Healthy and Great tasting Breads/Rolls



I have been on the hunt once again for a bread or roll – something that actually tastes like a bread.  I found a couple things here from “alldayidreamabout

Garlic Parmesan Knots   Really Good.  These are made with Mozzarella cheese as part of the dough.  I couldn’t believe it.  Never heard of it before, but wow, was it good.

MultiPurpose Low Carb Bread Recipe   – I made this as a pan bread, but it didn’t turn out the first time, so I made some rolls instead using this recipe and it turned out great.  I think the problem I had with the pan bread is that I did  not bake it long enough.

Chocolate Walnut Swirls – If you need something sort of sweet, this is the ticket.

Blueberry Loaf:

I can’t remember where I got this recipe.  too bad because it was very good, and I would really like to give the author of this recipe credit.  If I come across it again, I will be sure to let you know.


  • 1 1/2 cups almond flour
  • 1 tbsp coconut flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 7 tbsp truvia mix (or 7 tablespoons of your favorite sweetener like erythritol, monks fruit, etc.
  • 3 tbsp oil (I used avocado oil)
  • 4 tbsp heavy cream
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup blueberries


  • Preheat oven to 300 degrees
  • combine almond flour, coconut flour, baking powder, and 7 tbsp truvia mix
  • combine oil, heavy cream and vanilla
  • mix dry and wet ingredients together with a whisk.  batter will be thick
  • pour blueberries on top and gently fold into the batter
  • line a loaf pan with  parchment paper and spread the batter in evenly
  • bake for 1 hour and 10 minutes making sure to turn the loaf pan at about 30 minutes in
  • let cool

If you make mini muffins instead of the loaf bread, bake at 350 degrees for 10-13 minutes until tops are golden brown.

serves 8, 221 calories for bread

serves 24, 74 calories each for mini muffins

ok, this should give you something to try.  hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Best Fertilizer on the Planet


Unbelievable really, but Worm Castings are the greatest fertilizer on the planet and its FREE and Abundant.   Abundant if you have leaves or any other organic material laying around.  How cool is that.  I have decided to go back to using shredded leaves for my gardens.  I used to do it all the time, but then started mulching with the wood chips.   If you shred your leaves in the fall with the lawn mower, you are set to go.  just put the shredded leaves around your plants and use to cover them for winter as well.  Once spring comes around you will notice tons of earthworms in your soil.  I knew they were good, but not this good, until I read the article below.  So skip the synthetic stuff this year and try using leaves around your plants and see how well they do.  Would be great in your vegetable gardens as well.

What Are Worm Castings?
Worm castings are the material deposited by the earthworm after organic material passes through the digestive track of the worm. Essentially, we can call it “worm manure.” Worm castings are organic, nontoxic, and odorless and can be used as a high-power fertilizer on just about any plant in the garden!

Worm castings are a product manufactured by Mother Natures best soil tillers on Earth: the earthworm. Earthworms are fed and digest organic material. In its passage through the worm this organic material is beneficially altered both chemically and physically. The end product is an extremely powerful and fertile organic “super humus / organic fertilizer.” This humus contains all the elements and nutrients required of the earth for optimum plant nutrition and optimum growth.  Read more here. 

Another natural fertilizer is something called Milorganite.  Golf courses use this on their lawns to green them up and keep them tough.  Milorganite has also been used to deter the deer.  I used it around my vegetable plants last year and I also sprinkled this stuff around all of my flowers for added protection.

For decades, gardeners have reported that Milorganite has helped them to grow the biggest and tastiest tomatoes, the most succulent strawberries, and the crunchiest carrots. Milorganite can help you get the biggest haul of your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Milorganite’s slow-release organic nitrogen formula feeds plants evenly and gradually. This nurtures the roots, which in turn develop more robust stems and leaves. Other fertilizers force unnecessary top growth, which makes for skinny plants with reduced yields.

Apply at the proper rates and watch how Milorganite provides abundant nutrition, growing strong roots and great yields. Milorganite is safe to use in vegetable gardens, and complies with the most stringent EPA requirements. For additional information on Milorganite’s safety visit our Safety. more.

Happy Gardening and God Bless

I am going to post a few really great recipes for those who need to be grain free and sugar free.   will be up probably by tomorrow.

Feminine Genius



This term, Feminine Genius, was coined by St. John Paul II.  It struck me in a powerful way for several reasons.   One, women are generally not spoken about in this fashion.  Two, Women, it seems to me, are struggling with what their role is in the eyes of God and society.

I found these passages, in the book, “Saint John Paul the Great” very interesting and enlightening:  He wrote:

“….contemporary feminism finds its roots in the absence of true respect for woman.   Revealed truth teaches us something different.  …In our civilization woman has become, before all else, an object of pleasure.  It is very significant, on the other hand, that in the midst of this very situation the authentic theology of woman is being reborn.  The spiritual beauty, the particular genius, of women is being rediscovered.  

 In every Gospel episode involving meetings with women, they find their independence at Christ’s side.  The public sinner becomes a promised bride, a sister.image

He (Pope John Paul II) reminded women that “Men must be taught to love, and to love in a noble way; they must be educated in depth in this truth, that is, in the fact that a woman is a person and not simply an object.   

Feminism has helped change the face of our society in dramatic ways –

Feminism has stripped women of their dignity of Motherhood.  A great, great gift given to women to bear and nurture children.  Women who have many children are sometimes mocked; women who want to stay home and raise their children are not given the respect they deserve for such a challenging job such as this.  Women began to believe that in order to receive the respect they deserved they needed to look elsewhere for their fulfillment.   This is not to say that women should not work.  Women have always worked from the beginning of time.  But, we as women, should be proud of our gifts which were given to us, and to us alone.  We should not abandon the one true gift given to us because of how society looks at Motherhood.

In 1966, Betty Friedan and other prominent feminists formed the National Organization for Women (NOW). NOW became the umbrella organization for many feminist causes, uniting older, college-educated, predominantly white women. These second-wave feminists, such as Ms. magazine founder Gloria Steinem, pushed for access to the pill, abortion, equal employment opportunity, reduction of violence against women and more. Two years later, in 1968, the first national feminist conference took place in Chicago.

Anarcho-communist organizer Emma Goldman theorized and advocated for an integrated philosophy of women’s liberation, anti-capitalism and anti-authoritarianism. Aside from advocating free choice in sexual relations, she called for access to birth control. She served as a mentor to Margaret Sanger who went to found the American Birth Control League (which eventually became Planned Parenthood) and become an extremely visible advocate for access to family planning.

Some would say feminism is about basic human rights and that it’s just a modern social movement. The truth is, the feminist movement is neither modern nor social in its origin. At its roots are ancient, highly religious elements that are rarely, if ever, mentioned.

The spirit of radical feminism is the spirit of witchcraft and rebellion, the spirit manifested in Jezebel. It is the spirit which rejects God’s lawful order and authority and tries to usurp that authority to itself, as did Eve in the Garden of Eden. More

Feminism resulted in birth control (an abortafacient)  and from there abortion.  Then along came same-sex marriage.  What do all these have in common – little or no children.  Looking at China, they have a one-child policy.  However, just recently I do believe they have rescinded that and have gone to two children.  But, you notice that their one child policy also meant only boys would be tolerated.  If it was a girl, they were told to abort.   From this came an increase in divorce and the number of  single moms.

Note:  Abortifacient Birth Control Pills – more info here. 

The Birth Control Pill is the most popular and widely used method of hormonal contraception. It involves taking a month-long series of pills—three weeks of pills containing hormones, and one without. This allows the woman to have a menstrual period. The Pill contains two synthetic hormones, progestin and ethinyl estradiol and has three mechanisms: 1) it prevents ovulation, 2) thickens the cervical mucus, which makes it harder for sperm to enter the uterus and 3) affects the endometrium or lining of the womb to make it more hostile to implantation. This means the tiny developing baby (embryo) cannot attach to the uterine lining and dies, which is a very early abortion. Even so, they define this as “preventing pregnancy.

It is interesting when you think about what Lucia, the visionary of Fatima, had to say about the end times. She said:

Back in 1980 the one surviving visionary, Sister Lucy, wrote an important letter to imageMonsignor (now Cardinal) Carlo Caffarra. After Pope John Paul asked him to begin a new Pontifical Institute for studies on marriage and the family, Caffarra wrote to Sister Lucy, simply requesting her prayers for this venture. He has recently made known his surprise at receiving “a very long letter with her signature. . . . In it we find written: ‘The final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family. Don’t be afraid, because anyone who works for the sanctity of marriage and the family will always be contended and opposed in every way, for this is the decisive issue.’ And then she concluded: ‘however, Our Lady has already crushed its head.’”

This reassurance is encouraging, because fifteen years after Sister Lucia wrote that letter, Cardinal Luigi Ciappi (1909-1996), personal theological adviser to five popes, made a stunning disclosure about that part of the Fatima secret that the Vatican has never released (and which is evidently referenced by the enigmatic word “etc.” in the published part of Our Lady’s message). His Eminence, one of the few persons who had seen the complete secret, wrote in a 1995 letter to Professor Baumgartner of Salzburg: “In the Third Secret it is predicted, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top.”     More here

So here we are.  We are now in the great battle in regards to marriage and family.  Pope John Paul II, who was well aware of what was happening, knew that he needed to encourage women in their rightful roles given to them by God.  He knew satan was attacking the family and marriage, but more specifically women.  He wrote a letter to women, on the dignity and rights of the woman, which can be found here.

Lucia  said that the great apostasy in the church will begin at the top.  well, that seems to clarify matters as well.   Pope Francis with his Synod on the Family and his Exhortation is definitely confirmation of all that Lucia spoke of in regard to the Blessed Mothers warnings.

Here is a letter from Alice von Hildebrand which also corroborates the above.

Dear Father,

I think the following two conversations, which I recall very well from the 1960s, are of particular interest now, in these deeply troubled times half a century later. For they apparently corroborate Cardinal Ciappi’s testimony that part of Our Lady’s Fatima secret was the shocking prediction that the great apostasy in the Church would begin “at the top.” More here.

So now lets look at another part of this story.  We know satan is waging war against women in order to destroy marriages, the family, and the Church.   The Blessed Mother had this to say to a Spanish Conceptionist Nun, Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres in the late 1500’s.

Thus, I make it known to you that from the end of the 19th century and from shortly after the middle of the 20th century…the passions will erupt and there will be a total corruption of morals, for Satan will reign almost completely through the Masonic sects. They will focus principally on the children in order to sustain this general corruption. Woe to the children of these times! It will be difficult to receive the Sacrament of Baptism and also the Sacrament of Confirmation. They will receive the Sacrament of Confession only if they remain in Catholic schools, for the Devil will make a great effort to destroy it through persons in position of authority. The same thing will happen with the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Alas! How deeply I grieve to manifest to you the many enormous sacrileges – both public as well as secret – that will occur from profanation of the Holy Eucharist… My Most Holy Son will see Himself cast upon the ground and trampled upon by filthy feet… Often, during this epoch the enemies of Jesus Christ, instigated by the Devil, will steal consecrated Hosts from the churches so that they might profane the Eucharistic Species… The Sacrament of Extreme Unction will be little valued. Many people will die without receiving it… As for the Sacrament of Matrimony, which symbolizes the union of Christ with His Church, it will be attacked and deeply profaned. Freemasonry, which will then be in power, will enact iniquitous laws with the aim of doing away with this sacrament, making it easy for everyone to live in sin and encouraging the procreation of illegitimate children born without the blessing of the Church… Added to this will be the effects of secular education, which will be one reason for the death of priestly and religious vocations. The Sacrament of Holy Orders will be ridiculed… The Devil will try to persecute the ministers of the Lord in every possible way; he will labor with cruel and subtle astuteness to deviate them from the spirit of their vocation and will corrupt many of them. These depraved priests, who will scandalize the Christian people, will make the hatred of bad Catholics and the enemies of the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church fall upon all priests… Unhappy times will come wherein those who should fearlessly defend the rights of the Church will instead, blinded despite the light, give their hand to the Church’s enemies and do their bidding. But when [evil]seems triumphant and when authority abuses its power, committing all manner of injustice and oppressing the weak, their ruin shall be near. They will fall and crash to the ground. Infiltration of the Catholic Church here.

imageThe masons are behind the feminist movement, changes in the Church Liturgy and norms and infiltrating the Church itself.  so in regards to the Church, how did the masons plan on using women for their own end such as Eucharistic Ministers and Altar Servers The Masonic Plan for the Destruction of the Catholic Church are 33 directives of the Grand Master of the Masons to all the Catholic Bishops, effective since 1962.  All Mason brethren will have to report on the progress of these crucial provisions.  Revised in October 1993 as a progressive plan for the final stage  All masons employed in the Church must welcome them and carry them out.   See article here.

No. 29 states:

29. Have the distributing of Communion done by women and lay people. You say that this is the time of the laity. Begin with giving Communion in the hand, as do the Protestants, rather than on the tongue. Explain that Christ did it the same way. All directives here. 

Martyr and Saint Cardinal John Fisher
“Times of flowering or collapse within the history of the Church were always associated with the handling of the Holy Eucharist.” (1835)

At 16 years of age, Anneliese Michel (d 1976, incorrupt) was suddenly afflicted with demonic possession. The local Bishop ordered an exorcism. These are details and revelations given by demons during a series of exorcisms performed from August 14,1975 to March 30, 1978. The demons were Akabor, Allida, Judas Iscariot, Veroba and Beelzebub. The excerpts confirm the existence of the imposter pope and also mention other subjects. Speaking through the possessed woman the demons were forced to tell the truth by Our Lady under the Solemn Church exorcism. The demon was forced to give the following account. here.

Women we have been used.    However, by the Grace of God, we can change this.    God has a very special plan for Women and Men.  Our roles are distinct and in today’s world they have been totally blended together.  God created us equal, but with different roles.

Blessings to all.

More Miracles

Its nice to know God is still about His business – miracles are a reality even though many do not really believe that God does work that way – but, He doesn’t perform miracles just for our pleasure, it is for a reason.  I came across a video the other day where a woman in Fresno, California has a statue of the Blessed Mother crying tears.  You can actually see it on this video.  ABC News did a story on it here.  It has been occurring for the past 1 1/2 years.  Some news outlets are suggesting that it is because of the Synod on the Family which began 1 1/2 years ago.  I don’t know, but she is crying for a serious reason, I am sure.

As long as we are on this subject, I am happy to report a few other miracles that occurred in Medjugorje with my family.  They were there over Divine Mercy Sunday.  There is a statue of Jesus – the Risen Christ about 30 feet high.  This statue has been exuding a liquid of either water, oil or blood for approx 15 years now.  It flows from His knees and many miracles have been reported when this liquid is applied to the persons area of infirmity.

It just so happens that both my mother and sister applied this substance on themselves imageand they both had a miraculous healing.   Many blessings have come from their trip and one such blessing was the fact that one of the women, who sees the Blessed Mother, and is friends with the Visionarys, saw our Dad, who passed away a few months ago, with the Blessed Mother walking up Cross Mountain with them.  Apparently, he was there the whole time that they were there.  While in the Visionarys home praying,  dad and the Blessed Mother walked in and gave mom a kiss.  She said she didn’t feel anything, but each time she wanted to cry.  So, she then asked if she could at least “feel him” next time.  At Mass, she felt someone put their hand on her shoulder and their fingers kind of like messaged her neck area.  She turned around to see who would be doing that to her, and there was no one.  She then realized, it was most likely Dad.

Upon returning home she went to Target to get her pictures taken off her digital camera.  On the screen, showing all the pictures, their appeared a huge image in the center of all of the other pictures.  This image was the Blessed Mother with her arms outstretched, dressed in blue with 12 stars around her head.  The clerk turned and looked at mom like “what the heck”.  They were both stunned.  This image was not on moms camera.   Another image, the first picture that was developed was another image not taken by mom.  This was of the Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus covering our brother, Dan, who has the cancer.  imageThis was the exact image that was seen by the tour guide, who sees the Blessed Mother, when she was praying for Dan.  My mother was in the visionary’s home taking pictures (you see those pictures on the wall), but that picture never came through.  This did instead.

We, of course, are still fasting and praying for Dan with hopes that God will heal him.  Of Course, we never know God’s plan and we just accept His will in this matter.   Its probably a miracle that he is still alive.  Some people have said this is a reflection.  But that is impossible.  Dan was in the room with my mother taking pictures and never sat down.  There also was not a candle in the room.  and the bench he is sitting on here is outside, not in the home.  We have great peace knowing that Jesus and Mary are taking care of Dan.

If you ever get a chance to go to Medjugorje you should go.  No one ever leaves empty handed.  They all receive graces.  It is a beautiful, peaceful sanctuary where everyone is so kind and loving.

God Bless all of you

Gardening Alert!!!!


My husband brought something to my attention not too long ago, and it is in regard to an insecticide being used for insect control, that may be killing our Bumble Bees.  I have an excellent research article here for you to look at if you are interested.  It is very likely that many of us are using some of these products that are killing off our bees.  We need the bees to pollinate our food so lets not use these chemicals anymore.  Please let others know as well.

Last year when I was purchasing some plants at some of the big box stores, I noticed a tag in the pot saying that they were sprayed with this chemical.  They were used on all of the knockout roses so I did not buy any last year.


Clearly Documented Factsimage

Exposure of bees to neonicotinoids

  • ӧ  Neonicotinoid residues found in pollen and nectar are consumed by flower-visiting insects such as bees. Concentrations of residues can reach lethal levels in some situations.
  • ӧ  Neonicotinoids can persist in soil for months or years after a single application. Measurable amounts of res- idues were found in woody plants up to six years after application.
  • ӧ  Untreated plants may absorb chemical residues in the soil from the previous year.

ӧ  Products approved for home and garden use may be applied to ornamental and landscape plants, as well as turf, at significantly higher rates.  Read article here.  


Examples of Neonicotinoid Products Used in the United States


Registered use in the United States

Product trademark names


Turf, Ornamental, Residential


Application as foliar spray for leafy veg- etables, fruiting vegetables, cole crops, citrus fruits, pome fruits, grapes, cotton, and ornamental plants and flowers.

Assail Tristar

Ortho Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Insect Killer

Ortho Rose and Flower Insect Killer


Seed treatment, application as foliar spray or soil drench for a variety of field and tree crops, also for turf and a vari- ety of ornamental trees and flowers

Arena Poncho Clutch Belay

Bayer Advanced All-in-One Rose &

Flower Care granules
Green Light Grub Control with Arena


Application as soil drench or foliar spray to leafy and fruiting vegetables, turf, and ornamental plants.

Also used as bait or granules in buildings for cockroach control.

Venom Scorpion

Green Light Tree & Shrub Insect Control with Safari 2 G

Zylam 20SG Systemic Turf Insecticide


Application as seed dressing, soil drench, granules, injection, or spray to a wide range of field and tree crops, as well as ornamental plants, trees, and turf.

(Also, topical use on pets for flea control and application to buildings for termite control.)

Admire Gaucho Imicide Provado Macho Malice Sepresto Widow Wrangler

Bayer Advanced 3-in-1 Insect, Disease, & Mite Control

Bayer Advanced 12 Month Tree & Shrub Insect Control

Bayer Advanced 12 Month Tree & Shrub Protect & Feed

Bayer Advanced Fruit, Citrus & Vegetable Insect Control

Bayer Advanced All-in-One Rose & Flower Care concentrate

DIY Tree Care Products Multi-Insect Killer Ferti-lome 2-N-1 Systemic
Hi-Yield Systemic Insect Spray

Knockout Ready-To-Use Grub Killer Lesco Bandit

Monterey Once a Year Insect Control II Ortho Bug B Gon Year-Long Tree & Shrub

Insect Control
Orhto MAX Tree & Shrub Insect Control Surrender Brand GrubZ Out


Application as foliar spray to cotton and pome fruit crops.



Application as seed dressing, soil drench, injection, granules, or foliar spray to a wide range of field crops, as well as ornamental plants and turf.

Actara Adage Crusier Centric Platinum

Maxide Dual Action Insect Killer Meridian

Sources for registered use information (column 2): EPA 2002; EPA 2003a; EPA 2003b; EPA 2004

Eucharistic Miracle in Poland


Eucharistic Miracles also reveal that the Price or Cost to merit the Eucharist for us, WAS THE MOST BLOODY AND TERRIBLE SUFFERING OF OUR LORD IN HIS SACRED PASSION, a suffering which HE HAD TO UNDERGO out of Divine Justice on account of the Mortal Sins of mankind. For even if only 1 of us had committed 1 mortal sin, Our Lord in justice would have had to suffer the Passion and die, to make atonement for it! Thus, how horrible it is, when a Pope de facto authorizes the concession of Communion to those in mortal sin to the scandal of the whole world. Note that this miracle took place just before Pope Francis allowed Cardinal Kasper, in a Consistory of Cardinals, to propose his vile heresy, that claims the Eucharist can be given to those living in adultery. Read article here.