Pope Francis has backed himself into a corner

I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas.

Have you ever had that AHA moment.  Well, a few days before Christmas as I was reading the interview that Cardinal Burke gave to Lifesite news I had that moment.

I now fully understand the implications of the “Dubia”, written by the four Cardinals to Pope Francis,  asking him to clarify his position on whether or not divorced and/or unmarried individuals living together can receive Holy Communion.

What Pope Francis has written is Heresy.  That is why he wrote it in such ambiguous terms causing confusion.  The Cardinals want him to clarify and answer directly with a yes or no.  Pope Francis, literally, has boxed himself in which is why he is so angry and doesn’t want to answer those questions.  By admitting that yes, he is writing and saying that divorced and unmarried individuals in cohabitation can receive Holy Communion, he is teaching Heresy and he ceases to be Pope.  On the other hand, if he says no he is not saying that at all, then he has to clarify and state that and all the Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests who are now doing exactly what Pope Francis said they could do, would have to stop or be heretical as well.

That would then mean that His agenda to change the teachings of the Church would have to stop.  Cardinal Burke stated that they wrote to Pope Francis in September and He still has not given them an answer.  He also stated that because this is a teaching of Faith and Morals, they will get their answer.  Apparently, sometime after Christmas and Epiphany they will move forward to force the issue.

Praise God we still have some really good Cardinals who take their vows seriously and will not let the Pope cause Schism in the Church.  Although, really,  it has already started.  Our Church is deeply divided, once again, between the liberals and the conservatives.     Sounds just like Politics doesn’t it.  They (the liberal Clergy)  are acting like the liberals who are still bent on changing the results of the election and causing so much havoc.

Pope Francis’s aim  is to totally change our Faith, which He simply cannot do, without being in Heresy.   So there you have it.

In any event, Pope Francis has two choices.  Step down from the Papacy  and move to Siberia or something; or admit his errors and have a major change of heart and conversion and start teaching the truth of what Jesus Christ Himself taught us through the Disciples and Scripture.  Hopefully, all those bloggers who have maintained that we are heretics for questioning Pope Francis, will  seriously look into their own hearts and repent for misleading  their readers while slandering those who were searching for the truth.

Like I said before, you can always tell when something is coming from satan.  Those who vilify, accuse and try to shame into believing the way they believe is never, ever from God. This is and has been the case from those in the political arena as well as those from the Clergy.

Looks to me like we are going to have a showdown rather quickly in regards to the Church and our Government.  Life is going to get very interesting.

Cardinal Burke: A Pope Who Professes Formal Heresy Would Cease to Be Pope


Dubia Cardinal: Anyone who opens Communion to adulterers ‘is a heretic and promotes schism’

Here, below are a few more articles of great interest.

This is not the only drastic change Pope Francis has on His agenda. He is also considering letting women become Deacons; allowing Priests to be married (apparently trial run in Brazil); and allowing Lutherans to receive Holy Communion (which has already been done).

Liberation Theologian Boff: “Francis is One of Us”

Pope Francis creates anticipation for intercommunion between Catholics and Lutherans

Pope Francis’s Commission on Women Deacons: 12 Things to Know and Share

Confirmed: Priestly celibacy, homosexual clergy to be the next battlefields in this Pontificate

I want to close with something I read in regards to Marriage.  I think this guy hit the nail on the head…it is so perfect.

Politically Incorrect Marriage Advice (for Men) by Jeff Reagan

Your wife wants you to lead.

She wants you to be strong and to make decisions.

She wants you to have a plan.

She wants you to be the rock in your marriage.

She wants to be at your side and to know that you’re always looking out for the best interest of the two of you, even if what you’re doing upsets her at the time.

If you’re planning a night out, she doesn’t want to always be asked “what do you want to do?”.

She wants you to take charge and make a decision.

Because when you lead, she feels safe.

And when she feels safe and she feels cared for, she feels like the woman she’s always wanted to be”

God Bless everyone.  Stay Strong and committed to Truth.  The Truth will set us free and by staying with Truth, we are staying with Jesus.  He is our only hope through all of our trials.

Is Communism back?

I purport to you that Communism is back in full force under the guise of Social Justice and Political Correctness.  These three terms are one and the same thing,  just different names for different times.

The Communism principles are still the same; but, in order to reach out to the masses, to lure them into their nets, they have been appealing to  the masses at the emotional level.  Hence, Social Justice, normally a term for caring for those on the fringe or in need now became a term for equality and equal distribution.   Around the same time, we began hearing the term “Politically Correct”.

Definition of politically correct. : conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated.

Abstract: For its proponents, “social justice” is usually undefined. Originally a Catholic term, first used about 1840 for a new kind of virtue (or habit) necessary for post-agrarian societies, the term has been bent by secular “progressive” thinkers to mean uniform state distribution of society’s advantages and disadvantages. Social justice is really the capacity to organize with others to accomplish ends that benefit the whole community. If people are to live free of state control, they must possess this new virtue of cooperation and association. This is one of the great skills of Americans and, ultimately, the best defense against statism. 

Let us begin by asking what most people think social justice is. After that, let us review how the term arose. It is a Catholic concept, later taken over by secular progressives. What social justice actually is turns out to be very different from the way the term is now used popularly.  The entire article may be found here  “Social Justice: Not what you think it is”.

Here is Leo XIII’s attack on the very ideal of equality as a social ideal:

Therefore, let it be laid down in the first place that in civil society, the lowest cannot be made equal with the highest. Socialists, of course, agitate the contrary, but all struggling against nature is in vain. There are truly very great and very many natural differences among men. Neither the talents nor the skill nor the health nor the capacities of all are the same, and unequal fortune follows of itself upon necessary inequality in respect to these endowments.

Such inequality is far from being disadvantageous either to individuals or to the community. Social and public life can only be maintained by means of various kinds of capacity for business and the playing of many parts; and each man, as a rule, chooses the part which suits his own peculiar domestic condition.  (Social Justice: Not what you think it is)

One of the visionarys from Medjugoree, who just wrote a book, stated that the Blessed Mother mentioned March 18 and August 2 as important dates in 2017.  What does that mean….obviously something important is going to happen.   Secondly, we know that the Blessed Mother had also mentioned to Loli, one of the Garabandal Visionarys, that “everything will happen when Communism comes back”.

I would say “Communism” has been back for quite some time.  I came across a very interesting posting by 1P5 today whereby they quoted Bishop Schneider who grew up under Communist rule.  Here is what he had to say;

“The reaction to the dubia is a proof of the climate in which we actually live in the Church right now,” Bishop Schneider said. “We live in a climate of threats and of denial of dialogue towards a specific group.”

Schneider went to say that “dialogue seems to be accepted only if you think like everyone else – that is practically like a regime.”

Schneider brought up his experience in Russia, where he was born in the time of the Soviet Union. His parents were sent by Stalin to work camps, or “Gulags,” after the Second World War. “If you didn’t follow the line of the party, or you questioned it, you couldn’t even ask. That is for me a very clear parallel to what is happening now in the reactions to the dubia – questions – of the Cardinals.” From “Have the “Errors of Russia Now Infected Rome”?

Another eye witness of Communism has also recently given us further proof that the current anti-family and gender ideology – which finds increasing acceptance in Vatican circles, to include the pope himself – has troubling similarities to historical Communism. Dr. Anca-Maria Cernea, a Catholic medical doctor and participant at the 2015 Synod of Bishops on the Family, recently gave an interview to Edward Pentin where she says the following (I shall also print here in italics some of Pentin’s own specific questions put to Dr. Cernea):

Would you say your and others’ experience of communism in Central and Eastern Europe has a lot to offer, in terms of tacking this crisis in the Church?

Yes, for us, also, it’s easier, because we went through this for decades. … Now, we’re in a better position to fight this aggression. We are better placed to fight, those of us interested in this. We are more familiar with real Marxism than our brothers and sisters in the West.

You see more clearly what’s happening?

Yes, and there’s no doubt that it is Marxism. In our country, when you visit some internet pages, if there’s a new article about political correctness, you can see people commenting, and they’re saying it [political correctness] is communism, and asking, “Don’t you people realize it’s communism?” It is communism, and the people who make such comments tend to have a very clear intuition. They are correct.

Dr. Cernea says that it is a form of cultural Marxism and of Gramscianism that stands behind the current crisis of the family. (From “Have the errors of Russia now infected Rome? – 1P5)

Look at half of our politicians….Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, Obama, Reid and many, many others who have been trying to gather us all into a neat little box and make everything equal…equal distribution, equal pay, equal this and equal that.  Everyone gets the same treatment, etc.  Except do they really.  No, because if you are a Christian who refuses to have anything to do with same sex marriage or the like you are fined or imprisoned.  We no longer have the same rights to think as we want or believe as we want.  We are punished if we do not believe in the same value system as the left.  This is Communism tactics.   I am reading a book my daughter gave me called “Execution by Hunger” – the Hidden Holocaust in which 7 million peasant farmers in the Ukraine were starved to death because Stalin wanted to collectivize all the farmers into one big entity.  If they refused their lands, homes, and food were taken from them.  They all had to be equal, and do it for the good of all.  He promised them happiness and prosperity.  Well it didn’t work.  Trust me folks, this doesn’t work.  Half of our nation is on welfare and food stamps already.  They are being taken care of by the Government.  The Government wants to tell us when to stand up and when to sit down.  what we can eat and drink and think and believe. This is not democracy.

Now the left is doing whatever they can possibly do to stop Donald Trump, President elect from taking office.  They are having the biggest hissy fit I have ever seen in my lifetime – in the United States.  They didn’t get what they want and now they will stop at nothing.  They are simply delirious with hate.  The hypocrisy is really quite unbelievable.  But they do forget one important factor.  God is in control here.

The articles I linked to above are very interesting and do give us an insight as to what is really happening here.   The language that the Progressives have been using for years is really the language of Communism.

God Bless

Information for you to discern…

I feel it is my responsibility to pass on information that you must discern – We need to know the truth.  Our souls depend on knowing the truth, especially when it comes to our Faith.

There has been so much going on….Actually, I am overwhelmed with all that has been happening within our Church, Government, and our Familys.  So much division,  lies and anger coming from all quarters.

I remember well what a wonderful African Priest once told me.  This Priest was the one who told me to kneel before the Blessed Sacrament as he prayed to the Lord that my back be healed.  I was healed by the way.  He said to me the most important thing I should pray for was discernment.  He said discernment helps with all of the other gifts.  Discernment is indispensable.

We can see that is definitely true in the times we are now living.   It would be so easy to travel down the wrong path these days by just “following along”.   We can no longer do that.  We can no longer trust everything we hear from those in the pulpit.  The reason being is that many of those who have been trusted with protecting souls have gone astray.

I will provide you links to many articles that you can fact check.  The sources that I am providing, I think, are very reliable and honest in their writings.

The issue at stake here is in regard to the letter on the family written by Pope Francis.  4 Cardinals have made public what they call the “dubia” written  to Pope Francis asking for clarification on his statements in this letter.  Pope Francis chose not to answer them.

Article: “Considerations on the dubia of the four cardinals”   by John R. T. Lamont, Phil.

Cardinals Brandmüller, Burke, Caffarra and Meisner have performed a signal service to the Church by sending five dubia on the apostolic exortation Amoris laetitia to the Holy See, requesting an authoritative clarification of the meaning of that document, and then making public the text of the dubia when no response to them was given. Cardinal Burke has performed a further service to the Church by explaining this initiative in an interview with Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register on Nov. 15th 2016, and stating that if no response was given to the dubia the cardinals would have to make a formal act of correction of a serious error.

As is proper, the dubia were formulated in a manner appropriate to an official request of this kind, and the formal act of correction to which Cardinal Burke refers is an act with a legal character. Catholics may find it helpful to be given a presentation of the canonical, historical and theological background to the dubia and the suggested act of correction, and to the situation that has led to the action of the Cardinals. This background is no doubt well known to the four Cardinals, but it is less accessible to those who lack their specialised knowledge. This article is intended to help with the comprehension and appreciation of their initiative. More here.

Kazakhstani bishop hails ‘courageous’ cardinals who wrote to Pope Francis asking for clarity

A Kazakhstani bishop has issued a strong defence of the four cardinals who wrote to the Pope asking for clarity on Amoris Laetitia, saying that they are the victims of “hush-up strategies and slander campaigns”.

In an article for the website Rorate Caeli, Bishop Athanasius Schneider seemed to be responding to an open letter from the Bishop Fragkiskos Papamanólis, the retired Bishop of Syros, who accused Cardinals Raymond Burke, Carlo Caffarra, Walter Brandmüller and Joachim Meisner of heresy, scandal and risking a schism. More here.

Spadaro’s Hypothesis of Adultery as Moral Duty Also Found in Amoris Laetitia

Father Spadaro has been a busy man.

Between forcing Ross Douthat to issue a correction over his reporting of a Twitter spat and to insinuating that this publication is “one of the anti-papal American blogs that were the ‘echoes’ of false news” to appearing to accuse papal critics of being under the influence of the devil to his general portfolio of bizarre online behavior, the “pope’s mouthpiece” is beginning to talk almost as much as the pontiff he works for — and in no less troubling a fashion.

Dan Hitchens, deputy editor of the Catholic Herald (UK), expressed something we’re probably all feeling: More here. (1P5)

Bishop Schneider likens treatment of four Cardinals to Soviet regime: ‘We live in a climate of threats’

ROME, Italy, December 6, 2016, (LifeSiteNews) — Before a packed room in Rome’s Centro Lepanto on Monday, Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan urged the faithful to ardently hold on to the Church’s Magisterium on the indissolubility of marriage within the current state of ongoing ambiguities.

“When Christ preached 2,000 years ago, the culture and reigning spirit were radically opposed to Him. Concretely religious syncretism ruled, also Gnosticism among the intelligent leaders, as well as permissibilism among the masses — especially regarding the institution of matrimony. […] The sole purpose of the Son of God was to reveal the truth to the world.”

With these words, Bishop Schneider opened his presentation in the presence of Cardinals Raymond Burke and Walter Brandmüller and Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun of Salzburg, Austria.

Schneider continued with a presentation on the history of the Church’s dealings with marriage and its irregularities beginning from the Old Testament to modernity with specific references to early Christian writings by Henry VIII of England and Napoleon I, and recent discussions. More here. (life site news)

Head of Greek Bishops Accuses Four Cardinals of Heresy, Apostasy, & Schism
Steve Skojec November 22, 2016 

The number of attacks on the four cardinals for their presentation of dubia on Amoris Laetitia are mounting rapidly. Two out of three of the new American Cardinals — Joseph Tobin of Newark and Cardinal Cupich of Chicago — spoke out just yesterday against the four cardinals. Tobin, described the dubia as “troublesome” and went on to say, More here. (1P5)

Correcting Pope Francis: Detraction or Duty?
Posted on February 3, 2016 by twohearts
By Dr. Kelly Bowring

“In this supreme moment of the need of the Church,

those who should speak

will fall silent.”

― Prophecy of Our Lady of Good Success

to Venerable Mother Mariana in 1611,

speaking about the “reign of Satan”

that Our Lady said would occur around the end of the 20th Century,

culminating finally with “a dark night” that the Church will suffer

when it will “lack a Prelate and Father to guide it”. More here.

Comments by Bishop Schneider on Schism (interview with EWTN)…reprinted from IP5

Schism is a mortal sin against the faith of the Church which the Catechism of the Catholic Church describes as breaking the first of the Ten Commandments, “You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.” We are required to nourish and protect, with prudence and vigilance, the faith handed to us by the apostles and the individual gift of faith given us as a grace by God. We must do everything in our power, with assistance of the Holy Spirit, to reject all that is opposed to the Faith.

As Bishop Schneider warns, an unspecified number of clergy are in a state of internal schism against the divine truth of Christ, and they are employing evil means to hide the reality of their schism including the tactic of intimidation and moral violence. To justify their schism these ecclesiastics are also attempting to project the accusation of schism against clergy, such as the Four Cardinals, who are prudently and earnestly seeking to protect the faith. The personal insults and attacks directed at the cardinals who submitted the dubia indicates the truth about who are the real schismatics, for schism is a sin against charity.

Reprinted from OnePeterFive:  Rorate Caeli has released a translation of a remarkable interview, originally published in 2008, with Cardinal Carlo Caffarra of Bologna. In it, he references correspondence he had with Sister Lucia, the principle visionary of Our Lady at Fatima:

Q. There is a prophecy by Sister Lucia dos Santos, of Fatima, which concerns “the final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan”. The battlefield is the family. Life and the family. We know that you were given charge by John Paul II to plan and establish the Pontifical Institute for the Studies on Marriage and the Family.

>Yes, I was. At the start of this work entrusted to me by the Servant of God John Paul II, I wrote to Sister Lucia of Fatima through her Bishop as I couldn’t do so directly. Unexplainably however, since I didn’t expect an answer, seeing that I had only asked for prayers, I received a very long letter with her signature – now in the Institute’s archives. In it we find written: the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family. Don’t be afraid, she added, because anyone who operates for the sanctity of marriage and the family will always be contended and opposed in every way, because this is the decisive issue. And then she concluded: however, Our Lady has already crushed its head.

Talking also to John Paul II, you felt too that this was the crux, as it touches the very pillar of creation, the truth of the relationship between man and woman among the generations. If the founding pillar is touched the entire building collapses and we see this now, because we are at this point and we know it. And I’m moved when I read the best biographies of Padre Pio , on how this man was so attentive to the sanctity of marriage and the sanctity of the spouses, even with justifiable rigor on occasion.

Does this come as any surprise to those watching the events currently unfolding in the Church? We have referenced various apparitions in the past that are related to this, beginning with Our Lady of Good Success, in the 17th century:

“Thus I make it known to you that from the end of the 19th century and shortly after the middle of the 20th century…the passions will erupt and there will be a total corruption of morals… As for the Sacrament of Matrimony, which symbolizes the union of Christ with His Church, it will be attacked and deeply profaned. Freemasonry, which will then be in power, will enact iniquitous laws with the aim of doing away with this Sacrament, making it easy for everyone to live in sin and encouraging procreation of illegitimate children born without the blessing of the Church… In this supreme moment of need for the Church, the one who should speak will fall silent.”

When we reflect on the division among prelates at the Synod, Our Lady of Akita comes to mind:

“The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres…churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.” (OnePeterFive)

The following article is very interesting which also needs to be discerned.  Catholic Relief Services, an organization most Catholics have known about for years….Are they another Judas???

Catholic Relief Services, Judas, and Mammon (OnePeterFive)

In the 16th Chapter of Luke, Our Blessed Lord gives a parable of an unjust steward, and concludes: “No servant can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.” One example of this dichotomy is richly exemplified in the person of Judas Iscariot. More here.

You know what is really scary:  how the satanists are infiltrating our schools and government.  listed below is a number of satanic events that have taken place in our country.  They truly have become emboldened and we need to stop them.  This information was taken from “America Needs Fatima”.

The Satanic Temple infiltrating our schools (9 so far) to “teach” our children the “virtues” of Satanism. They have already started in a school in Portland, Oregon and they will spread to Tacoma, Washington this coming December 14.
Professed Satanists running for public office (California).
The Greater Church of Lucifer setting up shop in a family-friendly shopping district in Old Town Spring, Texas.
This past August 15th, the Feast of the Assumption, after conducting a Black Mass and mocking Our Lord Jesus Christ, Satanists in Oklahoma performed what they call the Consumption of Mary. This involved decapitating Her holy image, pulling a pig’s heart from inside the statue and eating it, then smashing what remained of Her sacred image. This was done in a public venue; people paid money to watch this on a stage.
In 2015, Bert’s Entertainment Complex in Detroit unveiled the Satanic Temple’s 9-foot tall statue of the demon Baphomet with two children next to it. In addition, this statue was designed to allow children to climb up and sit on the demon’s lap.
Fox TV recently aired a new series on prime-time television called Lucifer. The program was designed to mainstream the devil, making him appear to be a likeable and misunderstood young man.
Oklahoma City granted Satanists a permit to hold a public sacrilege in front of St. Joseph Old Cathedral on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2015. One Satanist poured stage blood over a statue of the Virgin Mary treated with “sulfur powder and ash.”
The Satanic Temple attempted to hold a black mass at Harvard University, a time-honored institution meant for America’s best and brightest.
In Phoenix, Arizona, Satanists tried to introduce an opening prayer (to Satan) at the City Council meetings. They failed. However after a long legal battle, they succeeded in eliminating all prayer from city council meetings.