The Promise of Jesus

This has truly been on my heart in a huge way these past few days… write about Jesus King of all Nations and His Promise to us.

The reason being is that since Fathers Day our area has been hit with some pretty big, devastating storms.  In fact it was on Fathers Day when the tornado warning sirens went off.  We all headed to the basement, but 15 minutes later, when we walked outside, you would not have known that anything even close to a storm just blew in  – we had a few pieces of hail land in our front lawn, but other than that – nothing.  Others around the area got nailed.

Last week, another big storm blew in and the sirens went off, around 3 am.  I didn’t hear it, but my husband did.   Friends of mine had horrible damage – lots of big, beautiful trees uprooted, trees on their homes, boats tipped upside down….  In fact three of my friends had this type of damage.  In our yard, I noticed a chair tipped over and some of the plants looking a little ragged from all the rain, but nothing else.

The other day, a storm was headed right towards us.  I was looking at the radar and it was a big blob of red….I waited for it to come and it never did.  We received a few sprinkles.  No wind, nothing.  And this blob of red was outside our door, it was that close.  Apparently a town north of us got hit instead with some pretty severe winds, hail and rain.

Today, another great big blob was coming towards us, and in fact, when I looked at the radar, we were in the red.  I couldn’t understand it….all we were getting was a gentle rain.

When speaking to my neighbor about the storm I was expecting a few days ago, the one that was on top of us, he told me that this whole area has been so blessed and protected.  That what we were supposed to get, someone else did.  Thats when I thought wow, what is going on here.  Why are we being so protected.  It was then that I began to reread the promises of Jesus King of All Nations and here is what He has to say:

Jesus said, “My daughter, It is My Most Holy Will and desire that there be a medal struck according to the likeness of Me you have seen. I promise tooffer the precious grace of final perseverance to every soul who will faithfully embrace this devotion.” (Journal 75). Jesus also gave us the great gift of His medal for our protection.

Jesus showed His Secretary the medal. On the front was the image of Jesus King of All Nations. He desired that the prayer on the front read, “O Jesus, King of All Nations, May Your Reign Be Recognized on Earth.” (Journal 192).
Jesus told His Secretary, “My child, you have been wondering whether or not the promise I once made to you for the praying of the prayers to Me as ‘Jesus, King of All Nations’ (that of My protection from severe storms and all forms of My Justice,) is also to be granted to those who faithfully wear My medal. My child, I tell you, that I do extend this promise of Mine to the devotional wearing of My medal. I promise to the souls who will faithfully wear My medal, the grace of protection from harm from all forms of My Justice. This will especially be true of danger coming from natural disasters.” (Journal 188,189). (Dan Lynch Apostolate)  For more info. go here. 

I then remembered that I had been wearing this medal for maybe 2-3 weeks now, but have had His image of the “Jesus King of All Nations” in my prayer area for the past year.

I had to give you this information so you can order yourselves up some medals and information on this devotion which is for these times.  The link I gave above is the place to go.

God Bless

Lukewarm Souls

In Revelations we are told:

Revelation 3:15-17

15 I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! 16 So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. 17 You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.

I have been thinking a lot about this lately.  The reason being is that we are deeply embedded in the throes of our tribulation period.  Those who do not have any faith in God will not have any protection and that bothers me, a lot.

This past December I was given to know that the storms had begun and they would only get worse.  As you can see from the news every part of the world is experiencing frightening  weather events – weather that is catastrophic.  People are losing their lives, their homes, their livelihoods, their families, their possessions – Everything.

You would think we would have eyes to see and ears to hear.  That our hearts would turn to God;  but we truly are a stiff-necked people.  I am amazed when I hear people say, “I wonder what is going on, so much suffering, so many terrible storms, etc, etc.”  You try to warn them and tell them what is going on but they can’t seem to wrap their heads around it.  I don’t blame them but they are going to be hurting very bad if they don’t start changing their lives and soon.

These individuals just keep on going about their business as though they are not in danger of losing their souls, of dying unrepentant, of losing everything they have.  I fear for each and every one of them.  I have given you a few definitions of what a lukewarm soul is below.  I think it is very necessary for each one of us to read and ponder these definitions, because we may be one of those lukewarm souls the Lord is saying He will spew out of His mouth.  It is better to find out now, rather than later.  At least right now we have time to change – we are in the time of Jesus’s Mercy.  When His justice comes, it will be too late.

Taken from Catholic Answers Forum:
Lukewarmness may be understood as a general breakdown of the theological virtues … Christians fall ino lukewarmness because of culpable neglect … Everything having to do with the supernatural is reduced to “doing things” rather than “loving Someone” …

Lukewarmness involves a wholehearted disdain for prayer and sacrifice, a preoccupation with selfish concerns and comfort, a complete lack of refinement in dealings with God, a coarse and slothful approach to anything which pertains to the Lord … [citing P. Rodriguez]

Lukewarmness is a grave sickness of soul which can strike at any stage of one’s interior life. We say that a tepid soul has “fallen away.” It has grown weary of the interior struggle …

St. Thomas defines lukewarmness as “a kind of sadness which makes a person sluggish in the performance of spiritual exercises on account of the effort they require” …

Lukewarmness means “softness, laziness bent on the easiest, most pleasurable way, any apparent shortcut, even at the expense of infidelity to God.” [citing Josemaria Escriva] …

 Definition of Lukewarm souls given to St. Faustina  from Jesus: 

There are souls who thwart My efforts. (1682) Souls without love or devotion, souls full of egoism and selfishness, proud and arrogant souls full of deceit and hypocrisy, lukewarm souls who have just enough warmth to keep themselves alive: My Heart cannot bear this. All the graces that I pour out upon them flow off them as off the face of a rock. I cannot stand them because they are neither good nor bad. (1702)

Divine Mercy Novena – ninth day.

Today bring to Me souls who have become lukewarm, and immerse them in the abyss of My mercy. These souls wound My Heart most painfully. My soul suffered the most dreadful loathing in the Garden of Olives because of lukewarm souls. They were the reason I cried out: ‘Father, take this cup away from Me, if it be Your will.’ For them, the last hope of salvation is to run to My mercy.

St. Fautina Diary.

1717 Today, I was talking with the Lord, and He said to me, There are souls with whom I can do nothing. They are souls that are continuously observing others, but know nothing of what is going on within their own selves. They talk about others continually, even during times of grand silence, which is reserved for speaking only with Me. Poor souls, they do not hear My words; their interior remains empty. They do not look for Me within their own hearts, but in idle talk, where I am never to be found. They sense their emptiness, but they do not recognize their own guilt, while souls in whom I reign completely are a constant source of remorse to them. Instead of correcting themselves, their hearts swell with envy, and if they do not come to their senses, they plunge in even deeper. A heart, which thus far is envious, now begins to be filled with hate. And they are already at the edge of the precipice. They are jealous of my gifts in other souls, but they themselves are unable and unwilling to accept them.
“As you see Me in this chalice, so I dwell in your heart.” Divine Mercy of Jesus.

Lukewarm soul. St. Jean-Marie-Baptiste Vianney

It is true that a Christian who lives in tepidity still regularly — in appearance at least — fulfils his duties. He will indeed get down on his knees every morning to say his prayers. He will go to the Sacraments every year at Easter and even several times during the course of the twelve months. But in all of this there will be such a distaste, so much slackness and so much indifference, so little preparation, so little change in his way of life, that it is easy to see that he is only fulfilling his duties from habit and routine …. because this is a feast and he is in the habit of carrying them out at such a time. His Confessions and his Communions are not sacrilegious, if you like, but they are Confessions and Communions which bear no fruit — which, far from making him more perfect and more pleasing to God, only make him more unworthy. As for his prayers, God alone knows what — without, of course, any preparation — he makes of these.

In the morning it is not God who occupies his thoughts, nor the salvation of his poor soul; he is quite taken up with thoughts of work. His mind is so wrapped up in the things of earth that the thought of God has no place in it. He is thinking about what he is going to be doing during the day, where he will be sending his children and his various employees, in what way he will expedite his own work. To say his prayers, he gets down on his knees, undoubtedly, but he does not know what he wants to ask God, nor what he needs, nor even before whom he is kneeling. His careless demeanour shows this very clearly. It is a poor man indeed who, however miserable he is, wants nothing at all and loves his poverty. It is surely a desperately sick person who scorns doctors and remedies and clings to his infirmities.

You can see that this lukewarm soul has no difficulty, on the slightest pretext, in talking during the course of his prayers.

For no reason at all he will abandon them, partly at least, thinking that he will finish them in another moment. Does he want to offer his day to God, to say his Grace? He does all that, but often without thinking of the one who is addressed. He will not even stop working. If the possessor of the lukewarm soul is a man, he will turn his cap or his hat around in his hands as if to see whether it is good or bad, as though he had some idea of selling it. If it is a woman, she will say her prayers while slicing bread into her soup, or putting wood on the fire, or calling out to her children or maid. If you like, such distractions during prayer are not exactly deliberate. People would rather not have them, but because it is necessary to go to so much trouble and expend so much energy to get rid of them, they let them alone and allow them to come as they will.

The lukewarm Christian may not perhaps work on Sunday at tasks which seem to be forbidden to anyone who has even the slightest shred of religion, but doing some sewing, arranging something in the house, driving sheep to the fields during the times for Masses, on the pretext that there is not enough food to give them — all these things will be done without the slightest scruple, and such people will prefer to allow their souls and the souls of their employees to perish rather than endanger their animals. A man will busy himself getting out his tools and his carts and harrows and so on, for the next day; he will fill in a hole or fence a gap; he will cut various lengths of cords and ropes; he will carry out the churns and set them in order. What do you think about all this, my brethren? Is it not, alas, the simple truth? ….

A lukewarm soul will go to Confession regularly, and even quite frequently. But what kind of Confessions are they? No preparation, no desire to correct faults, or, at the least, a desire so feeble and so small that the slightest difficulty will put a stop to it altogether. The Confessions of such a person are merely repetitions of old ones, which would be a happy state of affairs indeed if there were nothing to add to them. Twenty years ago he was accusing himself of the same things he confesses today, and if he goes to Confession for the next twenty years, he will say the same things. A lukewarm soul will not, if you like, commit the big sins. But some slander or back-biting, a lie, a feeling of hatred, of dislike, of jealousy, a slight touch of deceit or double-dealing — these count for nothing with it. If it is a woman and you do not pay her all the respect which she considers her due, she will, under the guise of pretending that God has been offended, make sure that you realise it; she could say more than that, of course, since it is she herself who has been offended. It is true that such a woman would not stop going to the Sacraments, but her dispositions are worthy of compassion.

On the day when she wants to receive her God, she spends part of the morning thinking of temporal matters. If it is a man, he will be thinking about his deals and his sales. If it is a married woman, she will be thinking about her household and her children. If it is a young girl, her thoughts will be on her clothes.

If it is a boy, he will be dreaming about passing pleasures and so on. The lukewarm soul shuts God up in an obscure and ugly kind of prison. Its possessor does not crucify Him, but God can find little joy or consolation in his heart. All his dispositions proclaim that his poor soul is struggling for the breath of life.

After having received Holy Communion, this person will hardly give another thought to God in all the days to follow. His manner of life tells us that he did not know the greatness of the happiness which had been his.

A lukewarm Christian thinks very little upon the state of his poor soul and almost never lets his mind run over the past. If the thought of making any effort to be better crosses his mind at all, he believes that once he has confessed his sins, he ought to be perfectly happy and at peace. He assists at Holy Mass very much as he would at any ordinary activity. He does not think at all seriously of what he is doing and finds no trouble in chatting about all sorts of things while on the way there. Possibly he will not give a single thought to the fact that he is about to participate in the greatest of all the gifts that God, all-powerful as He is, could give us. He does give some thought to the needs of his own soul, yes, but a very small and feeble amount of thought indeed. Frequently he will even present himself before the presence of God without having any idea of what he is going to ask of Him. He has few scruples in cutting out, on the least pretext, the Asperges and the prayers before Mass. During the course of the service, he does not want to go to sleep, of course, and he is even afraid that someone might see him, but he does not do himself any violence all the same. He does not want, of course, to have distractions during prayer or during the Holy Mass, yet when he should put up some little fight against them, he suffers them very patiently, considering the fact that he does not like them. Fast days are reduced to practically nothing, either by advancing the time of the main meal or, under the pretext that Heaven was never taken by famine, by making the collation so abundant that it amounts to a full meal. When he performs good or beneficial actions, his intentions are often very mixed — sometimes it is to please someone, sometimes it is out of compassion, and sometimes it is just to please the world. With such people everything that is not a really serious sin is good enough. They like doing good, being faithful, but they wish that it did not cost them anything or, at least, that it cost very little. They would like to visit the sick, indeed, but it would be more convenient if the sick would come to them. They have something to give away in alms, they know quite well that a certain person has need of help, but they wait until she comes to ask them instead of anticipating her, which would make the kindness so very much more meritorious. We will even say, my brethren, that the person who leads a lukewarm life does not fail to do plenty of good works, to frequent the Sacraments, to assist regularly at all church services, but in all of this one sees only a weak, languishing faith, hope which the slightest trial will upset, a love of God and of neighbour which is without warmth or pleasure. Everything that such a person does is not entirely lost, but it is very nearly so.

See, before God, my brethren, on what side you are. On the side of the sinners, who have abandoned everything and plunge themselves into sin without remorse? On the side of the just souls, who seek but God alone? Or are you of the number of these slack, tepid, and indifferent souls such as we have just been depicting for you? Down which road are you travelling?

Who can dare assure himself that he is neither a great sinner nor a tepid soul but that he is one of the elect? Alas, my brethren, how many seem to be good Christians in the eyes of the world who are really tepid souls in the eyes of God, Who knows our inmost hearts….

Let us ask God with all our hearts, if we are in this state, to give us the grace to get out of it, so that we may take the route that all the saints have taken and arrive at the happiness that they are enjoying. That is what I desire for you….