The Sight of Hell


imageLast night I read an article by a Priest who related what some of the saints saw when they were shown what Hell was really like.  It blew me away so much that I went to bed thinking about it, woke up thinking about it, and thought about it all day today.  In fact, I think I will print it out and keep it by me the next time I am tempted to commit sin.

It is Good Friday today and it really struck me because what we celebrate today is the fact that Jesus died a horrendous death so that we would be saved from going to Hell.   His sufferings were so intensely great, which I shudder when I think about, but after reading about Hell, I shudder all the more.

III. How Far is it to Hell?image
We know how far it is to the middle of the earth. It is just four thousand miles. So if hell is in the middle of the earth, it is four thousand miles to the horrible prison of hell.
It is time now to do what St. Augustine bids us. He says: “Let us go down to hell while we live, that we may not have to go down to hell when we die.” If we go and look at that terrible prison, where those who commit mortal sin are punished, we shall be afraid to commit mortal sin. If we do not commit mortal sin, we shall not go to hell.

I am so amazed at how truly blinded we have become and rather immune to what Jesus did for us and what He saved us from, if we want to be saved.

Reading this article, I can assure you, all of those people who are now in Hell, who maybe didn’t believe in Hell or didn’t really think they would go to Hell, or perhaps because they hated God that much,  can and would tell you how truly horrific it is and the worst part, to me anyway, is that it is forever and ever and ever.  Never does the torture stop.  Never.  Why would we want that…..

No One Can Say There is No Hell
Let the sinner know that he will be tortured throughout all eternity, in those senses which he made use of to sin. I am writing this at the command of God, so that no soul may find an excuse by saying there is no hell, or that nobody has ever been there, and so no one can say what it is like…how terribly souls suffer there! Consequently, I pray even more fervently for the conversion of sinners. I incessantly plead God’s mercy upon them. O My Jesus, I would rather be in agony until the end of the world, amidst the greatest sufferings, than offend you by the least sin.” (Diary 741)

We have been so blinded by satan, just like Adam and Eve.  We are being told we won’t go to hell, that we are good enough, etc.  We don’t have to follow the commandments because God is merciful and He will understand.  Wow..  I know, I believed it once myself.  However, reading about this, it all came flooding back to me how by the pure Mercy of God I was saved one day.  I knew I had one foot in Hell and if I didn’t radically change my life, that would be my eternal place and its not a resting place to be sure.

I don’t know why Hell has to be so so  bad and why it has to be for forever, but it is.  God is Merciful but also Just.  He begs us day after day after day to come back to Him and He will forgive us if we would only humble ourselves and merely ask for His forgiveness and be given another chance.   Truly, once you read it, you will agree with me that no sin, no matter how small or how big is ever worth even one lousy minute in hell.  Never!

I fear for the souls of all those who have turned their backs on God or who do not believe in God.  I fear for those who walk around in mortal sin but yet think they love God and are ok. Oh my, satan has pulled the wool over our eyes to the extent that we are trading Heaven for Hell just because we want to do our own thing and not be in union with God.

When you read this and then think how Jesus took the cross upon himself for us and was brutally beat and killed, just to save us from ourselves, we can see how much He must really love us and will do anything to save us.image

I, for one, really need to Thank God every single day for saving my soul from going down into the pit and I think you will too, once you see what would have been your destiny as well,  had Jesus not come to take our sins upon Himself.  However, that is not enough.  We have to do our part and obey His LAW, not our law or what we think we can do to be saved. Truly I can’t beg people enough to ask for His light so that the blinders can be removed.

V. The First Look Into Hell
When the gates of hell had been opened, St. Francis, with her angel, went forward. She stood on the edge of the abyss. She saw a sight so terrible that it cannot be told. She saw that the size of hell was immense. Neither in height, nor in depth, nor in length, nor in breadth, could she see any end of it. Is. xxxiv. None shall ever pass through it. She saw that hell was divided into three immense places. These three places were at a great distance from one another. There was an upper hell, and a middle hell, and a lower hell. Wisd. 17. “Night came upon them from the lowest and deepest hell.” She saw that in the upper hell, the torments were very grevious. In the middle hell they were still more terrible. In the lowest hell the torments were above all understanding. When she had looked into this terrible place, her blood was frozen with fright!
VI. Fire
Now look into hell and see what she saw. Look at the floor of hell. It is red hot like red hot iron. Streams of burning pitch and sulfur run through it. Is. xxxiv The floor blazes up to the roof. Look at the walls, the enormous stones are red hot; sparks of fire are always falling down from them. Lift up your eyes to the roof of hell; it is like a sheet of blazing fire. Sometimes when you get up on a winter’s morning, you see the country filled with a great thick fog. Hell is filled with a fog of fire. In some parts of the world torrents of rain come down which sweep away trees and houses. In hell, torrents, not of rain, but of fire and brimstone, are rained down. Ps. x. “The Lord shall rain down on sinners fire and brimstone.” Storms of hail stones come down on the earth and break the windows in pieces. But in hell the hail stones are thunder bolts, red hot balls of fire. Job xli. God shall send thunder bolts against him. See that great whirlwind of fire sweeping across hell. Storms of wind shall be the portion of their cup. Ps. X. Look how floods of fire roll themselves through hell like the waves of the sea. The wicked are sunk down and buried in the fiery sea of destruction and perdition. I Tim. vi. You may have seen a house on fire. But you never saw a house made of fire. Hell is a house made of fire. The fire of hell burns the devils who are spirits, for it was prepared for them. Matt. xxv. So it will burn the soul as well as the body. Take a spark out of the kitchen fire, throw it into the sea, and it will go out. Take a little spark out of hell, less than a pin-head, throw it into the ocean, it will not go out. In one moment it would dry up all the waters of the ocean, and set the whole world ablaze. Wisd. xvi. The fire, above its power, burnt in the midst of water. Set a house or town on fire. Perhaps the fire may burn for a week, or a month, but it will go out at last. But the fire of hell will never go out; it will burn forever. It is unquenchable fire. Mat. iv. St. Teresa says that the fire on the earth is only a picture of the fire of hell. Fire on earth gives light. But it is not so in hell. In hell the fire is dark.

XIII. What the Devil does in Hell
1. Temptation.
Job.xli. He beholdeth every high thing, he is king over all the children of pride.
As the devil is king of hell, he does two things. First, he gives his orders to the other devils about tempting people in the world. Without his leave, no one in hell can stir hand or foot. Millions and millions of devils are always round him, waiting for his orders. Every day he sends wicked spirits, whose numbers cannot be counted, into Europe, Asia, Africa, America, into every country, and town, and village, and house, and to every human creature. He sends them for temptation and the ruin of souls. He tells each devil whom he must tempt, what he must do, and when he must come back. St. Francis saw that when these devils came back, if they had not made people commit sin, they were cruelly beaten. When a child is tempted, how little it thinks that the temptation has been got ready in hell, that there is a devil at its side who has brought the temptation, and this devil is breathing the temptation into its heart, and trying to make it do what the bad company wants it to do.
XIV. 2 — Judgment
As the devil is king of hell, he is also judge. When a soul comes into hell, condemned by the judgment of God, he executes the judgment. He fixes whereabouts in hell the soul is to be, how it is to be tormented, and what devils are to torment it. In a moment you will see his judgment on a soul.
XV. A Soul Coming into Hell
St. Francis saw souls coming into hell after they had been condemned by the judgment of God. They came with letters of fire written on their foreheads. Apoc.xii. He shall make all, both little and great, have a character on their forehead. On their foreheads were written the names of the sins for which they had been condemned in hell. Blaspheming, or impurity, or stealing, or drunkenness, or not hearing Mass on Sundays, or not going to the Sacraments. As soon as any of the souls came to the gates of hell, the devils went and seized hold of it. Job xx. The terrible ones shall go and come down upon him. But what sort of devils took hold of these souls? The prophet Daniel saw one of them. He says, chapter vii.”I beheld, in a vision by night, a beast, terrible and wonderful, and exceeding strong. It had great iron teeth, eating and breaking in pieces, and treading down the rest with its teeth. How do the devils take hold of these souls? As the lions in Babylon took hold of those who were thrown into their den.
When the people were thrown over the wall into the den, the lions opened their mouths and roared, and caught the people in their mouths and crushed them, even before they had fallen to the ground. So is a soul received by the devils when it comes to hell.

Jez. xxiii. In the latter days you shall understand these things.
Now look at those little doors all round the walls of hell. They are little rooms or dungeons where sinners are shut up. We will go and look at some of them.
XXIV. The Dungeons of Hell
The First Dungeon – A Dress of Fire
Job xxxvii. Are not thy garments hot? Come into this room. You see it is very small. But see, in the midst of it there is a girl, perhaps about eighteen years old. What a terrible dress she has on — her dress is made of fire. On her head she wears a bonnet of fire. It is pressed down close all over her head; it burns her head; it burns into the skin; it scorches the bone of the skull and makes it smoke. The red hot fiery heat goes into the brain and melts it. Ezech. xxii. I will burn you in the fire of my wrath; you shall be melted in the midst thereof as silver is melted in the fire. You do not, perhaps, like a headache. Think what a headache that girl must have. But see more. She is wrapped up in flames, for her frock is fire. If she were on earth she would be burnt to a cinder in a moment. But she is in hell, where fire burns everything, but burns nothing away. There she stands burning and scorched; there she will stand for ever burning and scorched! She counts with her fingers the moments as they pass away slowly, for each moment seems to her like a hundred years. As she counts the moments she remembers that she will have to count them for ever and ever.
When that girl was alive she never thought about God or her soul. She cared only for one thing; and that was dress! Instead of going to Mass on Sundays, she went about the town and the parks to show off her dress. She disobeyed her father and mother by going to dancing-houses and all kinds of bad places to show off her dress. And now her dress is her punishment. For by what things a man sinneth, by the same also is he tormented. Wisd. xi.
XXV. The Second Dungeon
The Deep Pit

Luke xvi. It came to pass that the rich man also died, and he was buried in the fire of hell. Think of a coffin, not made of wood, but of fire, solid fire! And now come into this other room. You see a pit, a deep almost bottomless pit. Look down it and you will see something red hot and burning. It is a coffin, a red hot coffin of fire. A certain man is lying, fastened in the inside of that coffin of fire. You might burst open a coffin made of iron; but that coffin made of solid fire never can be burst open. There that man lies and will lie for ever in the firey coffin. It burns him from beneath. The sides of it scorch him. The heavy burning lid on the top presses down close upon him. The horrible heat in the inside chokes him; he pants for breath; he cannot breathe; he cannot bear it; he gets furious. He gathers up his knees and pushes out his hands against the top of the coffin to burst it open. His knees and hands are fearfully burnt by the red hot lid. No matter, to be choked is worse. He tries with all his strength to burst open the coffin. He cannot do it. He has no strength remaining. He gives it up and sinks down again. Again the horrible choking. Again he tries; again he sinks down; so he will go on for ever and ever! This man was very rich. Instead of worshiping God, he worshipped his money. Morning, noon and night, he thought about nothing but his money. He was clothed in purple and fine linen. He feasted sumptuously every day. He was hard-hearted to the poor. He let a poor man die at his door, and would not even give him the crumbs that fell from his table. When he came into hell the devil mocked him, saying: What did pride profit you, or what advantage did the boasting of riches bring you; all those things have passed away like a shadow. Then the devil’s sentence was that since he was so rich in the world, he should be very poor in hell, and have nothing but a narrow, burning coffin.

Read the entire article here.  and then please pass it on.  we don’t want a single soul to have to perish.  This truly terrifies me.

We need to pray for our family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, the world.  What a horrible end to man.  One day we see them having great fun in the world, then they die and their judgment is for all eternity – Heaven or Hell.

Remember Mercy Sunday is next Sunday.  By going to confession within 8 days of next imageSunday, doing works of mercy and receiving communion you will then be white as snow, as though you were just baptized.  All sin is removed from your soul as well as all punishment due to those sins.  The greatest act of Mercy.  Can you imagine if you have years worth of mortal sins on your soul – the amount of atonement (suffering) that is necessary to atone for each of those.  ALOT.  Take Advantage of God’s Mercy before His day of Justice comes.  We don’t know the hour that we shall pass from this earth.

When did Jesus make this promise and how does one get it? Jesus left all the details in a diary that He commanded Saint Faustina to write in the 1930s. It was her job to record everything that He wanted mankind to know about His mercy before He returns to judge the world. To get this great promise one has to go to Confession and then receive Holy Communion on that Feast of Divine Mercy, which has now been called Divine Mercy Sunday throughout the whole Church. Jesus said, whomever approaches the Fountain of Life on this day will be granted complete forgiveness of sins and punishment. (Diary, 300) To receive Communion worthily one should be in the state of grace and without serious sin.

How many today receive Holy Communion with souls stained with mortal sins? When a person receives the true Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus in Holy Communion without first going to Confession to cleanse their souls, that soul is going even deeper into sin. Many have not confessed their sins in a long time so this special promise of a complete pardon is an incentive to come to Jesus, with trust, before He returns again to judge the world.

In Saint Faustina’s diary, she recorded that Jesus also indicated that He Himself is right there in the confessional. Jesus told her, “When you approach the confessional, know this, that I Myself am waiting there for you. I am only hidden by the priest, but I Myself act in your soul. Here the misery of the soul meets the God of mercy. Tell souls that from this fount of mercy souls draw graces solely with the vessel of trust. If their trust is great, there is no limit to My generosity.” (1602)  More here.

Sr. Faustina’s vision of Hell here.

Have a Blessed Easter!

How to grow in the Divine Will

My last posting was in regard to living in the Divine Will – but, I didn’t really talk about how to get there.  It is something that we do by degrees, not all at once.

First of all, Jesus did say “be perfect as I am perfect”  so I guess there is a real possibility that we can be perfected….it just takes a little time.  It may take our whole life depending on how willing we are to live in His Divine Will and how willing we are to walk through all the trials and temptations that will come our way.

Adam and Eve dropped the ball when they gave into the temptation to disobey God.  So Obedience is a huge virtue when it comes to living in the Divine Will.

So you can see why the evil one is always trying to tempt us into disobeying the commandments given to us by God, In big things and little things.   How many of us have fallen this way….deciding we don’t really need to keep holy the Sabbath day (going to Mass), becoming envious of others, lying, not going to confession, gossiping, becoming angry and impatient with others and the list goes on and on.

There are seven primary virtues that help us on this journey and they are Faith, Hope, Charity, Humility, Patience, Perseverence, and Obedience.  The degree that we are obedient in all things is an indication of how humble we are.

So let’s say you know you are really struggling with Patience and you begin to ask God to help you in this area.  Very soon and I mean soon you will notice that there will be many occassions where you will be able to practice this virtue.  God hears your prayers and the only way to grow in a virtue is to be tested and tried in it many, many times.

You really need to kind of work at one thing at a time, but to tell you the truth if you really wanted to get off to a very fast start, ask for Humility.  By being tested in humility you will start to grow in all of the other virtues as well.

When others start to insult you or persecute you or accuse you of things which are not true, you will be practicing charity, faith, hope, Perseverence, patience and obedience, depending on the trial you are faced with.

The tough part here is that when you are going through some of these situations we often times become so hurt that we forget that we asked God to allow us these situations so we might grow closer to HIM.

I know it takes me awhile to remember and to settle down long enough to thank God for the incident.  But it really can be tough.  We don’t get to pick what kind of situation….it is up to God to decide because He knows best what type of trial will help us to grow in that particular virtue.  We can’t complain….and I have certainly done my share of complaining.

God knows that it is going to take time so He is very patient with us and He knows that for awhile we may kick and scream and complain but He will gently lead us back and help us get back up again.   Whatever you do, don’t berate yourself and kick yourself because that is pride.  We should all expect to fail time and time again.  All God is asking is that we keep trying.

You do however have to want to love God, converse with Him, and start practicing being silent and contemplating Him.  When He sees that you are really trying and are at least obeying the Ten Commandments He gave us, He sees that we are serious.  If we are lukewarm and don’t really care and just want to do our own thing and not sacrifice then you won’t get there.

I have found that fasting really does help us because we are denying our own desires.  When I fast on bread and water my clarity deepens and it is so much easier to hear the Holy Spirit speak.  I have a horrible time fasting on bread and water because I can’t really have bread so I have to find a type of bread product that will work for me, like muffins or scones that are gluten free.

Fasting is powerful so just start by fasting for one meal a day and work your way up to two meals and three.  Twice weekly is all that the Lord is really asking us to do.  The days that we are asked to fast on are Wednesday’s and Friday’s.

Do your best and God will do the rest.

Blessings to all of you.



The Faith of a Mustard Seed


Years ago when I first began reading the Bible I read this verse:

if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you. Matthew 17:10

And in Genesis 1:26-29  I was even more intrigued when I was reading that God created us to have dominion over the earth and all that was on the earth…..

“Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.  So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.  And God blessed them, and God said to them, Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth

There were times where I would test this Scripture verse…by mustering all the faith I could possibly muster and command the wind to die down….Nothing happened. I would try again and again; each time nothing happened. I would sit and talk to the Lord about this verse and ask Him how does one get enough faith to move a mountain? “I thought, we were created to have dominion over all the earth weren’t we?

I could never figure it out,  but just this morning I had that aha moment where everything finally clicked.  I finally get it.

image What I came to realize is that it has everything to do with being in God’s Divine Will.  I think I can say that none of us are living in God’s Divine Will at the moment because I don’t know of anyone moving mountains and uprooting trees….Luisa Piccarreta wrote about this when she said the following:


Do you know what this means?   It means that when Adam and Eve were created and were put in the Garden of Eden they were given the Divine Gifts of God, they were given dominion over all created things but lost all of that because of SIN.  They were no longer in God’s Divine Will.  Adam and Eve were born without sin, just like the Blessed Mother.  The only three people in all of creation who were born without sin and who lived in the Divine Will of God.  However, Adam and Eve lost their gifts once they disobeyed God – they failed the test which God had given them to see if they were worthy of these Divine Gifts.  The Blessed Mother, on the other hand, passed the test that was given to her and so she, who lives in the Divine Will, has the power of dominion over all created things.

We too could have this.  God intended for all of us to have these Divine Gifts – to share in His Divinity.  But, until we let go of our own human wills we will never, ever share in these beautiful gifts.  We are saying NO to God every time we sin.  We are also saying No to God when we sense we should do something good but we do not do it because we are lazy or its not something we are interested in doing.  Even now when the Blessed Mother has been coming to various regions of the world giving us lessons on how we should be living – but we do not do it, we are grieving the Lord.

That brings me to the next point.  God was very sad when Adam and Eve failed the test and so He was determined to bring about this Garden of Eden once again for all of His children; but, in the meantime, He created Mary who would be given the grace, like Adam and Eve, to be born without sin.  She was asked to give up her will and accept God’s will for her life.  She accepted and did just that.  God’s plan was for Mary to be our Spiritual Mother and lead us and teach us how to live in the Divine Will – to gather us under her mantle and bring us to Jesus with pure hearts.  She would be our mentor.  Once she gathers all of her children, the New Kingdom will come once again where we will reign with a new purity.  We will live in the Divine Will and shall inherit what was once lost through the sin of Adam and Eve.  This is what is called the “New Era of Peace”.  That is why we are going through these tribulations and being purified.  We must die to self so that we might live.  We must die to all that we desire and want and hand over our wills in exchange for God’s Divine Will.  As you can see, Adam and Eve had to leave once they sinned and disobeyed God.  We must all be obedient in all things to God.  This is going to take a lot of purification of ourselves. We are now being given the same test as the Blessed Mother – God is asking us to exchange our wills for His Divine Will.  Will we pass the test?  Jesus prayed, before He ascended into Heaven the Our Father prayer which says:   ” Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done, On Earth as it is in Heaven”. Thats what it means…God’s will shall be done, on earth as it is in heaven once we enter the new Era of Peace.

Isaiah: 13:9-13…..See, the day of the Lord is coming
—a cruel day, with wrath and fierce anger—
to make the land desolate
and destroy the sinners within it.
10 The stars of heaven and their constellations
will not show their light.
The rising sun will be darkened
and the moon will not give its light.
11 I will punish the world for its evil,
the wicked for their sins.
I will put an end to the arrogance of the haughty
and will humble the pride of the ruthless.
12 I will make people scarcer than pure gold,
more rare than the gold of Ophir.
13 Therefore I will make the heavens tremble;
and the earth will shake from its place
at the wrath of the Lord Almighty,
in the day of his burning anger.

but then once we have been purified and enter into the new Era of Peace, Isaiah says this:

Isaiah 11:6-9

After the Storm
After the Storm

The Wolf shall dwell with the lamb,
and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat,
and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together;
and a little child shall lead them.
7 The cow and the bear shall graze;
their young shall lie down together;
and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.
8 The nursing child shall play over the hole of the cobra,
and the weaned child shall put his hand on the adder’s den.
9They shall not hurt or destroy
in all my holy mountain;
for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord
as the waters cover the sea.

I look forward to the time I can calm the winds; command all the bugs to leave me alone and live in peace with all animals and humanity with no sickness or diseases.  This should make you excited and want to start calling out to God to help you know and live in His Divine Will.  It sure makes me hopeful and very excited.

Be calm in regard to your spirit and always confide completely in Jesus.  Make an effort to always conform to the Divine Will in everything, in pleasure, and in adversity.  Don’t worry about tomorrow (Padre Pio).

Blessings to all of you.

A Time of Testing

Hello Again –image

I have needed to take a little break this month but today I am feeling the need to write about something.  Lent – and how it is truly a time of testing for each one of us.  We are always told what a great gift lent is….ok, so yes it is a great gift, but I have always been a little nervous because that seemed to be the time I would have to endure my greatest hardships.  This lenten season is no different.   Just different kinds of sufferings.

I was reading something the other day and it spoke of how lent is really a time to dig deep into ourselves and look at our faults so that we may grow.  Many times the Lord allows certain things to occur in our lives so that we do just that.  He is not interested in hurting us but rather to watch us rise up from the ashes, to persevere in all of our trials and to become perfect as He is perfect.  All is grace and we have every means available to us to become perfect with His grace and His help if we want it and ask for it.  For a good article on this go here.

When you read Scripture you will notice how God tested all of His people throughout the ages…He tested Adam and Eve.  He needed to see if they could be trusted and worthy of His gifts and graces He wanted to bestow upon them.  Would they be faithful to Him and not fall away when tempted or when adversity struck them.  All of us will be tested in this way.  Adam and Eve failed the test.

Abraham passed the test when he was asked to offer his son Isaac to God.  He was not happy about it but He trusted God and was about to carry out the command given to him.  He, in turn, was trusted with great things after that.  He was rewarded.   Job was tested – he had wealth and health and a big, happy family.  It was all taken away from him.  He did not fall into sin though – He argued with his friends that these things did not occur because of any sin on his part.  He, too, was rewarded once the time of trial was over.

imageAll the Apostles were tested through many hardships, persecutions, beatings, hunger, etc.  They too passed the test – but the biggest test of all was when Jesus was handed over to be crucified.  Did they stick with him or were they afraid and run away.  Did they trust in His words….Peter denied him three times, Judas betrayed Him, and the others ran away, except for John and the Blessed Mother and some other Holy Women who followed Him to the Cross.  After that however, with new graces poured into their souls, they followed in His bloody footsteps and passed every test.

The Israelites were tested when they were led out of Egypt into the desert.  They had to leave all behind (attachments) and rely totally on the Mercy of God.  Some passed the test, others did not.   This is where we are.

Suffering is a huge test for every one of us.  No one likes to suffer or become gravely ill or watch their loved ones suffer.  But, I tell you truly, this is a test.  I remember a number of years ago when I was suffering from terrible back problems.  One minute I would be in a average amount of pain, and the next minute I was struck with unbearable pains for no reason whatsoever.  How many times I would tell the Lord ” do what you want with me, I am not going to leave you, no matter what you do to me”.  This had to have been a grace that was given to me because I was sincerely trying to amend my life and atone for all of my past sins.  I was determined.

We had a small business we were starting from home which was flourishing at the time and I thought, well since I have amended my life things should go pretty well.  No such luck, it was during lent when everything dried up overnight.  I couldn’t believe it and was asking the Lord, why in the hec would things get worse when I am trying to get better.  Then other problems ensued – they never stopped.  Things went from bad to worse and I couldn’t fathom or understand why.  I complained much to the Lord about this but He never let up.

Whenever I thought for sure things could not get any worse, they did.  Much worse, until I was a pile of tears.  There were times when I did tell the Lord, enough is enough.  I am done and I am no longer going to continue down this path.  But, by the grace of God, I never gave up- but desperately wanted to.

When you want to follow God you will be tested with everything imaginable.  You will want to save souls and suffer for them.  Your zeal will increase daily and you will soon learn to have joy in all of your sufferings.

You will be allowed to be persecuted, tormented, insulted, betrayed by those you trust and love the most, afflicted with diseases, humiliated in different types of circumstances – my gosh, this sounds horrible and who would ask for this —But, accept all that happens to you or your loved ones because God will reward you in ways you cannot imagine.  Every ounce of suffering and pain will have been worth it.

When I was trying to understand God and why He would allow so many bad things to happen, I was doing tons of research on the Spiritual Life.  What happens is that when God wants to give you a great grace or gift, He will test you first to see if you are worthy of this gift He wishes to pour out upon you – will you remain faithful to Him – can He trust you in greater tasks, etc.

Whether you are in sin or not, sufferings will occur.  Usually when we are in sin it is to bring us back to our senses.  People usually have to suffer in order to take a look at their life, call out to God and get down on their knees and repent.  This is very good.   When you are trying to lead a good life, the suffering usually occurs because He wants to grant you many more graces and gifts.

I spoke about God’s Divine Will a few months ago whereby Luisa Piccarretta was receiving instructions from God on how to live in His Divine Will.  He spoke how Adam and Eve were created perfect but needed to be tested.  The Blessed Mother, too was tested.  here is what she had to say to Luisa in regards to her testing.

Child of my Heart, listen closely. It is the Heart of me, your tender mother, which seeks to pour itself out upon you, my child. I desire to tell you my secrets which have not been revealed to anyone until now, because the hour of God had not yet come. I wish to bestow upon souls surprising graces that God has not conceded to anyone in the whole history of the world. God wishes to reveal [to you] the prodigies of the Divine Fiat and all that it can do in the soul who lets itself be dominated by it. Since I had the great honour of forming my entire life in the Divine Will, God wishes to present me to everyone as their model.

Now, my child, as soon as I was conceived I made the divinity rejoice along with heaven and earth, which recognized me as their Queen. I was so united with my Creator that within the divine dominions I felt as if I possessed all. I knew no separation from my Creator, and the same Divine Will that reigned in me, reigned in them [the divine Persons], and rendered us inseparable.

And while there was complete rejoicing and festivity between us, I saw that they could not trust me if they hadn’t proof of my fidelity [through a test]. My child, the test is the flag of victory; the test [disposes for the soul] all the blessings that God wants to give us [and holds for us] in safekeeping; the test matures and disposes the soul to gain the greatest conquests. I too saw the necessity of a test; in exchange for the many seas of grace God had given me, I wanted to offer proof [of my love] to my Creator with an act of loyalty that would cost me the sacrifice of my entire life. How beautiful it is to be able to say: “You have love me, and I have loved You!” But without a test, this can never be said.

My child, the Divine Fiat revealed to me [the Fiat of] the creation of man, who was made innocent and holy. For Adam too there was complete rejoicing and festivity between him and God. He had command over all creation, and all the elements were obedient to his every nod. By virtue of the Divine Will reigning in him, he too was inseparable from his Creator. After God had bestowed upon him so many blessings in exchange for one act of his fidelity, He commanded him not to touch only one fruit of the many fruits in the terrestrial Eden. This was the proof God had asked of Adam to confirm him in his state of innocence, holiness and happiness, and to give him the right of command over all creation. But Adam was not faithful in the test and, as a result, God could not trust him. So Adam lost his right of command [over himself and creation], and lost his innocence and happiness, whereby one may say that he turned the work of creation upside down.

Know, child of my Heart, that upon beholding the grave evils produced by the human will in Adam that were transmitted to all of his offspring, I, your Heavenly Mother, though barely conceived, wept hot and bitter tears over the fall of man. In seeing me cry, the Divine Will asked me to surrender my human will to the Divine Will as a sign and as proof [of my loyalty]. The Divine Fiat said to me: “I do not ask of you a fruit as I did with Adam, but your will. I ask you to engage your will as if it were not your own, [bycooperating with and] under the dominion of My Divine Will, so that it may establish within you its life and accomplish within you with certainty whatever it desires.”

So in asking a proof of [the fidelity of] my will, the Supreme Fiat took its fourth step in my soul; it waited for me to accept such a test and it awaited my Fiat. Tomorrow I will wait for you to come upon my lap again so that I may tell you the outcome of the test.

I ask you as your tender mother to follow my example by never denying God anything, even if this means offering up sacrifices that may last the length of your entire life. By remaining always unwavering in the test God asks of you – which is the test of your loyalty – you allow God to accomplish his divine designs over you and you reflect his virtues which, acting as many brushstrokes, transform your soul into the masterpiece of his supreme Being. One can say that the test places within God’s divine hands the raw material through which he accomplishes his [divine] designs in a soul. For God cannot do anything with a soul who is not faithful in the test; on the contrary, such a soul disorders the most beautiful works of its Creator.

Therefore, my dear child, be attentive. If you are faithful in the test, you shall make your mother happy. Do not be the cause of my sorrow, but give me your word so that I may guide you and sustain you in all things as my own child.


I knew my human will only to keep it sacrificed in homage to my Creator. My life was completely imbued with the Divine Will. From the first moment of my conception, I was molded, warmed and placed in the light of the Divine Will, which purified my human seed with its power in such a way that I was conceived without Original Sin. Therefore, if my conception was so spotless and glorious as to form the honour of the Divine Family, it was

solely on account of the omnipotent Fiat that poured itself out over my seed, whereby I was conceived pure and holy. If the Divine Will had not poured itself over my seed with more love than a tender mother to preserve me from the effects of Original Sin, I would have experienced the poor plight of all other souls – that of being conceived with Original Sin. Therefore, the primary cause [of my Immaculate Conception] was the Divine Will alone. May it be honoured, glorified and praised for having conceived me without Original Sin.

Now, child of my Heart, listen closely to what I, your tender mother, and about to say. Never let your human will act on its own. Be content to die rather than concede one act of life to your own will. I, your Heavenly Mother, was content to die thousands and thousands of times, rather than to do one single act of my own will. Do you not wish to imitate me? Oh, if you will keep your will sacrificed in honour of your Creator, the Divine Will shall take its first step in your soul, and you will feel molded with a heavenly aura, purified and warmed in such a way that you will feel the seeds of your passions disappear

For more on the instructions of the Blessed Mother on the Divine Will and Passion of Jesus please go here.  You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the article and where you see Day 1-Day 33 is where you will read about the Divine Will and the Passion of Jesus Christ as given to Luisa.  What I have copied here is day 4.

Last year I wrote an article on fasting and prayer – how it can heal us, prepare us, and protect us.  you can find it here. 

Blessings on your lenten season.

The Flame of Love

I forgot to post this important devotion because of all that has been going on as of late….

We definitely need this for our times….

I need to write something but I am now off to stay with my father-in-law who has had a stroke, therefore I thought I would post this and perhaps write while I am staying with him this weekend.

This has been taken from “ site.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

There is not any doubt that we live an era of a very important spiritual combat which is taking place between the invisible forces of good and evil. The souls are the object and the theatre of this important combat. The ferocity of this combat is completely obvious, but it is much more for the children of the Light, this multitude of those who fight, sometimes in a heroic way, in order to persevere and to progress on the narrow way, that of holiness.

The forces of evil, guided by Satan, are fiercely and relentlessly unleashing against the children of God. By all the means at their disposal, they are bursting out by deceitfully perverting and by undermining at their bases all the foundations which, for two thousand years, have constituted the edifice of our faith and Christian morals established by Christ, and thereafter by His Church under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

As we can see, a new system promoting values contrary to those taught by Christ is set up. And the examples are numerous!

In the light of what precedes, should we deduct that evil progresses much faster than good? Saint Paul tells us that where sin abounds, grace abounds even more. And this is precisely where the Flame of Love intervenes in this combat.

For the Flame of Love is an admirable grace that Heaven puts at our disposal, particularly in those times we live in. It is certainly not by chance that this grace was revealed to Elizabeth Kindelmann right at the beginning of the Sixties of the last century. This period saw the beginning of the great spiritual rout of a large number of countries. Whatever the reasons, the result was identical everywhere: the start of a revolt against the two thousand year old values of these civilizations based on Christianity. From these years onwards, the offensive of the forces of darkness took such an important scale that the result is felt cruelly in the new generations, deprived of the knowledge of the Gospel of Salvation. The Flame of Love is truly the invaluable armour with which, certain of its power, we can with confidence face evil in all its forms. The peculiarity of the Flame of Love is to blind Satan by removing his harmful power. Elizabeth Kindelmann relates the following in her Spiritual Diary: “In the evening, it is in vain that I retired to bed. I could not find rest and sleep did not close my eyes. An enormous buzz invaded my head and, after a few moments, I heard a sound similar to that of an ominous siren. A terrifying smoke started to spiral up in which unrecognizable figures were moaning, jostling and staggering, terrorizing each other. Amid the smoke rising up in spiral appeared an enormous figure that I could not see because of the grayish smoke, but I could feel it was Satan. With a frightening howl, he shouted for help: he did not know what to do. His resistance was weakening, all his tricks failed and all his attempts proved to be vain. It lasted only a few minutes. Then, the grace of God strengthened in me the conscience that the Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin must ignite, for it will shake the powers of hell.” (The Spiritual Diary, February 1, 1963)

This is what the grace of the Flame of Love produces because Heaven wanted to confer to it this particular power. Are we conscious of this force which is conferred to us? Do we use it? If we do not make use of it now, when will we do it?

If you are aware of the power of the Flame of Love but do not make use of it, why not begin today with a greater determination to set to work its power in order to save souls, so dear to the Lord Jesus.

The Lord Jesus said to Elizabeth Kindelmann in her Spiritual Diary: “My dear soul, wish Me many souls! This is My only prayer: souls! Oh, souls! How I languish for them!” (August 15, 1964)

Many are the means which we can use to implement the power of the Flame of Love:

Wherever we are and no matter what we do, we can take part in the blindness of the Evil One and save souls by reciting a Rosary (or simply one or more Hail Mary) and inserting in it the petition taught to Elizabeth Kindelmann: “Spread the effect of grace of your Flame of Love over all of humanity.”

By praying the prayer Christ taught to Elizabeth, and He invited her to propagate it since He considers it to be a powerful means to blind Satan.

When we take part in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, if we are in a state of grace, the Evil one is blinded and the plenitude of the graces is transmitted to the soul for which we offer the Holy Mass. The Blessed Virgin: “If you attend a Holy Mass which is not an obligation for you, and if you are in a state of grace before God, I will spread the Flame of Love of My Heart and I will blind Satan during this time. My graces will run out abundantly on the souls for which you offer this Holy Mass. The participation in the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass increases to the highest degree the blindness of Satan.” (November 22, 1962)

In the accomplishment of our duties, by offering to the Lord our daily work wherever we are called to: at the office, in the factory, the hospital, the school or in the voluntary help that we accomplish. If we are in a state of grace, this offering will increase the blindness of Satan. “Throughout the day also, offer your labour for the Glory of God! This offering, made in a state of grace, also helps to blind Satan. Live in conformity with My graces so that the blindness of Satan extends more and more and grows increasingly larger. If you make good use of the abundant graces that I bestow upon you, they will make better a multitude of souls.” (November 30, 1962)

“My little one, you must consider Thursdays and Fridays as two great days of special grace. These days, those who offer atonement to My Divine Son will receive a great grace. During the hours of atonement, the ability of Satan weakens insofar as the atoning souls beg for the sinners…” (September 29, 1962)

“When someone does Adoration in a spirit of atonement or pays a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, as long as it lasts, Satan loses his power on the parish souls. Blinded, he ceases to reign on souls.” (November 6 – 7, 1962)

“The one who fasts on bread and water on Mondays releases each time the soul of a priest from the place of suffering. He who practices that will receive also the grace to be released from the place of sorrows less than eight days after his death.” (Agenda of Monday)

“The priests who observe the fasting on Mondays release during each Holy Mass they celebrate during that week, at the moment of Consecration, innumerable souls from Purgatory. The religious and the laity, who observe absolute fasting on Monday, will deliver during that week, every time they receive Communion and at the time they receive the Sacred Body of the Lord, a host of souls from Purgatory.” (August 15, 1980)

“If at anytime, you recite in My honor three Ave Maria by calling upon My Flame of Love, each time a soul will be released from Purgatory. The suffering souls must also feel the effect of grace of the Flame of Love of My Motherly Heart.” (October 13, 1962)

“… with the help of your prayer during your night vigil, the terrible fight of the dying against Satan will end, and under the serene beam of My Flame of Love, even the most hardened sinner is converted.”

The pain of the memory of our sins fertilizes also the souls (August 15, 1964). Even the desire of the salvation of souls contributes to blind Satan (November 30, 1962), because the will of the soul is already love (September 15, 1962).

“Satan is sweeping over souls in a vertiginous way. Why not try to do all you can to prevent that?” (May 14, 1962)

The Flame of Love Movement

P.S.: The quotations are taken from the Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann.