The Father Speaks to His Children…


All those who call Me by the name of Father, even if only once, will not perish, but will be sure of their eternal life among the chosen ones.image

Everyone who is of the truth, listens to my voice (John 18:37)

God the Father entrusted Mother (Sister) Eugenia, Superior General of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Apostles  with a mission.  According to Alexandre Caillot, the Bishop of Grenoble,  ” Its precise object is to make God the Father known and honored mainly by the institution of a special feast which has been requested of the Church.  The real object of this special feast thus becomes plain:  to honor the Father, to thank Him, to praise Him for having given us His Son, in a word, as the message states, as the Author of our Redemption; to thank Him Who loved the world so much that He gave His only-begotten Son, so that all men might be brought together in the Mystical Body of Christ and, together with this Son, become His children.  I deem it proper to let her continue her work.  I believe that the hand of God is in all this.  After ten years of research, reflection and prayer, I bless the Father for having deigned to choose my diocese as the place for such touching manifestations of His love.”

  1. So what is the message God the Father wishes to speak to us, His children:

Our Heavenly Father says the following:

This is the real purpose of My coming:

  1.  I am coming to banish the excessive fear that My creatures have of Me, and to show them that My joy lies in being known and loved by My children, that is, by all mankind, present and future.
  2. I am coming to bring hope to men and nations.  How many  have long since lost it! This hope will make them live in peace and security, working for their salvation.
  3. I am coming to make Myself known just as I am so that men’s trust may increase together with their love for Me, their Father.  I have but one concern:  to watch over all men and love them as My children.

Time Presses.  I wish men to know as soon as possible that I love them and that I feel the greatest happiness in being with them and talking with them, like a father with his children.

I am the Eternal One, and when I was alone, I had already thought of using all My power to create beings in My image.  But material creation had to come first, so that these beings could find their means of sustenance; it was then that I created the world. I filled it with all the things I knew would be necessary to men:  air, sun and rain, and many other things that I knew to be necessary for life.

In the end, man was created!  I was pleased with My handiwork.  Man sins, but it is precisely then that My infinite generosity shows itself.

I come among you in two ways:  The Cross and the Eucharist!

The Cross is My way of coming down among My children, since it is through it that I caused My Son to redeem you.  And for you, the Cross is the way to ascend to My Son, and from My Son to Me.  Without it you could never come to Me, because man, by sinning, brought on himself the punishment of separation from God.

In the Eucharist I live among you as a Father with His family.  I wished My Son to Institute the Eucharist so as to make every tabernacle the vessel of My favors, My riches and My love, to give them to men, My children.  It is always by these two means that I cause both My power and My infinite mercy to come down ceaselessly.  Because, having instructed My Son to institute the Holy Eucharist, I intended to come to you every time you receive the Sacred Host!  When I am in you, I can more easily give you what I possess, provided that you ask Me for it.  Through this Sacrament you are intimately united with Me.  It is in this intimacy that the outpouring of My love makes My holiness spread into your souls.

The Work of this third Person of My divinity is carried out silently and often man is not aware of it.  But for Me it is a very fitting way of living, not just in the tabernacle, but also in the souls of all those in a state of grace, to establish My throne in them and to live there always, like the true Father Who Loves, protects and helps His children.

In the Book of Exodus you read that God must be held in special veneration.  The Psalms of David, especially contain this teaching.  In the commandments which I myself gave to Moses, I emphasized:  “You will worship and love perfectly only one God.”

I know your needs, your desires, and everything in your hearts.  But how happy and grateful I would be if I saw you coming to Me and confiding in Me your needs, like a son who has total trust in his father.  How could I refuse you the smallest or biggest thing if you asked Me?  Even if you do not see Me, do you not feel Me very close to you in the things that happen to you and around you?  How you will be rewarded, one day, for having believed in Me, even without having seen Me!

Do not think of Me as that frightening old man whom men depict in their pictures and books!  No, no, I am neither younger nor older than My Son and My Holy Spirit.  Because of this I would like everybody, from the youngest to the oldest to call Me by the familiar name of Father and friend.  For I am always with you, I am making Myself similar to you so as to make you similar to Me.

I now repeat My promise which will last forever:

All those who call Me by the name of Father, even if only once, will not perish, but will be sure of their eternal life among the chosen ones.

This book “The Father speaks to His children” can be found  by going to Website:

telephone:  816-942-9783

Address: Mary’s Call, 12400 Olive Street, Kansas City, Missouri  64146

Books are free, but they ask for a donation for shipping.

Grain free Brownies and Chocolate Chip Cookies

It has been awhile since I posted any recipes, but it has taken me 18 months to finally find a great brownie recipe and chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Coconut Flour Browniesimage

  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1/2 cup baking cocoa
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil or butter
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 cup raw honey (I used 1/4 cup raw honey and 1/4 cup Erythritol Sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla

mix all together and bake at 300 degrees for 20 minutes – put in 8 x 8 pan.  it is not very thick so you may even want to double the recipe.

I then melted butterscotch chips and semi-sweet chocolate chips to spread on top

If I had to rate this from 1-10 based on how it tastes compared to my regular flour and sugar brownie recipe I would say a 10.

I found this recipe on the Honeyville site.

Chocolate Chip Cookiesimage

This recipe came from the  wellness Mama blog site

  • 2 cups almond flour
  • 1/3 cup sugar (I used the Erythritol sugar)
  • pinch of salt  (1/4 tsp)
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 cup softened butter
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 Tbsp vanilla
  • 1 cup chocolate chips (I used both butterscotch and chic. chips)
  • I added nuts and coconut

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes – approx. 18 cookies

  • Blend dry ingredients (flour, sugar, salt, baking soda in a large bowl
  • Add stick of butter and mix well
  • Add egg and vanilla to mixture
  • Add chocolate chips and anything else you desire

Roll 1 inch balls by hand and place on baking sheet with parchment paper

Do not flatten cookie – they will bake up really soft in the middle if you leave them in the rounded shape.

Bake until they start to get brown on the top and then remove from oven and let sit for 10 minutes.

Eat and enjoy—I would probably rate these an 8.5 in comparison to the flour and sugar recipe I had for chocolate chip cookies.


Virtue of Orderliness

“Order assigns each thing its place.  If you keep order, it will keep you.  If you disturb order, it will disturb you.  If you destroy order, it will destroy you.  All that disturbs order disturbs peace.”  St. Francis de Sales

Msgr. Romano Guadini writes:  “Orderliness underlines a sense of rule, a sense for what is necessary, so that a certain condition or an arrangement may endure…One who acquires the virtue of orderliness is thus able to order, organize and prioritize their lives which, in turn, bestows the capacity and self-discipline to meet the obligations and commitments that we all have.  Once this is achieved, the result is peace.image

Last year I read the following article from the 101 Foundation and it blew me away.  I had no idea that this was really a virtue.  I think we all may have heard the saying that “cleanliness is next to Godliness”, but thats all I knew.   So, anyway, this has been on my heart to write about but I couldn’t find the darn article, until today.  It just so happens that I finally organized my entire house as part of my preparations – so I would know what I have and don’t have.   My goal was to get rid of things I didn’t need and make room for the stuff I did need, and be able to find what I needed to find when I needed it.  So, I guess I can certainly vouch for what this article has to say.  I can honestly say I feel tons better now that everything has a place.  I even make sure my gardens are orderly – it really makes me crabby when things are not in order.

Gods First Law 

by Rosalie Ann Turton

She says:  “Very few people know God’s first law.  Yet this law is extremely important toward obtaining God’s peace.  Without always practicing it, we risk placing ourselves in the presence of the devil.

God’s first law is ORDER… be at peace, order is necessary.  Where there is order, there is increased efficiency.  Where there is order, there is harmony, simplicity, beauty, and peace.

Disorder on the other hand, is a dreadful tool of the devil, and it brings disharmony, inefficiency, confusion, ugliness, and hatred.  The opposite of peace is not war, but hatred.  The opposite of love is not hatred, but is uncaring – selfish and lazy uncaring.

When one lives a disordered life, that person, is saying, “I do not care about God, you, or anyone else.  I only care about myself and about the things that I want to have and to do.  I do not care very much about your desires, unless they benefit me.  I want to satisfy myself in all things.  My own “strange gods” are more important to me than are God or you”.  Is the devil in your home or workplace?  The answer is yes if you live among disorganization.

Recognize disorder for what it is:  the presence of the devil.  Bring back order into every facet of your life.  It is the presence of God.    When you invite the devil and disorder into your world, you invite in:  confusion, waste of time finding what you are looking for, ugliness in the appearance of your home or place of work, uncleanliness, wrinkled clothing, dusty equipment, and you cannot locate something important.  When you invite God and order into your world, you invite in:  Peace, cleanliness, organization, and joy.  

Time is one of the most precious gifts that you have from God.  To save time and find peace, discover what you can change.   Organize one thing at a time…No Room?  if there is no room, then think about it,  there is no peace.  Ask Jesus to help you to discover what to do.  It could be that He is telling you to get rid of something else that you do not need.  If you need it later, then try to find a better place for it, and discard something else.    The devil wants to steal your time.  He would be most happy to bring you down a notch to a lower place in Heaven because you did not have enough time to pray due to the time spent looking for what you need.  

This reminds me that a friend of mine wanted me to write about “how to prepare”.  Every person will be preparing differently, but I can tell you probably the most important aspects of the preparation phase is first and foremost the spiritual.

Spiritual preparation:

  1. Without a doubt, the first thing is to get right with God.  Confess those sins and keep confessing those sins.  One of the reasons, for your benefit, is that once we all see our souls via the “Warning”,  we will experience a mini judgment of our souls.  We will see all the good we have done and all the bad we have done.  However, all sins that you have confessed will not be shown to you, because they are gone forever.  God no longer remembers them.   Why is this so cool…first off, any sins that we still have on our souls we will have to suffer for….much penance.  This also means that those who have not confessed their sins will have to suffer very much during this time period, whereas those who have confessed their sins will be filled with great joy and peace and little suffering will have to be done.
  2. Very important to pray always and have a Bible, Crucifix, Blessed Candles, Holy Water, Blessed Salt, Holy Oil, Sacramentals such as Rosarys, medals, scapulars, etc.

Other Preparations:image

  1. I have been led to purchase extra food to have on hand – not so much for myself but to share with those who have no clue what is coming.  I have a sense I will be handing out food or feeding people.
  2. warm blankets
  3. blessed candles, lanterns, flashlights
  4. extra water
  5. blankets
  6. heat source ( I have a wood-burning fireplace
  7. cooking source (I have the fire pit, a little stove that can cook food using three different sources – propane, wood, fuel
  8. garden seeds – not the hybrid kind.  they need to be heirloom seeds.  These seeds taken from the plants can be used to regrow the vegetable in the following year.  Hybrid seeds can not be reused from the plant
  9. In a nutshell:  Heat, light, food, shelter
  10. warm and durable clothing – boots
  11. tools for gardens, and of course basic tools for survival  — perhaps a knife for cleaning deer.
  12. For those who are in apartments you will either have to go somewhere or the Lord will provide for all your needs.
  13. basic medicine  ( I purchased the basic stuff like bandaids, ointments, wraps, cold packs, aspirin, oils, rubbing alcohol, etc.
  14. towels and washcloths
  15. paper products
  16. Hygiene products

You kind of need to think of things that you would need if you were camping without electricity.

Blessings to all of you.


Martyrs for the Faith

Being Martyred for our Faith, unfortunately, is something we must prepare ourselves for.    We have seen this happen within our own country on a number of occasions.  For instance, there was a recent mass shooting at a college, when the shooter asked if the student was a Christian or not.  If they said yes, they were shot.  Each of these students had the courage and strength to speak truth and NOT deny God when faced with death as a consequence.

We have been shown Christians being beheaded because of their faith;  they are being persecuted world-wide, which means, yes, they are being persecuted in the United States as well.  If a Christian will not go along with our government laws in regard to homosexuality and same sex marriage, the individual is jailed, fined or punished in some way.

We have seen how satan has become emboldened by our new laws and is now trying to set up statues and churches for satanic worship here in the United States.

As difficult as this is to even comprehend, we must have eyes to see and ears to hear.  Do not think for one moment that life will continue as usual.  It won’t.

Some of us may be asked to give up our lives  (Martyrdom) for the Faith, for God, and for the Eucharist.  In fact, the great Miracle foretold by Garabandol prophecy is that the Miracle will occur on the feast day of a Martyr of the Holy Eucharist.

I have been pondering this situation for about 18 years now and have been praying that I will have the grace to never forfeit Heaven and God for the sake of living a little longer.

Ponder the following Scripture passage from Revelations:

4 I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God. They[a] had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years. 5 (The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended.) This is the first resurrection.

From what I understand is that should any of us be asked to die for our faith in God, we will be raised up during the Era of Peace.  So, please begin talking to yourself now and convince yourselves that this is the only way to go.  It is not worth denying God or the Faith for anything.  Nothing at all should persuade us to forfeit eternal life.  Pray and ask for the grace to do this.

The reading for today, Maccabees 7:1-31 speaks of this very situation happening and how a Mother responded.

7 There were also seven brothers who were arrested along with their mother. The king was trying to compel them to eat the forbidden pork by torturing them with whips and cords. 2 One of them, speaking on behalf of the others, said, “What do you hope to ask and learn from us? We are prepared to die rather than sin against our ancestral laws.” 3 The king became angry and commanded frying pans and cauldrons to be heated. 4 As soon as they were hot, he commanded that the one acting as spokesman have his tongue cut out, be scalped, and have his hands and feet cut off while the rest of his brothers and his mother watched. 5 After the brother was maimed and utterly helpless, the king commanded him to be brought to the fire and fried alive. Although the smoke from the pan had spread widely, the brothers and their mother encouraged each other to die honorably, saying, 6 “The Lord God truly watches over us and will come to our aid. Moses testified to this in his song against them, saying, ‘God will have compassion on his servants.’”[a]

7 After the first brother died in this manner, they led forward the second one with mockery. They ripped off the skin of his head along with the hair and demanded, “Will you eat before every part of your body is punished limb by limb?”

8 But he answered in his native language, “Not at all.” Therefore, this brother also received in turn the same punishment as the first. 9 With his last breath he said, “You, who are marked out for vengeance, may take our present life, but the king of the universe for whose laws we die will resurrect us again to eternal life.”

10 After this, the third one was mocked. When it was demanded, he put out his tongue quickly, extended his hands courageously, 11 and stated with dignity, “I have received these limbs from heaven, and I give them up for the sake of God’s laws. But I hope to recover them from God again.” 12 The king and those with him marveled at the young man’s spirit, since he considered his agonies nothing.

13 After this one had died, the tormenters tortured the fourth brother as well. 14 When the end was approaching, he said, “Death at the hands of humans is preferable, since we look forward to the hope that God gives of being raised by him. But for you there will be no resurrection to life.”

15 Immediately afterward, they led the fifth brother forward and began to torture him. 16 While looking at the king he said, “You, though human, have power among human beings and do what you want. But don’t think that God has abandoned our people. 17 Just wait and observe his great strength, when God will torture you and your children.”

18 After him they brought forward the sixth brother. As he was about to die, he said, “Don’t deceive yourself in vain. We suffer these things because of our own sins against our God. Things worthy of wonder have happened. 19 But don’t think you will escape unpunished after trying to fight against God.”

20 The mother was particularly amazing and worthy of an honorable memory. She watched her seven sons die in the course of a single day but accepted it with a stout heart because of her hope in the Lord. 21 She encouraged each of them in their native language. Filled with noble thoughts, she fired up her womanly reasoning with manly courage, saying to them, 22 “I don’t know how you grew in my womb, nor did I grant the breath of life to you or arrange what makes you who you are. 23 For this reason, the creator of the world—who brought about the beginning of humanity and searched out the origin of all things—will again mercifully give you both spirit and life, since you disregard yourselves because of his laws.”

24 Antiochus thought that he was being treated with contempt and was suspicious of the tone of her voice. So he appealed to the youngest son, since he was still alive, not only through words but also through solemn pledges. If the young man turned from his ancestral practices, Antiochus promised him, he would make him both rich and prosperous, he would be considered a political advisor,[b] and he would be entrusted with public affairs. 25 When the young man wouldn’t accept the offer by any means, the king appealed to the mother to counsel the boy to save himself. 26 After a great deal of urging, she agreed to try to persuade her son. 27 By leaning toward her son and mocking the savage tyrant, she spoke in their native language: “Son, pity me who carried you in the womb nine months, nursed you for three years, nurtured you, and brought you into this stage of life with care. 28 I beg you, child, to look at heaven and earth. See everything that is in them and know that God made these things from nothing, and created humankind in the same way. 29 Don’t fear this killer but prove worthy of your brothers. Accept death so that in God’s mercy I should recover you with your brothers.”

30 Just at the moment when she finished speaking,[c] the young man said, “What are you all waiting for? I don’t intend to obey the king’s order, but I hear the command of the Law given to our ancestors through Moses. 31 But you, King, who have invented all sorts of evil against the Hebrews, will by no means escape God’s power.

I pray that we will all have the courage to do the right thing –   

Get your homes in order because I have a sense that before the year is ended we will be in total chaos.  This is just a sense I have.  I did not hear anything from the Lord in regard to this — so this is coming from me.   But from everything I am seeing – all the signs in nature which scripture has alluded to are happening.  It can’t be far off.

God Bless

Time to board the Ark

Our Heavenly Father, who wishes to be called “Father” by everyone is letting us know that now is the time to board the ark of safety.

Recall the ark in Noah’s time.  That was the means of safety for the family of God, the remnant, to start anew.   We are now being instructed to enter into the safety of the ark of today, which is the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  God’s chosen vessel of safety for his children, the remnant, which shall usher in the new Era of Peace.

As in Noah’s time, those who did not enter into this ark were swept away by the floods.  They were marrying, dancing, selling and building and did not believe in the words spoken to them, warning them over the course of 100 years.

We have been warned over the course of the last 100 years and now our Heavenly Father is saying its time to come aboard to safety.

He will watch over us as we spiritually enter into the ark of safety.  Distant shores are seeing terror as never before.  The whole world will enter into chaos, and the United States is not exempt.   The “Father” pleads for us and is anxiously awaiting our response to His call – right now.

When you enter into an ark or ship you will notice that it takes time to board, settle in and gather your thoughts.   There is usually a few hours from the time of boarding the ship until it actually starts to depart.  That is exactly the scenario for us.  The Immaculate Heart of Mary is gathering all of her children into the safety of her heart and once the number is completed, we will leave port.    Those left outside will have to contend on their own and will not have the support and protection of those who have entered into this ark provided for us.

Gather your children into your hearts, gather all of those you are praying for, all those you are concerned with and bring them with you into the Heart of Mary.  She will bring you and all those whom you are carrying in your heart to the Heart of Jesus – to safety.  She will bring us through the storm to safety.

Do not fear.  Call out to your Heavenly Father.  Call Him by His Name “Father”.   I have finished my preparations and now I wait with the rest of you, in silence.  I await by continuing my day to day tasks, never stopping, but always listening to the Spirit of God, who will be guiding us and directing us every step of the way.  We will know what to do by what our Guardian Angels whisper to us in the silence of our hearts.   Our Heavenly Father speaks to us through our Angels.  They have been instructed to lead and guide, to assist us in every endeavor.  They know what we need and how to go about it to solve each and every problem we encounter.

Our “Father” has and never will leave us orphans or to contend with the enemy on our own.  Never.  He is in control of all that is happening at this very moment and so keep your eyes and heart focused on Him and Him alone.  When fear overrides your thoughts, call out to your Angel to ask for help and Heavens assistance.

In Jesus’s words, He says this about His Angels:

“My children, another weapon you have at your disposal is angels.  Angels are heavenly servants who do not experience humanity.  They are pure goodness and heaven is filled with them.  You will enjoy their company immensely when you come home to Me.  These beautiful beings are active in your world now and have always been.  In these days, given the necessity of great heavenly help and intervention, I have given the angels, along with the saints, permission to be even more apparent.  They will surround you if you ask them.  Ask Me for angels to assist and protect you and you shall have them…..many souls forget that heaven is far and away more powerful than the pitiful band of bitter ones who serve darkness.  These want only your misery.  Conversely, the unlimited number of good and holy servants want only your joy and safety.  But your prayers are necessary to mobilize all of this power.  In these times, many souls spend time with darkness through their activities and recreation.  In doing so, souls are inviting the enemy’s companionship.  If souls do not invite our companionship, through prayers and requests, we do not force ourselves.  So surround yourself with all that is light and the enemy will avoid you.  Ask for an honor guard of My angels and you will be enveloped in powerful beings from heaven who will insure that you complete your missions in safety.  Children you are God’s little creatures.  You will not be abandoned.

When you are safely on the path of heaven, this angel then begins to petition heaven for greater and greater spiritual gifts.  Your angel can communicate with the saints in heaven and often seeks out their intercession  for you.  When you are working with your angel and with the saints, you will find yourself making sublime spiritual progress because the gifts being secured are of the deepest and sometimes most indiscernible variety.  When something threatens your spiritual progress, your angel attempts to warn you.  he does this in many ways.  You often hear whisperings, what many call your conscience.  This is your angel attempting to persuade you that whatever you are considering will be bad for your cause.  Your angel can anticipate danger so you should always ask him to be alert and assist you.  When a soul tries to follow a path of goodness, that person’s angel is so pleased…Speak to your angel, little souls.  Believe in his presence.  I, Jesus, want you to have every consolation available to you on your earthly journey.  Take advantage of this good and constant friend.

Because they have a great depth of heavenly knowledge, they can anticipate heaven’s wishes and heaven’s designs.  They know exactly what I am asking in each situation.  They know exactly what will bring a soul closer to perfection in each moment.  Therefore, their counsel and direction is perfect.  They do not steer a soul away from Me.  They could not.  As such, My dear children, they are the perfect companions for you….They have illumination that you do not have.  So you may be uncertain on how to proceed in a given moment.  You should ask your angels for counsel, understanding that the way they direct you will be My way and the best way for you, given every single circumstance in your life.  Angels can read souls at a glance.  They recognize unsuitable companions.  Ask your angel to protect you from relationships that will pull you away from Me… Ask the angels to protect your children and to help your children find suitable companions….When a soul is experiencing difficulty, I send additional angels to assist.  In this way, a soul has heavenly influences to help counteract the worldly influences with which he is struggling.  If a soul requests heavenly  help, I can send even more assistance in the way of angels and graces…they influence the actions of others also, and can obtain earthly assistance for you by inspiring a holy soul to come to your aid at just the right time.  

They are your assistants, so to speak.  Treat them with the greatest of love and respect, often acknowledging their presence.  You do this through little prayers, perhaps prayers thanking God for sending you such an honor guard.  You do this when you are in a situation where you do uotknow what to do or what to say.  you can then say “Angels from heaven, direct my path.”  This prayer is short and yet, you are asking for clear direction to the heavenly course.  This is a powerful and easing prayer and I will give great graces to the answering of this prayer.  Use this often throughout your day and you will not be disappointed in the help you will receive through it.  Just as the saints have enhanced powers during this time, so do the angels.  You will want to use everything at your disposal and you will truly become an invincible servant of God.  I intend great holiness for all who answer My call.

My children , you have advanced a great deal with regard to knowledge of your physical world and even in the study of the human body.  But what you have discovered and uncovered is but a tip of the limitless body of knowledge that heavenly beings own.  They (the angels)  understand how the physical body works and how it stops working.  They understand the intimacies of each cell in the human body and with a glance can tell exactly what is wrong with someone who is sick.   These angels, who work tirelessly for you and for your world, truly have constant access to the greatest store of knowledge and wisdom… your struggles are child’s play to them in the sense that they have the answers to life’s questions.  They can advise you and counsel you but they cannot force you…They rally support from your friends in heaven and know exactly who to attend for each type of assistance.  Sit in silence with Me, little ones and I will give you this wisdom.  Pray to the angels and they will obtain it for you.  

When you feel heavily burdened, you must ask yourself what I am requesting of you in this moment.  Then you must pray to the angels to help you.  Then you must pray to the saints to intercede for you.  After that, you must remember that Mary, your heavenly mother, is near you, and also interceding for you.  She watches closely for any sign that you are struggling.  After all of that, remember that I, Jesus Christ, the God of ALL, am with you.  Ask yourself again if you are overwhelmed.  When you are worrying about the future there is always a risk of becoming frightened because you have the graces only for the present.  You are given what you need for this moment.  Remain with Me,  with Mary your mother; and the saints and angels.  We are not in the future.  We are not in the past.  We are here, in the present, and you are one part of our powerful team. 

With eyes of faith you must look for My angels.  They are with you, My dear struggling souls.  You must believe that you are not alone because you will then live differently.  When a soul has confidence that he is part of a heavenly team, he walks in quiet certainty that all will be well.  This soul understands My power and My dominion over his universe.  His sufferings are accepted and given to Me as part of the offering that is his life.  Very little can disturb this soul because he understands that all on earth is temporary.  Truly, as long as he follows My will, he is at peace….Your example to others is an important part of My plan  So when I ask you to be at peace, I am really pleading with you.  Living in My peace is part of what I am requesting of you.  When tempted toward agitation and upset because of events around you, you must resist and maintain your heavenly bearing, mindful that I am God.  ( words from Direction for our times, given to Anne)

Angel of God,
my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
ever this day,
be at my side
to light and guard,
to rule and guide.

Amen.  God Bless.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Have you heard the saying, Keep Calm and Carry On?  I believe Winston Churchill said it during the war in England.

These words keep coming to me as of late and I do believe because the Lord is telling me that even though things seem quiet right now, we will soon be in chaos —when we least expect it.

In fact, I just read something from the visionary Maria Esperanza  of Venezuela.  She had said that the Lord or the Blessed Mother told her that the tribulation would begin in Venezuela and that to watch Russia.  Russia will attack quite unexpectedly.  The reason I took notice of this statement is because the children of Garabandol were also told that Russia would suddenly and unexpectedly start attacking other countries and it would be very unexpected.  It will come when things seem very quiet.

I thought about that because “Charlie’s Post the other day mentioned how we are in the period of Pause.  Things are quiet or seem very quiet.  He said that it is basically like being in the eye of the storm.

So, after reading these two statements, I received the words, “keep calm and carry on”.    My guess is that things are heating up beneath the surface and all of a sudden we are going to be hit with something.


Betania’s mystical messenger – an ambassador of Reconciliation with universal impact

We continue today with our multi-part series on the “New Lourdes” which is, of course, the Apparitions in Betania to visionary Maria Esperanza de Bianchini on a small farm south of Caracas, Venezuela where the Mother of God has come to announce to the world that this is truly her “land of grace” and that she wants all her children to become “Ambassadors of Reconciliation.” In the second part, we meet the visionary Maria Esperanza de Bianchini. For the second part on The New Lourdes: Betania – Refuge of Reconciliation , click on THE AGE OF MARIAN APPARITIONS.

In the lush South American country of Venezuela that the Blessed Virgin Mary calls her “land of grace,” which is bordered by the Carribean Sea to the north, the Andes Mountains to the southwest and the Amazon Jungle in the south, Our Lady has been appearing for centuries. And ever since 1976, she has been coming to a tiny, remote, tropical farm in Betania, Venezuela to establish a special Refuge for all her children as the New Ark of Salvation under the special title “Mary, Virgin and Mother of Reconciliation for all people and nations.” She calls Betania the “New Lourdes” offering the same healing waters to all who will take refuge in her Immaculate Heart. God has chosen Maria Esperanza de Bianchini as His special visionary with many mystical graces to convey His Mother’s messages to all His children as she beckons us all to become her “Ambassadors of Reconciliation.”
No matter the age, Our Lady has been imparting the same message: “Pray! Pray! Pray!” It is only through constant prayer, taken as a bouquet in loving, motherly intercession before the Throne of God, that the hearts of mankind will eventually be softened and all her little ones brought into accord with the Will of God. This continuing in-depth series on the grace-filled mystical phenomena of Our Lady’s appearances through the ages and the meaning of her messages will open eyes and hearts because she is the mother of us all and her words of wisdom and warnings must be taken seriously…very seriously!  More here.

A couple of things I am suppose to mention here

  1.  Make sure you are in the state of grace.  Go to confession  – if not catholic, please go before the Lord and repent of all sins.
  2. Befriend your guardian angels.  They will be helping us as they know what we should be doing in all situations – therefore, make friends with them now and ask for their assistance and guidance in all matters.
  3. If you haven’t embraced the Blessed Mother yet, please do.  She is the safe harbor during this bitter trial we are about to go through.  This is God’s Divine Will and He has said as much time and time again.  “Go to your Mother”.
  4. Pray for the grace to keep calm and carry on.  Only by grace shall we endure and we will all need divine grace to get us through the coming days.
  5. Be Not Afraid are words I am hearing right now.  God has come to save us and help us through our purification.  Cling to Him.

I want to share a video as well as a report on the Synod from Bishop Schneider.  It is really an affirmation of why the warning will come after the “Synod of the Family”.

A back door to a neo-Mosaic practice in the Final Report of the Synod

By the Most Rev. Athanasius Schneider

Bishop Athanasius Schneider
Bishop Athanasius Schneider
The XIV General Assembly of the Synod of the Bishops (October 4 – 25, 2015), which was dedicated to the theme of “The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and Contemporary World”, issued a Final Report with some pastoral proposals submitted to the discernment of the Pope. The document itself is only of an advisory nature and does not possess a formal magisterial value.

Yet during the Synod, there appeared those real new disciples of Moses and the new Pharisees, who in the numbers 84-86 of the Final Report opened a back door or looming time bombs for the admittance of divorced and remarried to Holy Communion. At the same time those bishops who intrepidly defended “the Church’s own fidelity to Christ and to His truth” (Pope John Paul II, Apostolic Exhortation, Familiaris Consortio, 84) were in some media reports unjustly labeled as Pharisees. More here.

Vatican Panel Announces creation of New Anti-Christ Church Nov
by Br. Alexis Bugnolo
If this were not real, it would be laughable. But as it is, it requires heroic fortitude and an unflinching rejection.

Remember….Keep Calm and Carry On

Many Blessings to all.

What Jesus Loves Most

Well today I believe I am supposed to relate a message that was given to Sr. Consolata…..I happened to read this this morning in an article and then as I sat down to write tonight, I had glanced at a newsletter from the 101 foundation and there it was again.   I myself have been inspired to say the little prayer almost all day long today.

To Sr. Consolata:

Jesus tells her, “Do you know why I do not allow you many oral prayers?  Because an act of love is more fruitful…Do not waste time, because every act of love represents a soul saved…The greatest gift of all that you can offer to Me is a day full of love….I have rights on you.  You told Me that you love Me!

For this reason I desire an endless, “Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I love you, Save souls.  Save Souls”.

“If a creature of good will loves Me and will make of his life a single act of love, from waking up to falling asleep (of course, with his heart), I will do CRAZY things for this soul.  I thirst for love….I thirst for being loved by My creatures!  

“Souls believe that an austere and penitent life is needed to come to Me.  Can you see how they transfigure Me!  They picture Me as fearsome,  while I am just Kind!  

How easily do they forget the precept that I have given to you:  “You will love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, etc ” Today, as yesterday, as tomorrow, I will ask My creatures for love….always and forever”…

I would also like to add a reblog here in regard to the Holy Spirit.  I think you will find it very informative.

Praise and Thanksgiving, Especially for the Eucharist, Increase the Gifts and Discernment of Inspirations of the Holy Spirit
Posted on October 21, 2015 by Anthony Mullen

We know from our Faith that God will grant us the Grace to respond to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit for our sanctification, but only if we truly love God and correspond with the effort of our free will to His Grace. St. Frances de Sales, Doctor of the Church, states: “…if we do not resist God’s Grace, He gives each of us the inspirations we need in order to live, act and maintain ourselves in the spiritual life.” It is the Gifts of the Holy Spirit placed in our soul at Baptism and strengthened at our Confirmation and further strengthened with each worthy Holy Communion, which allow us to hear and respond consistently to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. St. Thomas Aquinas, the great Doctor of the Church, states that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit “prepare the soul to follow promptly the impulse of Divine inspiration.” So, since the Gifts and Virtues of the Holy Spirit are essential to our growth in holiness, it is a matter of the greatest importance that we learn and practice all we can about the Gifts and how they open our faculties to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. But how do we activate and grow the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Our guide in this matter, Fr. Jacques Philippe, from “In the School of the Holy Spirit”, explains that the main reason that we do not receive the necessary Grace is: WE FAIL TO THANK GOD FOR THE GRACES HE HAS ALREADY GIVEN TO US (emphasis added). He quotes St. Therese of Lisieux, another Doctor of the Church: “What most draws down graces from our dear Lord is gratitude, for if we thank Him for a gift, He hastens to give us ten more, and if we thank Him again with the same sincerity, what an incalculable multiplication of graces! I have experienced this; try it and see.”

Fr. Jacques asks us to see and understand that our subtle ingratitude, our failure to recognize our nothingness and that everything…every single thing we have is Grace…pure Gift…is indeed what stifles Grace, especially since we do not consistently thank God for all the blessings and benefits of each moment of each day and simply take them for granted (our Faith, Hope, Love, talents, skills, parents, country, occupation, house, food). Why is it that we are one of every three people in the world who believes in Christ? Why are we not in the two of every three people who do not know or believe in Christ? Why is it that we are a Catholic and not a Protestant? How is it that we know and believe in the Most Blessed Sacrament? How is it that we are in the 1% of all people who actually can and do take advantage of this Gift of all Gifts on a daily basis? How is it that we were chosen to know and receive the Extraordinary Flame of Love Grace? All is Pure Gift of an All-Loving, Infinite God! All we have is a gratuitous Gift! Yet, we take these incredible Gifts of God for granted…or certainly we do not thank God often and profusely for these incredible Gifts of His Love.

So, what must we do? We must change by begging for more Grace to be truly thankful each day and seek to practice praise and thanksgiving each day throughout the day, especially with formal prayers of praise and thanksgiving added to our daily prayer time; and with short bursts of praise and thanksgiving throughout the day….”Lord, I praise and thank you for everything You have given me!” Next, we must give more time and effort devoted to praising and thanking God from our free time. Worthily attending daily Mass with Holy Communion is the greatest way to thank and praise God! If we are already doing that…then making a Holy Hour each week would be the next gift of praise and thanksgiving! We must continue to give God more of our free time, which is now wasted on foolish things like TV, Internet and too much talking and entertainment. Instead, we must use this wasted time to especially praise Him and thank Him for the Graces we have received.

Once we become consistent at this praise and thanksgiving, we will begin to see and feel new Graces bestowed and we will begin to be more patient and docile in listening for the inspirations of the Holy Spirit at each moment of the day. We will then find we are growing closer to God and beginning to act more like His Mother and He would act in each situation of the day. We will see our bad habits and laziness begin to change! Come Holy Spirit, come into my daily life in a new and more powerful way with Your Gifts, and let me hear and act on all Your inspirations, so I may be Holy as You are Holy for Your Glory and the salvation of souls! I praise and thank You for all the Graces I have ever received and will ever receive! Please, I beg You to do this through the power of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! By trusting in our Mother and taking and living the Flame of Love Grace, this process of gratitude for Grace is accelerated and made much more secure! She is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mediatrix of all Grace and Mother of perfect thanksgiving! Fiat!