of God, of course, through the great intercession of the Blessed Mother.  She will obtain those graces for us.  She wants nothing more than to bring all of us back to her Son.  So, lets go for it.  We have so much hope and so much to look forward to.

Blessings to all.



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